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Published on January 15 2014

A Tribute To Jamendo World Music Artists


Jamendo artists come from many different countries and cover a wide range of genres. Today, we decided to focus on the music that lets culture shine through : The complaint of a spanish guitar through a Flamenco piece, the deep sounds of a Arabic flute through the dunes of sand, the chanson of an accordion somewhere in Paris, the catchy melodies of Celtic violins in the green plains of Ireland,  the traditional sonorities of ethnic instruments in Longji mountains.... We captured this unique sounds through a special playlist as a tribute to Jamendo world music artists !



Published on November 29 2013

A Journey Through The Epic Worlds Of Jamendo Composers

They are incredibly talented. Their imagination goes beyond borders and their creativity has no boundaries. They are the builders, the scenarists, the makers. Through majestic compositions, epic sonorities and elaborated orchestral lines, they bring together the deep sounds of cellos, the accents of violins, mesmerizing vocals, the haunting sounds of ethnic instruments, the spirituality of traditional world music and the tenderness of a piano to create worlds of their own. They design powerful characters, faithful heroes and kings, bring personality through their music to create jaw-dropping tracks. They bring fantasy to life, turn our roots into something exceptionally modern and fascinating, honor and reunite cultures through their work. Each track is a never-ending discovery.



A Journey Through The Epic Worlds Of Jamendo Composers


They take you to the further-away corners of their soul through an endless journey to the musical universes they create. They work hard everyday to turn their dreams and stories into marvelous pieces of art but above all, to take your breath away. They bring humanity to their music through a constant battle between power and peace. They are the story-tellers, the wanderers, the explorers, the poets  and the musicians. They are Jamendo composers.

Today, Jamendo wants to pay tribute to seven of its incredible composers through a themed playlist : Roger Subirana, Celestial Aeon Project, Antti Martikainen, Akashic Records, Vvsmusic, Theta Sound, Marc Teichert.