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Published on March 6 2015

The Jamendo team!


Alexandre Saboundjian - CEO

Samuel Devyver - General Manager

Mickaella Barillaro - Administrative & Executive Assistant

Mélanie Van Ham - Legal Advisor

Julie Toussaint - Human Resources




François Klakocer - Marketing Manager     

Martin Guerber - Music & Content Manager

Kimberley Weaver - Music Manager

Hippolyte Duprat - Music & Marketing Assistant 




Morgane Lapointe - Direct Sales Manager

Midoli ShinkaretzkySales Executive

Valentin Nait - Sales Executive

Jessica Pierard - Customer Support

Christophe Grimmiaux - Business Development Manager




Claudio Ortelli - CTO

Vivien Genet - Senior Web Developer & Project Manager

Chris Weber - Senior Web Developer

Norbert Tran Phat - Senior Web Developer

Xavier Cliquennois - Web Developer

Ludovic Lorant - Web Designer

Antoine Bonté - Web Designer

Pierre Chabardes - Mobile Developer


Written by Adrien

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