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Published on October 15 2013

Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace

Traditional but non conventional, Akoviani’s music is beautifully complex, never disappointing and always unexpected. Inspired by world music and electronic influences, the artist creates a masterpiece out of simple life sounds.  The ethnic sounds of traditional instruments are mixed with long lasting echoes, electronic patterns, synthesizers and a piano to create elaborated soothing melodies.


Akoviani seems to capture in every note a little of our essence, our roots, a little part of humanity, of who we are. Through a set of 8 tracks, the artist questions our origins. Creativity has no borders since music is a universal language. “We are all vibrations, energy and nature. We are in a balance of feelings and passions, somewhere in between the mind and the spirit.”


Nature is omnipresent through Hypnotica. The incredible vocals of “Erhia” will take you  from the rice terraces of Longji Mountains to the crystal-clear flowing waters of Jiuzhaigou valley and the breathtaking landscapes of Zhangjiajie. A journey through China, the Himalaya and beyond.


Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace

Akoviani’s compositions are like paintings of marvelous landscapes, moments snapshots, a universal language beyond common sense and wordless messages of inner peace drawn through a unique musical genre oscillating between Classical and Glitch.


You will unconsciously become obsessed with the mesmerizing melody of “Transcendental”, the strange sounds and rhythmic progression of Hypnotica, the repetitive chords of “Just You”. I guarantee that these tracks will make a lasting impression on your ears.


“ Somehow I'm just trying to link these feelings into musical notes. Sometimes when I sit down to write something, i don’t know what it will be or how it will sound in a final song. I do not think composers make music... We are just messengers, music chooses us through what we are as humans, how we feel every day, what we love."


The titles say it all : Aerial, Complete, Hypnotic, Transcendental, Captivating, Peaceful, Dream-like... This album is a mirror of humanity.


Now available for free legal download on Jamendo along with a second opus that you don’t want to miss !

Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on September 24 2013

Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro


Superdirt² is project mixing the classical sounds of a cello with the modernity of electro beats to produce unique dubstep and dnb-inspired tracks. Their compositions are highly innovative, with deep dramatic sounds mixed with lighter instruments. The technicality of the cello and the never-ending pattern of the loops create an extraordinary fluidity in the outcome. 

Sound engineer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Vincent (aka Ras Tilo) comes from the Reggae / Dub scene from which he brings the roots through futuristic melodies and sound effects. Violinist before becoming who he is now, Ras Tilo always loved strings instruments and was influenced by Dub groups and producers like High Tone, Improvisators Dub, or La Phaze (Dnb touch).

Pursuing classical cello studies, Daniel (aka Käpt'n Dirt) was both influenced by Bach and non-classical bands such as Korn, Guts Pie Earshot (cello and drums), Super 700, Sepultura or Deftones.



So “How did they meet?”, you’d ask. Well, their story is pretty atypical: Vincent and Daniel, flatmates, started the band two years ago at a party during which they were asked to mix both their musical universes. They experienced success straight away: They got a lot of bookings and had a lot of gigs opportunities, from small parties to big festival. The band starts by creating the beats, then fill them up with cello sounds. 

Ten years ago, Vincent (Ras Tilo) heard about GNU/Linux and Open Source software and loved their philosophy : “I really like the idea that you can easily create something new from old stuff because I think everything new we create is always based on other influences. The less fences, the more we create in a positive and constructive way! That’s exactly what I found in the Creative Commons licenses, and that’s why we released our music on Jamendo”.


Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro


Daniel, the cellist (aka Käpt'n Dirt) : Sometimes, I play concerts in baroque costumes and headdress. Proof here : here

Vincent (aka Ras Tilo)  : We knew each other but never throught of making music together. At a party/gig, we decided to mix cello sounds with electro beats. Suddenly, everybody started dancing (the venue was full!) and a lot of people came to us asking for our names and where they could buy our CDs ! We told them “Heee, there is Käpt’n Dirt with some groovy electro stuff but we still have no name…wait, maybe we are…. Superdirt²!". One week later, we had 2 new planned gigs and a lot of requests. We decided to go on with the project !


Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro



  • They will be on tour in Germany for their CD-Lauch ( and in New Zealand for 15 gigs (from Mid-January to Mid-March 2014). 



  • They will release their first full-length album with 9 tracks on October 26th 2013 (at The White Rabbit Club in Freiburg, Germany). The album, under Creative Commons licenses, was a DIY project since the band produced it by themselves in their own studios ( in Freiburg, Germany.



Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro


Legally download their EP "Direct Box" for free on Jamendo !

Official website :
Facebook :
Videos =

Published on September 10 2013


How long does it take two people to meet and merge together into a musical symbiosis?

In the case of India-based British singer Sarah King and French musician Laurent Danis, it only took five minutes on the lonely and rocky top of Mount Arunachala, a meeting place in the hot region of Tamil Nadu for weary travelers migrating from northern India. A quick discussion that could have led nowhere if they didn't have a friend in common who invited Sarah on vacation in the south of France, only a few kilometers away from where Laurent lives.

Both songwriters for years, both in search of inspiration, it was the right place at the right time. Sarah was in a place where she was slowly losing faith in her songwriting, and Laurent gave her a whole new approach. He insisted on hearing her demos: the tracks were low quality, but he was instantly struck by the melancholic and joyful introspective lyrics, and such a beautiful voice…

He came back two days later with instrumental ideas, and right away they started recording what would become Who I Am, currently on Jamendo. The result is an excellent combination of jazz and folk: the meeting between Laurent Danis' soft, relaxing guitar, his gentle picking carrying the soothing voice of Sarah King, all led by the soulful lyrics she had written, dealing with the distance experienced by those who have lived away from their roots.


The duo takes us on the dusty roads and trails of southern India, on a journey to discover the charm and pure sweetness found in "Soldier Boy," "Prayer," "Rise In Love", small minimalist pearls, in some ways similar to some ballads by Norah Jones. As a matter of fact, Norah Jones also has her roots in India (her father was the great Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar). The sub-continent is a confirmed source of inspiration and exchange between cultures, for all those who seek individuality and change.

Article in collaboration with Laurent Danis, and Nicola Tenani from Sounds Behind The Corner -

Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on September 3 2013


All fresh from year 2012, Sunset is a Dominican pop rock band that will warm up your summer ! Inspired by love and influenced by big names of Rock such as the Killers, U2 and Coldplay, the band released its new track “Esclavos de la piel” ("Slaves of the skin") on Jamendo for free legal download !

By mixing both light and powerful sounds such as electric and acoustic guitars, a bass, drums and the discrete chords of a keyboard,  Sunset unites the opposites to create a perfectly balanced track, both constrasted and homogeneous.

Its catchy but elaborated rythmic structure underlines the singularity and the beauty of its main singer’s voice, Alejandro Moscoso, and the emotion of  its lyrics. No wonder they always made it to the finals of the contests they took part in!
Sunset’s music is both surprising and delightful ! 


Esclavos de la piel” - Now available on Jamendo :

Published on July 25 2013

The Gray Havens : "I learned the dis-enchanting realities that accompany fame"

Our team had the chance to interview Dave and Licia from The Gray Havens. They just released their new album "Where Eyes Don't Go" on Jamendo and agreed to tell us a little more about it and their incredible story as a band.


1. You are The Gray Havens, a pop folk band, where did your artist name came from?

We actually reached out to fans during our Kickstarter campaign for ideas. We had passed over The Gray Havens once before, but it wasn't until we received it as a suggestion from a fan that we found it appealing. The name is inspired by The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King. The "Grey Havens" (spelled with an "E" in the book), is the harbor from which some of the main characters leave at the end of the story in order to sail off toward Valinor, or the Undying Lands. It's kind of nerdy when you type it out like that, but there you are. We also had a song called "Gray Flowers" already written, so we thought "let's go with it!"


2. At what age did you start singing?   Are there any fun facts you would like to share with your fans about your debut?


I started singing when I was a kid watching Disney movies I suppose, but I started singing more seriously after joining the "Men's Choir" in high school as a freshman. My first time ever singing a solo on stage required that I use a "growl" affect with my voice, which did wonders for gaining the approval of my female peers, but was a bit awful for my ego. Licia started singing publicly about 6 months after we started dating. No one knew she could sing until my mom started giving her voice lessons. When I first heard her sing, I was flabbergasted. I couldn't believe it.

3. You have an interesting story as a band. For example, Dave, you were a contestant in the 5th season of American Idol. What did you learn from this experience as a musician? Did it inspire you to write your own songs?

American Idol was the springboard for a ton of things that have happened (and are still happening) in my life. I learned, perhaps most importantly, the dis-enchanting realities that accompany fame. Even though my time on Idol was short-lived, I was able to experience firsthand how fame, pursued for its own sake, can be very destructive. I wouldn't say the experience inspired me to write my own music. However, it was because of American Idol that I received an offer to record an EP. During the process, I just happened to stumble into co-writing a song with a friend that ended up on the album. This, in turn, sparked a passion for writing that has continued to grow ever since.

4. Your adventure as a band started from scratch, first with an improvised performance at a friend’s concert, then using crowdfunding to release your album. Could you tell us a little more about your story?

Yes, the opportunity to record seemingly fell into our lap at a friend's concert. After he finished his set, we were introduced to the band members, who just happened to be three guys that owned a recording studio in Nashville called ZodLounge. Licia and I visited their studio a few weeks later to see if we might be a good fit, and were pretty much sold after the first day. We used Kickstarter to fund the album and had a very positive experience. We will probably try another Kickstarter campaign this fall for our first full length album. So excited!

5. Some artists travel to far away places to find inspiration, some others prefer to analyze the world that is surrounding them. How do you compose your songs? Do you have a specific way of finding inspiration?

C.S. Lewis, answering this same question, said "For me it invariably begins with mental pictures...a faun carrying an umbrella, a queen on a sledge, a magnificent lion." I am very much the same way in writing songs (though NOT very much the same way in my ability to think and write in general!). I usually begin with either the chord progression and/or melody. Sometimes the mental picture emerges right away. Other times I have to work much harder to produce it. Often, this involves singing random words and jibberish until I sing a word that strikes me as somehow important, or just seems to fit there. My mind then takes the word and is able to build mental pictures around it. The word may be the whole point of the song, or just a passing lyrical bridge, but it certainly helps give my imagination something to go off of. A plot line eventually starts to form, and then begins the hard process of crafting it all together in order to form some kind of coherent story that actually says something.

6. Your album “Where Eyes Don’t Go” was released some time ago. Could you tell us a little about its main themes or influences?

Where Eyes Don't Go is virtually a concept album about a Song. The Song represents the true "Music" of reality that exists now in large part as a mere echo. The characters in the album struggle to search for, understand, and sometimes follow the Song. The first track is called "Where It Goes," and is a story told from the perspective of "History" as though he were a person. He describes the song's origin, and sets up the theme for the album.


A song ran in the oceans of color,

surrounded by the stars inside the universe,
before it bursted into light,
And after a long time,
A world ca
me alive and played that music I first heard,
And so I stayed so I could write down every word.



7. You decided to join Jamendo and share your music for free under a Creative Commons license. When and why did you make this decision? Did you feel the need to share music more easily?

I uploaded our music to Jamendo a few weeks ago, never expecting it to be featured. I suppose I made the decision because we are interested in finding new listeners. Jamendo seemed like a great resource to help us do this, so we went for it.

8. Is there anything your fans would be surprised to learn about you that they don’t know yet?

Somehow or another, we became convinced that the "Paleo" eating lifestyle was more healthy. We go without any kind of grains or dairy and regularly complain to each other about it. It's our own fault, really, but we lament out loud every time we pass cakes or pastries at the grocery store.


Official website : The Gray Havens

Facebook page : The Gray Havens Facebook

Jamendo : The Gray Havens