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Published on March 24 2015

Spring is Calling Playlist!

Take a look outside: birds are singing on the rooftops and flowers are starting to blossom.


Spring is finally bringing some light through your window!


Grab your skateboard and off you go, breathing the crisp air and soaking up the sunshine. Find a cool spot, take off your shoes and feel the grass between your bare toes while listening to our Spring is Calling playlist!

Feeling better now?

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Published on February 14 2015

Jamendo Love Mixtape

Stop looking for an expensive string quartet. We’ve got just the right music to melt your special someone’s heart away! 

Many thanks to the Jamendo community for helping us select the right tracks for a perfect romantic atmosphere!



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Published on January 2 2015

Jamendo's finest tunes of 2014!


Goodbye 2014! You have been an amazing year of music!



Seriously, listen to this compilation of incredible songs: we’re truly blessed by the contribution of these incredible artists from all over the world!



Hello 2015, let’s see what you’ve got in store!


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Published on December 18 2014

Ho Ho Ho! Our Christmas Playlist 2014 is ready!


You may have the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the presents ready to be unpacked, the snow falling outside your window… but do you have the music to get into the spirit of Christmas?



Ho ho ho!



No problem, that’s all covered: listen & download our 2014 Christmas playlist!



Happy holidays everyone!



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