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Published on December 9 2015

SONY’s BigFest: Jamendo puts independent artists back on the front stage

Jamendo has partnered with Sony for its brand new game on PS Vita, providing all the music content and putting the spotlight back on real-life rising talents within the virtual world of BigFest.
Think about Coachella meets Theme Park meets your favorite music discovery source. If you love the festival season as much as you love building things virtually and jamming along with your favorite Jamendo artists, Sony’s new release BigFest is possibly your most entertaining gaming experience yet! You're in for a nice treat right before Christmas!

A PS Vita exclusive, BigFest is a music festival simulator where you can design, build, and manage the ultimate musical festival from a small field all the way up to a full-blown mega show. You’ll need to keep the crowd happy and work on a budget, which relies on the artists you will book, the food and facilities, etc.
SONY’s BigFest: Jamendo puts independent artists back on the front stage
The cool thing about it is, Jamendo is the unique content provider for the game. It means that you will be able to create your own "Jamendo Fest" with all your favorite artists from the platform!
Just imagine Russian rockers Other Noises crashing the main stage and making the crowd jump, while The Dada Weatherman is playing a low-key emotional acoustic set on another stage and Capashen is blasting some dubstep-infused electronic in a marquee in the middle of the site…

Sounds like fun, right? ;)
SONY’s BigFest: Jamendo puts independent artists back on the front stage
The BigFest partnership sees Jamendo bringing a new set of opportunities to independent musicians and songwriters: each song curated by Jamendo has been licensed to Sony, and every artist involved will see money coming in.

On the other hand, the 12 million PS Vita units sold worldwide make for great potential exposure for them: "Since we signed up to Jamendo we have found a new, bigger and more dedicated fanbase”, says Tobias Borelius, frontman of Swedish band Emerald Park, whose song “At The Mall” is featured in the official game trailer. “I believe a cooperation between Sony and Jamendo will certainly help all bands in the Jamendo network."

Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on November 17 2015

Exclusive for Jamendo artists: save 50% on LANDR mastering until Nov 23!

You haven't tried the intelligent and instant mastering tool implemented in Jamendo yet?


Join the community of hundreds of thousands of music creators around the world who already trust this revolutionary technology. Artists of any level and style will love the instant, affordable, professional results! 


Until Monday November 23rd included‚ get mastered WAV versions of your tracks for just $4.99 each, usually priced at $9.99. 

Master all your music, stems, demos, unfinished projects or even your entire back-catalogue!



"A good way to blow up your mix. Not many people have the passion and time to get into mastering themselves – I think it’s a great idea."

Zombie Nation


"I'm often on the road and need to make sure that all those instrumental tracks are sounding good. Using LANDR to do it blows my mind. It's great for those on-the-road changes."

Fabian Egger (Musician, Producer and Musical Director for Big Sean, Drake, Nicki Minaj)



It’s your one chance to get all your music studio-quality, ready to distribute and share with the world. Upload your music, get a free instant preview and decide for yourself.



Published on November 4 2015

Say hi to the new Jamendo Music

Dear artists and music lovers,

This is the beginning of a new adventure, and we’d love you to be a part of it: Jamendo has evolved into Jamendo Music!
New design, new features, more music presented every day… The independent music community has never been so alive!

Brand new design and navigation

The platform is entirely reshaped for you to enjoy cool independent music in a very nice mobile and desktop environment.

Introducing #Communities

#pop, #relaxing, #piano: the communities are the new places for you to discover amazing songs, albums, artists or playlists across all genre, moods, themes or instruments. Soon you will be able to share your favorite music within these communities!

More music every day

Themed playlists & radio stations, editorial wall posts to present new great music, dozens of new releases every day.
Click the “Feedback” button on the new interface to tell us what you think! Also, share your thoughts on our social networks !
See you on Jamendo Music!

Published on July 23 2015

Exclusive for Jamendo artists: 50% off mastering until July 29th included!


Have you tried our new intelligent and instant mastering tool? 

Celebrate the new and improved LANDR mastering engine at 50% off

Master all your music, stems, demos, live sets, those unfinished projects or even your entire back-catalogue.



$4.99 Mastered WAVs! 

 Exclusive to Jamendo Artists from July 23rd until July 29th included!



It’s your one chance to get all your music studio-quality, ready to distribute and share with the world.



"LANDR mastering is the most innovative tool in my box. I can use LANDR for things I'd never even thought of before. I use LANDR to give me a fresh, objective perspective on where a mix might go. [...] It's such an innovative technology and I think we're just beginning to discover how it can be integrated to help you and help your clients." 

Mike Latterell (Grammy Award winning engineer)


Published on May 11 2015

Jamendo + LANDR = master your songs professionally in just seconds.

Mastering your music and sharing it to the world has never been this easy!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with LANDR: the world’s first instant cloud-based mastering service!

For $9.99/€9.39 a track, LANDR professionally masters your songs directly on Jamendo’s upload interface to give you studio-quality sound within minutes. A free preview is available before purchase!

What does it do?

LANDR listens to your tracks individually, giving your song clarity, punch, and unlocking the full potential of your music. It makes your music sound great through headphones, stereo, a club, or online.

Famous artists say it better:


"First I was a bit skeptical. An online mastering service? Does that even make sense? And yes, it does. Its amazing. LANDR really gives you that bit that will make your tracks sound golden! It is fast and easy. I will use it from now on for all my productions."



"LANDR can actually help you FINISH your music... That critical, final, elusive, mysterious step has been demystified. And the results speak for themselves."



"It’s refined and classy mastering, not a clipping agro job. After just a couple test runs, it’s part of our routine for remixes, production and now even boosting old tracks and vinyl rips.

Wolf + Lamb


Jamendo + LANDR = master your songs professionally in just seconds.

How does it work? Simply and Risk-Free!

Just upload a track in your Jamendo admin panel as usual, then click the new ’Master’ icon. The LANDR widget masters your track automatically: listen to the free mastered preview, and decide for yourself before purchase.

LANDR’s powerful cloud-based mastering tool is driven by algorithms that understand the nuances in your track, so every buildup and breakdown sounds great.

No presets, only intelligent mastering at incredibly affordable rates.

Written by The Jamendo Team

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