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Published on October 10 2008

Radio Mars is a student radio station in Slovenia. They just started a weekly show that will play music only from jamendo and present the artists. They will also encourage listeners who make music to upload their stuff, so expect a sudden increase in the number of Slovenian artists on jamendo!

Thanks for the support guys!

You can go and check out the website (in Slovenian) here

Radio mars

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Published on July 4 2008

Sarah is a New Zealander living in Japan. In addition to her teaching job, she started producing an online English lesson entitled The Daily English Show in April 2006. "The Daily English Show is an internet show for English students, English teachers and those interested in the English language and language study", she explains. Running a non profit operation, she obviously didn't have much of a budget for music, which is why she was thrilled to find in Jamendo an ideal source for background music, intros, etc. "It's usually very easy to find good stuff. We really love using music from Jamendo."

True to the spirit of Creative Commons licenses, every use of music on The Daily English Show is duly credited, and all the necessary links are posted. "We've had a lot of feedback from viewers thanking us for introducing them to the music and to Jamendo. We've also had great feedback from artists thanking us for using their music on the show. Our aim is to eventually generate income to make the show sustainable. When we do that, I hope to be able to make donations to the artists whose music we use."

daily english show screenshot


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