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Published on November 29 2013

A Journey Through The Epic Worlds Of Jamendo Composers

They are incredibly talented. Their imagination goes beyond borders and their creativity has no boundaries. They are the builders, the scenarists, the makers. Through majestic compositions, epic sonorities and elaborated orchestral lines, they bring together the deep sounds of cellos, the accents of violins, mesmerizing vocals, the haunting sounds of ethnic instruments, the spirituality of traditional world music and the tenderness of a piano to create worlds of their own. They design powerful characters, faithful heroes and kings, bring personality through their music to create jaw-dropping tracks. They bring fantasy to life, turn our roots into something exceptionally modern and fascinating, honor and reunite cultures through their work. Each track is a never-ending discovery.



A Journey Through The Epic Worlds Of Jamendo Composers


They take you to the further-away corners of their soul through an endless journey to the musical universes they create. They work hard everyday to turn their dreams and stories into marvelous pieces of art but above all, to take your breath away. They bring humanity to their music through a constant battle between power and peace. They are the story-tellers, the wanderers, the explorers, the poets  and the musicians. They are Jamendo composers.

Today, Jamendo wants to pay tribute to seven of its incredible composers through a themed playlist : Roger Subirana, Celestial Aeon Project, Antti Martikainen, Akashic Records, Vvsmusic, Theta Sound, Marc Teichert. 





Published on November 20 2013

2014 EuroMusic Contest: we're on board!


2014 will be getting off to a great start with the EuroMusic Contest ! You are tired with the sempiternal, mainstream Eurovision contest? It was about time that a version was created especially for independent and digital-native artists… Meaning you!

Jamendo is teaming up with fellow organizing company My Band Market, along with other partners (Div'Up, iConcerts, Swarm Planet) and media (NouvelObs, Wired, Euronews), to invite our community of artists to participate in this amazing project. There is a concert at the end so you need to be a performing band or artist, playing live instruments!



So mark your calendar already:

  •  February 2014: Registration

Open in 40 countries: Albania - Andorra - Austria - Belarus - Belgium - Bosnia-Herzegovina - Bulgaria - Croatia - Czech Republic - Denmark - Estonia - Finland - France - Germany - Greece - Hungary - Ireland - Iceland - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Luxembourg - Macedonia - Malta - Moldova - Monaco - Netherlands - Norway - Poland - Portugal - Romania - Russia - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Sweden - Switzerland - United Kingdom - Ukraine - Yugoslavia

  •  March 2014: Voting in every country


  • April 2014: Jury selection of 10 finalists among the 40 pre-finalists (1 from each country)



  • May 2014: EuroMusic live concert at La Cigale in Paris, France, recorded and broadcasted live by iConcerts!


It's also the first European music contest ever financed by crowdfunding ! 

Help here :




All info here on :


KissKissBankBank funding page


Published on November 6 2013

Introducing Jamendo 2.0 app for iOS !



The Jamendo iPhone application allows free access to more than 400,000 songs from our catalog - all published under Creative Commons licenses. With our selections, you can always listen to albums, songs and the most popular artists. A search function allows you to easily find the artist, title or album you want to hear.



Ten Jamendo radio stations are also available from any iPhone or iPad, and feature genres such as Lounge, Rock, Electro, Hip Hop, World, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Best of Jamendo, and Singer/Songwriter. Registered members can login via the web or mobile and always find their favorite artists and albums showing their username. The application is available for free !





What's new?

- New radio channels
- New user interface
- possibility to download tracks
- Connect your account to retrieve your favorites and bookmarked songs!



What are you waiting for? Get it now for free on the App Store ! 



Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on October 31 2013

Chuck Mason : "Fans produce an unparalleled euphoria"


1. When did you start making music and how? Any fun anecdote about your debut as a hip hop artist?

I started composing music in the late 90's.  A couple friends of mine and I formed a Christian Rap trio named "Nu Testament Cru". We slowly made the transition to composing secular music.  My friends took a liking to song writing and production and went on to co-produce and co-write the 4x Platinum single "How To Love" by Lil' Wayne. I took a different route and focused on my career as a hip-hop artist.

2. Who are your main musical influences and how would you describe your music ?

Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nas, and Common have been my main musical influences over the last decade. If I had to use 5 adjectives to describe my music, I would say : Genuine, Poetic, Regal, Informative, and Intruiging.

Chuck Mason : "Fans produce an unparalleled euphoria"Chuck Mason : "Fans produce an unparalleled euphoria"Chuck Mason : "Fans produce an unparalleled euphoria"

3. Where does your album name come from and what is the meaning of your cover artwork?

Summer's Eulogy is the second installment in "The Darkness Trilogy."  The first project was a mixtape entitled "The Blackout."  I knew I wanted my second project to be an LP comprised of original material and I wanted a simple title that stood out from they typical album titles and also something that was nearly synonymous with "The Blackout."  I originally wanted to go with "Winter Solstice" the title didn't go over so well with my team.
I liked the idea of "Winter Solstice" : it seemed celestial and it gave off the feeling of a natural occurrence of a blackout.  After juggling different ideas I finally stumbled upon a title I loved "Summer's Eulogy."

The album cover contains the Egyptian solar deity Osiris (center), his legitimate son Horus (left), and his bastard son Anubis (right). Without getting too deep into Egyptian mysteries and mythology these gods represent death (Osiris), burial (Anubis) and resurrection/rebirth (Horus). Given my fascination with Egyptian mythology, I figured what better way to illustrate summer's eulogy than the death of a solar deity.





4. You just released Summer's Eulogy on Jamendo, what are the themes of the album and what messages are you trying to convey through it?

Maturation and accountability are the most reoccurring themes on the album.  This album urges and encourages spiritual and intellectual growth in all humanity but there is a special charge to the African-American male to step up to the plate and require more from himself.

5. You seem to bear an interest in the illuminati movement, did it have any influence on your music?

Lol, not much if any.  I believe my interest in Abyssinia and Egypt tend to bring about taunting from my fan base that I am involved in the Illuminati. Instead of shying away from it, I embrace the absurd accusations and may even allude to those accusations from time to time.

6. You shot your first video, could you tell us a little more about this experience?

Shooting, directing, and editing my own music video was quite stressful and presented many challenges. By the end of the shoot (2AM) I managed to spill gasoline all over myself and inside my car.  It was definitely a learning experience.  Many people came out to show their love and support which made it all worth while.




7. What are the best memories you keep from your performances and why did you choose to upload your music on Jamendo for free legal download?

My best memories of my performances are the fans reaction and interaction. They produce an unparalleled euphoria. It's the best feeling in the world. The reason why I chose Jamendo is because it's a great tool for all artists.  At this point in my career, exposure is everything and Jamendo places my music in front of hundreds, potentially thousands of possible fans.

9. Is there a fun anecdote about you that you fans don't know and would be surprised to hear?

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a performer. So much so that I made sure my studies and training were diverse. I've dabbled in martial arts, piano, dance, show choir, and poetry.



Discover Chuck Mason's music on Jamendo !


Published on October 29 2013

Supercomputer : Fresh Dubstep from Spain

Heavy beats with mesmerizing "wow" sound effects, that's the sweet musical cocktail of Supercomputer, a dubstep project from Spain. Its creator, Xevi Collado accepted to tell us a little more about his influences, sources of inspiration and music making process.


Xevi Collado's influences are wide : The energy of Skrillex, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5, the melodies of The Postal Service, Madeon, Daft Punk or Atoms for Peace, and the Rock of Muse, Radiohead, Alt-J, and Biffy Clyro (being a rock musician himself). In his albums, the artist tried to combinate energetic verses with a melodic chorus. His music is quite melancholic but energetic with a little brushtrokes of dream pop since his inspiration comes from human emotions like sadness, joy, anger, pain and the strange mix that they compose when brought together.








Supercomputer was born because he wanted to explore the relationship humans have with machines. After many hours spent searching for information about artificial intelligence, Xevi Collado found something about the apocalypse caused by robots. In this long text, he saw the word "Supercomputer" and said "That's what I want".

He mixed, mastered and produced in his studio. Being a member of two Rock bands, it was the first time he dared to do something electronic. Electronic and rock are not his only music styles, the artist's imagination has no boundaries.


Download Supercomputer's music legally for free on Jamendo and support the project on Facebook !