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Published on July 25 2014

Summer Playlist 2014!

Summer cannot be complete without a playlist that would go with your sunbathing sessions on the sand, picnics in the park, evening cocktails on a terrace and beach parties! As usual, we've got it covered with a selection of 18 shiny tunes to match with the good summer vibes! Lay back, take a sip and enjoy...

  1. Becays - Beach Club
    The first track of our playlist is a funky tune brought to us by French Electronic Band Becays. Smooth, groovy and suave... perfect to warm up!
  2. Other Noises - My Little World
    This fresh pop/rock track comes from Russian band Other Noises. The soft vocals and the flying chorus make it light and powerful!
  3. Quentin Hannape - I Wanna Be
    We've been playing this reggae/folk tune on loop since March, but sunny days are the perfect time for this light, sunny and hopeful track by French singer-songwriter Quentin Hannape.
  4. Juan Angel - Todo se Paga
    Juan Angel brings the Latin heat on our playlist with this flavored and spicy track. You'll start to dance without even realizing it!
  5. Michael McEachern - New For Me
    American singer-songwriter Michael McEachern excels in this Calfornian pop/rock sound, as testified by this track. A real guilty pleasure!
  6. Final Round - Carry On
    This punk-rock track is a favorite: instant, energetic, and efficient! The guitar riffs, catchy melodies and irresistible harmonies and vocals are characteristic of the American band Final Round.
  7. Aliver J. - GOL (Versione Inedita)
    The FIFA World Cup might be over but it doesn't mean that you cannot spend the rest of your summer days on the field! This track, by Italian rapper Aliver J., is perfect for that.
    Summer is also the perfect time to party! In this punchy and fun poppy/rock track, French band I'M FRESH! YOU'RE PRETTY will get up you up on your feet and on the dancefloor!
  9. Bryan Art - Sweeter Love
    Don't it feel good to bask in a hammock in the sun? This reggae track by Bryan Art will make you feel comfortable.
  10. Modern Pitch - These Nights
    We love summer rock, and this pop/rock gem is yet another example of what fits perfectly with the season. And we have to thank Modern Pitch, an alternative/indie band from Italy for this cool tune!
  11. Robert80z - Moonlight Jazz
    Time for a quick break with Robert80z, a Finnish composer. This soft, sensual and lovely jazz tune will keep you warm and at ease.
  12. The Easton Ellises - Falcon 69
    This dance/rock track from The Easton Ellises will make you want to get in your car, drive away under the red sunset, with the windows down and the volume up!
  13. RastaFlaires - NOU.CINC
    This track is a magical mix between reggae and jazz, where the organ, the trumpets and the bass call the shots. RastaFlaires's Catalan lyrics make it even more tuneful and pleasurable.
  14. Jonay - On the Beach
    Swedish hip-hop/RnB artist Jonay gives us the perfect song for your summer romance: tender and sensual. Aren't you captivated by this guitar riff?
  15. Josh Woodward - California Lullabye
    Seems like American artist Josh Woodward has once again worked his magic. This pop/rock track, brightened up by a banjo and a harmonica, will put a big smile on your face.
  16. Francesco Marrone - Io Saprò Volare
    We have found the love ballad of our summer, and it's brought to us by Italian artist Francesco Marrone! Bright, romantic and passionate, we can't resist!
  17. Emerald Park - Fugue State
    "Wake up, wake up!". Well, you heard them! Swedish band Emerald Park are the ones behind this peculiar indie-pop track.
  18. Don't Let Me Go (feat. Youngbird) - Lollita
    We close our summer playlist with this fine RnB/Pop tune by French singer Lollita and rapper Youngbirdy. It's sexy, fresh and catchy!

Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on July 4 2014

2014 World Cup: the Brazilian playlist

The 2014 World Cup is in full swing! Which team are you rooting for?
With all eyes being on Brazil, we wanted to celebrate this rich musical country with a selection of 18 tracks from Brazilian Jamendo artists. Enjoy!

  1. Let's start with Balança, a chillout tune from hip-hop duo Fluxo. Balancing between electrolounge and jazz, this flute-led track is perfect to get you in the mood of this colourful playlist.
  2. Caixa de Balões is a bright and rich rock-pop track by Lafusa, a band from Brasília. These guitar riffs and smooth vocals will get you hooked!
  3. We keep on rocking with Hard times from the band Neon Bicycles. We're loving the dreamy 80s mood and the care-free feeling that exudes from this irresistible indie-rock track!
  4. Time for a quick break with Beijo da Lara, in which AXIAL mixes electronic and ethnic sounds. This track is a magical union between tradition and modernity, made hypnotic by the aerial female vocals and the mystical instrumental.
  5. Start Me Up is a fresh pop/rock track by Foreplay. Its raw, unplugged and acoustic feel gives it a natural charm!
  6. Of course, we couldn't make a Brazilian playlist without bossa nova! Samba do Lago, by the Breculê band, is a warm, colourful and mellow mix between soft samba and jazz... Delicious!
  7. Strong, energetic and catchy... Here's another great indie pop/rock track by Nublado: Desse Lado!
  8. Teodora Dobradera, a lounge track from Q'saliva, an artist from São Paulo, is funky, groovy, yet delicate. The incessant beat and bass base is scattered with hints of diverse instrumens such as piano, guitar, or trumpet, making it intriguingly addictive!
  9. Varrendo a Lua is a sweet, poetic ballad that only needs an acoustic guitar, a violin and Roberta Campos's sweet voice to be beautiful.
  10. Pipo Pegoraro's tunes surely live up to their author's melodious name! Non Sense is a funky track that has a lovely electronic DIY side and a simple yet effective melody.
  11. Via Bela Isabela is a warm, summery surf-rock ballad. If close your eyes and listen to it, it will fly you straight to the Brazilian coast under a tropical sun. Thanks to Kinho Surf Root's for this soothing tune!
  12. Let's keep on travelling with this cosy track by Beatriz Bessa. Calango Da Saudade is one of the tracks where the "less is more" formula does wonders: a classical guitar, soft percussions and a delicate voice is all that's needed to keep us warm.
  13. After this relaxing pause, let's shake things up with this incredible piece: Blues do Covarde. Distintivo Blues show us the swingy side of Brazil!
  14. Dorme Mariana: who can resist this soft, melodic acoustic guitar track? We can't! Haroldo Torrecilha's fingerpicking is magical!
  15. The band Zorak won us over with Liquid Eyes, a roaring and passionate metal track!
  16. Another blasting rock track, To turne around, this time from the band AYGAN. Three words: restless, breathtaking, powerful!
  17. Baião: let's get some rest with Fernando TRZ and DJ Tahira. The exotic touch of this jazzy lounge track will make you travel, all the while sitting comfortably in your couch.
  18. The last track of our selection comes from Rock band Music Box. Minha Vida is pure classic rock, but with a modern feel and a stunning female lead.

Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on June 11 2014

ccMixter's BIG Summer Music Fest: Universe of Music

Ever wanted to take part in a big music festival? Now's your chance! Our friends at ccMixter are organising their BIG Summer Music Fest, with one goal in mind: to create a Universe of Music! A virtual and global event, where everyone will come together to create and share music with artists from everywhere in the world.

This boundless and collaborative musical melting pot spans every genre: acoustic folk, electronic dance, experimental music, hiphop, jazz, rock and so on. Each genre has its own space, its own virtual tent or stage, in which the music is gathered. It is possible to listen to the tracks created, as they are uploaded in the room! Every 2 weeks, the focus is on a specific group of genres. Here is the event calendar:


  • May 30 - June 13: songwriter, unplugged, folk, bluegrass, and country in the Pleiades Unplugged Lounge.
  • June 13 - June 27: reggae, funk, blues and jazz on the Omega Roots Stage.
  • June 27 - July 11: alternative, rock and pop/rock in the Andromeda Alternative Theatre.
  • July 11 - July 25: ambient, downtempo, groove, chill, experimental, and soundscape in the Spirograph Soundscape Room.
  • July 25 - August 8: hip-hop and triphop on the Hubble Hip-Trip Stage.
  • August 8 - August 22: house, dance, trance, dubstep, hardcore, electronic and progressive in the Deep Space Dance Tent.
  • August 23 - August 27: livestream video performances in the Pleiades Unplugged Lounge.
  • August 28 - August 30: three days of live-streaming all genres in The Galaxies Theater!

If you want to contribute, all you need to do is submit your own song (a capella or spoken word) or original sample, or your remix of any combination of the pells and samples created at You can listen to all the pells, samples and remixes that were already submitted. And if you want your creations to be included in albums (that will be distributed on Jamendo Pro, iTunes, Amazon, and more!), you can use the ccPlus upload form.

So you can take part in this one-of-a-kind event by creating music, but also sharing it via podcasts or other platforms, and curating playlists by genre (this will help create the playlist for the last 3 days of the event). And if you would like to support ccMixter for this awesome initiative, you can make a donation in the form of a voluntary ticket.


Find all the relevant information about this BIG Summer Music Fest here!

Published on May 28 2014

EuroMusic Contest 2014: the finalists have been announced!

Great news! The EuroMusic Contest 2014 jury has made its decision and chose the 10 finalists. We're thrilled to announce that two Jamendo bands have been selected: Polish band Plug&Play and Greek band 10 Code!


The 10 finalists will perform live on June, 30th, in Paris, and the concert will be streamed online.


Congratulations to them and to all of the artists who participated!