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Published on February 10 2015

C'T: The Easton Ellises Remix Contest!

The recent success of the Easton Ellises' song Falcon 69 on, and the buzz generated by the Dance it, Dance All campaign of few years ago, motivated Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. KG to approach the band in order to reproduce their Creative Commons remix competition to a much larger scale.

The Easton Ellises are launching a new remix contest in collaboration with the German technological publication
c't Magazine. With a circulation of 266.000 copies and 221.000 subscribers, "c't Magazine" is the most popular of its type in Europe.



The contest just started on February 9th, 2015. It will be held over a period of 2 months and ends on April 6th. Winners will be selected 50% by public vote and a 50% by jury vote and will be revealed on the 11th of May 2015 with an official launch planned for the first week of the month of June.

The contest is open to all remixers of all levels who have access to the audio stems for the song SexDrugsRocknRoll as well as the single from their most recent opus Falcon 69. All music styles are accepted to produce your own remixed versions of the songs.

At the end of the contest, the best remixers will have the privilege of having their works appear on a CD and a vinyl record alongside the original versions.


Official Site:






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Published on July 18 2013

DJ Spooky Remix Contest is launched! Try your best remix to win awesome prizes

You are probably all familiar already with DJ Spooky's latest release on Jamendo!

Of Water and Ice is a mind-blowing music project in which Paul D. Miller explores the sounds of ice and water, illustrating our relationship to the vanishing environment of the arctic poles.
It's a brilliant album full of rich electronic layers, hip-hop beats and classical instruments!

We have just launched a contest to remix three of his tracks: "Of Water and Ice", "Antartic Rhythms", "Check Your Math".

Go to the contest page!

The best remixes will win the following:
Grand Prize: one iPad mini offered by DJ Spooky
Second prize: one Midi Fighter 3D, offered by DJTechTools
Runner-ups: ten free, fully unlocked versions of the DJ Mixer app, offered by Musicsoft Arts

Submit your remix by August 29th, 2013!
All the information is available here on the contest page.

Good luck to all of you!

Published on July 12 2013

DJ Spooky: 200,000 streams in 3 weeks on Jamendo, fresh new video and remix contest to be launched!

Three weeks ago, Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky 'That Subliminal Kid,' released a new album on free music platform Jamendo, as a free download. Entitled Of Water and Ice, the album passed 200,000 listens in less than 3 weeks and is about to reach 10,000 downloads.

Of Water and Ice is a truly brilliant record full of rich electronic layers, hip-hop beats and classical instruments in which DJ Spooky's extraordinary sense of composition is shining, while still leaving room for experimentation. In his interview with Jamendo, Miller declared, "I always think of my compositions as unfinished. They are meant to be mixed." This is the perfect time to see what other artists can create out of his music!

On July 18th, 2013, Jamendo is launching the DJ Spooky Remix Contest!

Artists can head over to and download stems of DJ Spooky songs. They have until August 29th to enter the contest by submitting a remix.

Prizes include an iPad Mini, gear from DJ TechTools and unlocked DJ Mixer apps.

All information on July 18th on the contest page on

His video for the title track "Of Water and Ice (feat. Jin Xiang "JX" Yu)" has just arrived, with mezmerizing images filmed in the arctic poles, creating awareness about the drastic climate change.

Published on July 4 2013

Free! Music! Contest 2013: Viva la FreevoluCCión!

Using the slogan "Viva la FreevoluCCión", a combination of the rallying cry "Viva la Revolución", "Free" as in "Free! Music! Contest" and "CC", the abbreviation of Creative Commons, the 5th Free! Music! Contest has just started. Organized by Musikpiraten e.V., the contest is fairly well-known in the CC music scene - bands from all over the world already participated.

As in 2012, this year all CC licenses are allowed - and Jamendo is an official partner of the contest!

Just like the past years, a double-CD packed to the brim with the best songs of the contest is going to be produced. A jury chooses the best tracks and takes care that the best of every genre is featured - from Trash Metal to Hip Hop and Blues, whatever the artists submit.

Moreover, vouchers worth 100€ will be raffled among all participants - even the willingness to make one's music free shall be rewarded! Last but not least, there will be a gig near Heidelberg to win. Due to travelling costs, this one is very likely to go to a band from Germany ;)

Register right here until July 31st, 2013!

See the contest page for all the info.

Published on February 20 2013

Unsigned OnlyUnsigned Only is a unique music competition designed for solo artists, bands and singers from all over the world who are not signed to a major label record company or any of its affiliates, subsidiaries, or imprints. They are seeking an outstanding, talented performer: a band, singer, or solo artist... a newcomer or veteran... raw or polished - the “gem” that needs to be discovered!
All Jamendo artists are eligible to this big international music competition. Unsigned Only is looking for the total package, and we believe many of you Jamendo artists have the goods to succeed!

The jury is very prestigious, including international music industry professionals and artists such as Iggy Pop, Robert Smith, Cyndi Lauper, etc.

Take your chances HERE!