Statistics: listens become more accurate

Published on September 2 2013

Jamendo artists,

You might have noticed an increase in your statistics in the past few months, especially regarding your count of listens. Here is why:
The Jamendo tech team has decided to replace the unique listens (previously identified by IP address, not always reliable, for several reasons) by the actual number of listens (way more reliable). In other words, the "listen count" is now similar to what you can see with Youtube's view count, with which every view is counted.

Also, this change is at the root of another advantage: the public stats should now match the "private" ones available on the artist profile. Therefore, there shouldn't be any discrepancy between those statistics anymore, what should basically make everything more clear.

Finally, the number of unique listens and unique downloads is still available in the "Overview" section ("Listeners" and "Downloaders").

The Jamendo Team

Written by The Jamendo Team

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