La Trace des Pères: exclusive soundtrack on Jamendo

Published on April 16 2013

Before it even hits the theaters in September, we'd like to present the exclusive single from the soundtrack of the film La Trace des Pères!
Directed by Emmanuel Graff, this documentary is a vibrant manifesto of the industrial heritage in northeastern France, and how it is passed on to the new generation.

Hamé, leader of the popular Parisian hip-hop act La Rumeur, lays his vocal trademark on the original soundtrack, "La Trace de Nos Pères".
On his side: O'Nassim, Hatim & K-Listo (Soledad), Jack Herer and Stratégie de Paix. Five talented, local MCs, rapping about immigration, factory work, people's attachment to the region, their legacy, their gratitude towards "the fathers". Hamé and his signature flow appear at the end of the song.

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"La Trace de Nos Pères"

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