Jamendo Artists Survey

Published on October 4 2012

Dear artists,


We would be very grateful if you would agree to take part in a survey of Jamendo artists, undertaken by a group of French social scientists as part of a major project on intellectual property rights issues. The project is sponsored by the French National Research Agency.


The research project is taking a close look at the role of the commons, as an alternative to exclusive property rights, in the realm of knowledge and artistic creation. Like all artists on Jamendo, you have chosen to place your work under Creative Commons, and together you represent a large community using this approach in the musical sphere.


Having more information about this community will help us measure the contribution of Creative Commons in the revival of musical creation. This is the main aim of the survey, which will also be useful for the future development of Jamendo.


The quality of the results obtained from the survey will depend on how many of you take part and we hope that as many as possible will do so!


Here is the online questionnaire.


There are 60 questions which have been formulated in such a way that it takes only a short time to respond. Naturally you may respond anonymously if you wish, but the questionnaire will be analyzed using statistical methods that ensure anonymity.


The questionnaire is available in English, French and Spanish.


Thanks again for your participation!


- the Jamendo team

Written by Jamendo Team

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