Published on December 24 2015

Note from Jamendo Music: updates & improvements
Dear Jammers,

2015 has been a wild ride…

As you all noticed, we made a lot of drastic changes to the entire Jamendo environment, giving birth to a whole new music website that we called Jamendo Music. A necessary evolution to bring a bright future to independent music!

As Christmas is around the corner, we would like to thank you all for taking this journey with us. Your frequent use of the website is an everyday gift to us! Thank you for giving feedback about Jamendo Music in such large numbers: we owe you an update!

Since the release 2 months ago, we worked on improving the platform in this way:
- Overall navigation enhancements
- New charts by genre
- New player design
- Artist' top tracks added to each artist profile
- Improved search: you can search communities now (#rock, #trance, #christmas, #happy, etc.), make a quicker search from the website header
- Better integration of social sharing and CC licenses information
- Cross-platform enhancements
- New radio: Relaxation
- More curated playlists: "Christmas", "Advent Calendar", "Not so silent night", "Thanksgiving", etc.
- All the best music of 2015 in review
This is not the end, at all. There is room for a lot of great things to be released in 2016:
- New mobile apps
- Music recommandation features
- New monetization options for artists
- User profiles
- Features for user/artist social interactions
- More radios
- And more…
Any questions or feedback for us? We're all ears!

Enjoy the holidays and see you in 2016!
Happy Christmas everyone!

The Jamendo Team

Written by The Jamendo Team

Published on December 21 2015

Jamendo Music: 2015 In Review

As 2015 comes to an end, it's time for us to reflect on the best music of the year!

Rediscover all the best albums of each month on Jamendo Music! From the unleashed fury of British metal heroes Fallen To Flux in January to the chilled out acoustic groove of Swedish folk singer-songwriter Albin Andersson in December.

We were also fortunate for all the great emerging talents that brought us a huge amount of really memorable tunes: discover the newcomers that will undoubtedly make waves in 2016!

Written by The Jamendo Team

Published on December 9 2015

SONY’s BigFest: Jamendo puts independent artists back on the front stage

Jamendo has partnered with Sony for its brand new game on PS Vita, providing all the music content and putting the spotlight back on real-life rising talents within the virtual world of BigFest.
Think about Coachella meets Theme Park meets your favorite music discovery source. If you love the festival season as much as you love building things virtually and jamming along with your favorite Jamendo artists, Sony’s new release BigFest is possibly your most entertaining gaming experience yet! You're in for a nice treat right before Christmas!

A PS Vita exclusive, BigFest is a music festival simulator where you can design, build, and manage the ultimate musical festival from a small field all the way up to a full-blown mega show. You’ll need to keep the crowd happy and work on a budget, which relies on the artists you will book, the food and facilities, etc.
SONY’s BigFest: Jamendo puts independent artists back on the front stage
The cool thing about it is, Jamendo is the unique content provider for the game. It means that you will be able to create your own "Jamendo Fest" with all your favorite artists from the platform!
Just imagine Russian rockers Other Noises crashing the main stage and making the crowd jump, while The Dada Weatherman is playing a low-key emotional acoustic set on another stage and Capashen is blasting some dubstep-infused electronic in a marquee in the middle of the site…

Sounds like fun, right? ;)
SONY’s BigFest: Jamendo puts independent artists back on the front stage
The BigFest partnership sees Jamendo bringing a new set of opportunities to independent musicians and songwriters: each song curated by Jamendo has been licensed to Sony, and every artist involved will see money coming in.

On the other hand, the 12 million PS Vita units sold worldwide make for great potential exposure for them: "Since we signed up to Jamendo we have found a new, bigger and more dedicated fanbase”, says Tobias Borelius, frontman of Swedish band Emerald Park, whose song “At The Mall” is featured in the official game trailer. “I believe a cooperation between Sony and Jamendo will certainly help all bands in the Jamendo network."

Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on December 8 2015

Creative Commons report 1 billion licensed works on the web, with 500,000 audio tracks on Jamendo!

Creative Commons, the global nonprofit organization that makes it easier for creators to share their work under simple copyright terms, announced a major milestone in the release of its 2015 State of the Commons Report today: over 1 billion works have been licensed using Creative Commons since the organization was founded.

Among all listed Creative Commons works, audio tracks account for 4 million works. Jamendo, with 100% of hosted audio files licensed under Creative Commons, contributes today 496,000 tracks to the world of the Commons, a top contributor in music alongside Bandcamp.

"Creators are choosing to share many of their works with the world free of restrictions to support global collaboration", says Samuel Devyver, General Manager of Jamendo. "We have seen Creative Commons license growth of 24% on our platform in 2015, and expect that number to continue climbing. We are proud to be supporters of the Creative Commons' vision of the world, which we hope to create through a vibrant, usable commons powered by collaboration and gratitude. The benefits are a world a free and open content that creates more equity, access, and innovation for everyone."

Creative Commons report 1 billion licensed works on the web, with 500,000 audio tracks on Jamendo!

Written by The Jamendo Team