Published on June 17 2015

A Virtual Friend: "Jamendo was the perfect choice"

A Virtual Friend is an alternative pop outfit with various influences. It's a mix of analog and synthetic sounds, blending perfectly with electro acoustic rhythms to support the female lead vocals. Their lyrics explore the good and bad sides of human nature in an empathic way.


Hi there! We’re glad to have you on our blog! Could you briefly tell us about how you met and came up with the name “A Virtual Friend”?
We first wanted to build giant robots to rule the world. We came later to music because it also has a strong impact on human beings.
 “A Virtual Friend” is the nickname of our first drum machine, the brain of our project. It sounded friendly and inspiring but also very demanding.



What are your main influences and where do you find inspiration when composing a track?


We really have a lot of influences like dub, blues, punk, pop/rock and of course electronic music. We usually start a new track with few chords. If Valérie (the singer) finds an inspiring melody, we continue working on the arrangement. We also ask our cats’ advice, they are musicologists.



A few weeks ago you released “Paris La Nuit“, which was listened more than 25.000 times and downloaded almost 20.000 times! How do you feel about the interest around your music on Jamendo?


We’re really happy and it’s really encouraging. Jamendo was the perfect choice.



You chose to share your music for free under Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo. Why did you make that decision?


For several reasons; firstly we have a geek side and we use open source software. It was a natural choice to use CC licenses for our music. Secondly it’s important for us that our tracks live on the internet. With Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo, people can listen to our songs, share them, remix them or use them in their videos. It’s amazing.
Some people in the music industry warned us we were betraying the old Gods. In fact the result is very positive.


A Virtual Friend: "Jamendo was the perfect choice"

With Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo, people can listen to our songs, share them, remix them or use them in their videos. It’s amazing


We can see on your social media pages that you’re performing a lot of live shows, radio shows and taking part in contests. Did it help grow the attention around the band?


Yes of course, several radio stations have included our song in their playlists. For example, we did live radio shows on



What’s next for A Virtual Friend, any plans for the future?


We’re very busy. We’re finishing our 2nd album and we’re preparing for our next concerts. We hope to tour in Japan next year - it’s a country we love.



And since it’s a tradition at Jamendo: is there a fun fact about you that your audience would be surprised to hear about?


Our drum machine left the band to join Jay-Z and his music streaming service. Now, he regrets it but it’s too late.


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Published on June 10 2015

Potta La Motta: " The world of music was opening its doors to me"

Potta is a very talented beat-maker from France, experimenting with old-school hip-hop beats, reggae, jazz and trip-hop.

So far he published 6 original singles on Jamendo, that raised quite some interest in the past few months: the most popular one, “Skibidubap”, has been listened to more than 25,000 times.



Hi Potta! What’s up? First of all, can you tell our readers about you? What’s your story and how did you start making music?


Hi man! I’m fine thanks! I started making music a long time ago when I was still in high-school. One day a good friend visited me and told me "I got a new software bro, you need to check it out!”. It was Logic Pro and my first steps were very abstract because I had never learnt music theory nor tried any instrument before, but I loved too much music not to try it. Six months later when I was done with high-school, I chose to attend an audio engineering school to see what was up there and that’s when the story began… Everything I wanted to know and understand with music was talked about, every question was answered the world of music was opening its doors to me.



In your music, we can hear a strong focus on old-school hip-hop beats. What are your music tastes and your main influences?


I like this question! I started making music during this “old school era” of hip-hop. I fell in love with the analogic tone and with the vinyl grain. These old school flows mixed with a bit of reggae vibes were awesome. My main influence as a beat-maker is Pete Rock with his deep boom bap! His album with A Tribe Called Quest became a reference for me. The choice of samples, drum flows, etc… I loved everything! I’m not staying on one type of music only, I’m really open minded about that.


Potta La Motta: " The world of music was opening its doors to me"

Your most listened and downloaded track on Jamendo is “Skibidubap”. It carries that typical 90’s hip-hop vibe, like Biggie’s “Juicy”. A little scratching, female vocals in the background... In your opinion, what are the best ingredients for a perfect hip-hop beat?


For me a good hip hop track is: drums made with my MPC layered with vinyl samples, because it’s got the warmth of the analogic sound, and the boom bap sounds perfect. I mean, if the analogic process is respected, I think that’s when hip-hop sounds really amazing. For me it’s very important but for the moment I need to save money.


Potta La Motta: " The world of music was opening its doors to me"

How do you feel about the interest around your music on Jamendo?

I was very surprised when I saw my downloads increasing! Jamendo's concept is very interesting because it gives us exposure with the audience we want to reach. It also allows artists to earn some money with the Licensing system.

How does it work when you collaborate with singers or rappers? Do you usually brief them on your vision of the track, or do you like to leave it open to their creativity?

I generally choose a great artist like Sika and Miss Paca who collaborated on “Skibidubap”. I often let them express themselves the way they want to, but sometimes I can interfere with their choices. Sometimes I would act like a vocal coach with some MCs when I want something specific.

Potta La Motta: " The world of music was opening its doors to me"

What is your best souvenir of collaboration with an artist?

I think the best collab' I did was “Skibidubap“, we made the track in one night (beat plus vocals). It was very interesting for us to make music like that, very freestyle spirit.

Do you have any projects for the future?

For the moment I’m looking for a job as a sound engineer or a beatmaker. I’m more focussing on a professional career than on releasing a lot of music as an amateur. I’m not working on an album project currently but I will as soon as possible. I’m working with some artists right now, producing their albums, I’ll let you know what’s up real quick! Cheers!

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