Published on May 29 2015

Neil of Soundstatues: "How on earth could I get my music heard?"

In today's exciting digital music era, artists not only handle their own production, but also their own distribution, promotion, etc. The basically have to figure it all out by themselves and make their own decisions. In our very first guest post, Neil S. Matharoo, aka Soundstatues, looks back on taking the DIY road and experimenting to try to "make it".



By Neil S. Matharoo


It’s a great time to be a musician.


With modern technology, anyone can compose, record, and release music—with zero interference from shady, cigar-chomping businessmen.


There is a downside to this wonderful new world, however: everyone is composing, recording, and releasing music.


And how is a musician supposed to find an audience when there are millions of competing voices? Traditionally, this is where record labels stepped in (at the cost of owning the musicians’ work).


Neil S. Matharoo, aka Soundstatues
Neil S. Matharoo, aka Soundstatues

But now, record labels have been weakened to the point of irrelevance (unless you’re talking about manufactured pop music). So, the independent musician is on his own when it comes to getting his music heard.

And there’s another major problem: how can a musician earn money from his music? Every person deserves to be paid fairly for his work, even if his work is of a creative nature.

I myself was grappling with these difficult issues recently. I knew I’d written music which would resonate with many people, but I’m just a guy living in an apartment in Brooklyn. How on earth could I get my music heard?

I tried everything. I spammed social media, posted on message boards, emailed every label and agency I could find. Along the way, I found a site called Jamendo, which looked interesting. I quickly uploaded the song "Give It Up" and moved on.

A few weeks later, I reviewed the results of my promotion campaign. It was pretty dismal: nothing had worked. Most music-hosting sites turned out to be musicians just spamming each other for inflated stats.


But then I remembered this Jamendo thing, and I logged in to check my stats. I was expecting another failure.

I couldn’t believe it: Thousands of plays. Thousands of downloads.

I couldn’t believe it: Thousands of plays. Thousands of downloads. Fighting down my initial excitement, I assumed it was a fluke. But each day, I checked my updated stats, and there were thousands and thousands of plays and downloads.


Over the next few months, I periodically uploaded more of my music onto Jamendo, and two more of my songs ("Admire" and "In the Face of Injustice") got played and downloaded tens of thousands of times.


Jamendo is one of the very few places on the web where independent artists can be heard fairly. And if the music is good, then an audience will be found. All it takes is a few minutes to create an artist profile and upload your songs.

Here’s where it gets good, though. Because Jamendo has an actual, authentic user base (and not just musicians spamming each other), popular music will spread out of Jamendo. To my surprise, many people use my music from Jamendo as the backing audio to their personal videos on YouTube. And because Jamendo notifies its users that the music is part of the Creative Commons domain, proper credit is given to the musician in these videos.


Now, don’t get me wrong: it’s a real treat to see that a soccer team in Poland used my music in their video. But there’s a hidden bonus: YouTube pays me streaming royalties from these videos.

Neil of Soundstatues: "How on earth could I get my music heard?"

Jamendo has been the keystone of my music promotion. It has resulted in far more exposure than any other site I’ve used!

This leads me to my next point: Jamendo can indirectly help you earn money from your music. Yes, Jamendo offers music for free download. But as I tracked my huge increase in plays on Jamendo, I saw a parallel increase in revenue from services like Spotify, Deezer, and iTunes.


And with this hugely increased exposure came podcast and blog coverage, which resulted in even more paid streams from other avenues. I’ve even been contacted by various music industry professionals thanks to my success on Jamendo (I’m still independent though; I’m waiting for the right deal).


Jamendo has been the keystone of my music promotion. It has resulted in far more exposure than any other site I’ve used, which has had a ripple effect in other areas of my promotion strategies. I strongly suggest all independent musicians try it.


Just don’t spam each other for inflated stats, because that ruins the experience for the listeners! If your music is good, it will find an audience on Jamendo.


Neil of Soundstatues: "How on earth could I get my music heard?"

Published on May 20 2015

Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"


Originally born in Sweden, Mirva now lives in Sydney. She recently released her second EP Get Ready on Jamendo. Her first EP One was critically acclaimed and ranked her #4 in the Australian Independent Music Awards (AIMAs) out of over 5,000 entries.


"I want to create feel-good, inspirational & serotonin-raising musical experiences”, she says. Under the Mirva umbrella, I strive to make music that is good for the soul with a positive approach aimed to inspire and spread happiness in our world."

One achieved tremendous success on Jamendo and Mirva returns with new songs that channel the same vibes that got her popular in the first place: happiness and energy.




  • Hi Mirva! It’s a great pleasure to have you on the Jamendo blog! We already know how awesome you are, but just introduce you to the entire community in a few words!


Hi there! I'm Mirva. I'm a singer/songwriter, an author and a holistic entrepreneur. I am passionate about making feel-good music and spreading happy vibes onto the music scene.



  • Your first EP on Jamendo was downloaded 18,000 times and listened more than 400,000 times, congrats! How do you feel about it, generating that much interest in your music?


Amazing! It's been great to generate so many new fans and such tremendous recognition. I'm so happy people are connecting with the songs and the message.



  • Did such exposure and success result in anything for you as an artist?


It's done many things. First of all, people have been using my music all over the internet for their video clips, podcasts etc which has been really heart warming. Seeing "I Am The Sun" on wedding videos or "This Is How We Stand" in a  beautiful nature clip for example really warms my heart. I have also been contacted by quite a few media outlets that are wanting to use my music in several ways which has been really cool. The most important thing though is that it has really given me the positive feedback I needed to get inspired to go on. All the amazing comments and reviews from the Jamendo community has been truly good for the soul so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"


  • Let’s talk about your brilliant new EP, Get Ready. What is the inspiration behind these new songs, musically and lyrically?


Get Ready really is a natural extension from the last EP "One" which was inspired by the idea of oneness and connecting to your inner self. Get Ready is about stepping out on life's stage and into your own, standing in your own power. It's about being proud and owning all that you are. As the lyrics of the feature song say: I'm ready now, so hold on, don't try and stop me."



  • Do you collaborate with other musicians, for writing and producing your songs?


I do co-write at times but not that much. I feel writing is a real personal thing for me. I quite enjoy sitting alone by the piano and let the music take me wherever it wants to. It's kind of like a meditation to me. When it comes to producing though, I always have someone working with me. On the last 2 EP:s I have been working With Braddon Williams which has been amazing. His expertise when it comes to executing my ideas is extremely valuable. We have lots of fun producing together.


Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"


  • Could you share with us what an ordinary day in Mirva’s world looks like?


Well, it differs a bit as I like to stay creative but most days I start and end my days with a meditation. I have been doing that for years now so it's as natural as brushing my teeth. Meditating puts me in the right state of mind for the day. I also try and do some form of physical activity every day as I find it makes me feel great and I religiously watch or listen to something inspirational every day like a podcast or a youtube clip as I find it feeds my soul. I don't watch the news or surf TV channels really at all. I find time is too valuable to watch stuff that doesn't make me feel good.
I have a very flexible job that allows me to honour that in everything I do so I feel very blessed. I can't write songs and promote positive change unless I am at a positive place from the inside out myself so making choices that supports that every day is priority number one for me.



  • What are your future projects?


Well, at the moment I am incorporating some more juice into what I am already doing and promoting. I am a HUGE believer in Positive Psychology and helping people connect to their greatness and creativity from within so I am doing a few workshops around connecting to your creativity this year. I have also just created a session for a new App called MindPT which is really exciting! MindPT is a personal trainer for the mind in the form of an APP and my session, called Mad About Life, is created to help people connect to their inner fire and creativity. MindPT is in my opinion the BEST new self-development tool on the market out there and I am so excited to be part of it. After that, I'm sure a new EP will be on the cards, music is never too far away. As I've said many times, writing a song is like finding a friend that knows exactly what you need to hear, and who wouldn't want more of that in their lives!


Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"
Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"

Get in touch with Mirva!






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Published on May 20 2015

Written by The Jamendo Team

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Published on May 13 2015

Devon Elizabeth : "I'm proud of my missteps because I would not have what I have today without them"

« I’ve been doing this for a long time, and finally I have a group of songs that I’m completely excited for people to hear. »


Coming from Charlotte, NC, Devon Elizabeth released her last EP « The Loneliest dream » in 2013 on Jamendo with 5 dynamic pop/rock tracks where she tells us about love and boys who don’t like her back.


•    Hi Devon! We’re glad to have you on Jamendo! Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us more about your story as an artist and your album?

Haha kind of a long story! I started performing music 10 years ago.  I got my first guitar for Christmas in 2004 and less than a year later I was playing gigs around my University's town, Columbia, South Carolina.  After graduating, I lived in Berlin, Germany where I released an EP of 6 dance-pop tracks called As of Late.  I then moved to Charlotte, NC and released another EP in 2012 called Neon Night (kinda Motown-y pop-rock stuff) and then The Loneliest Dream in 2013.  The same year I moved to the beach in Charleston, South Carolina and formed a band called Half Strangers with a few friends. We released a self titled alt-country EP in 2013 and played in Nashville, DC and around North and South Carolina.  We were a great band, but for most of the last year I slammed into a huge period of writers block.  My job at the time was really stressful, I barely touched my guitar and lost a lot of motivation to create.  I think I just burned out.  BUT you can always make changes to your life.  We all have control over how we live, and there is no excuse to let yourself get stuck.  Earlier this year I relocated back to Charlotte and have a few new songs that will be released June 16th on Summer Suite Vol. 1.


•    In your album, you’re writing about a heartbreak and upsetting relationships. Do you mostly write about your personal experiences or do you often get inspired by other people or stories?

I write from personal experience almost all the time.  I was 23 when I wrote all the songs on The Loneliest Dream.  Dating and relationships during your early 20s are so uncomfortable and awkward, especially in the United States and especially with Facebook and dating apps eliminating crazy concepts like "having face to face conversations" and "developing a healthy sense of self worth".  While I got hurt a few times, I grew up a lot and The Loneliest Dream would not have happened without those experiences.  So in a way, I'm proud of my missteps because I would not have what I do today without them.


Devon Elizabeth : "I'm proud of my missteps because I would not have what I have today without them"


•    Do you write all your songs yourself or do you have collaborators? Also, how do you produce your music?

I write everything.  When I was younger I thought that made me really great and special, but I think that is a huge mistake a lot of young songwriters make.  2 heads are definitely better than 1 and young songwriters should embrace other musicians' ideas, not feel threatened by them.  Jason Scavone produced The Loneliest Dream with me and before we started recording he had me send over some demos for each song.  Basically he came back with "Your songs are too long, you need to get rid of a few verses because all those words are not important."  After the initial panic of someone actually being honest with me, we were able to condense each song to the best lyrics and arrangements.  The arrangements on The Loneliest Dream are very full, so I had two friends come in for bass and drums and Jason filled in on some of the guitar and piano parts.  I definitely value the talent and input of others.



•    You sell your music online, but you also share it for free on Jamendo: what encouraged such a decision?

Jamendo offers a community of music lovers who are ravenous for new and unknown artists.  I have been playing music for a long time, but I am unknown to that entire community.  At this point in my journey, I just want people to enjoy and share my tracks, money doesn't matter.


Devon Elizabeth : "I'm proud of my missteps because I would not have what I have today without them"


•    Is it something important for you to manage your music yourself as an independent artist?

At the moment I do not have management, but just like creating music, I absolutely value input and guidance from talented people.  It's important to know the kind of artist you want to be, but it's also important to get rid of the ego and just let people help you.



•    You perform multiple shows around Charlotte, NC, could you share with us your best live memory?

Probably Pride Charlotte a few years back.  Beautiful weather, great crowd, lots of love all around.



•    Any plans for the future?

My next EP, Summer Suite Vol. 1, will be released on June 16th through Jamendo.  4 stripped down, acoustic/soul/jazz tracks with a summer vibe.  Lots of shows coming up too!


Devon Elizabeth : "I'm proud of my missteps because I would not have what I have today without them"

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Published on May 11 2015

Jamendo + LANDR = master your songs professionally in just seconds.

Mastering your music and sharing it to the world has never been this easy!

We’re excited to announce our partnership with LANDR: the world’s first instant cloud-based mastering service!

For $9.99/€9.39 a track, LANDR professionally masters your songs directly on Jamendo’s upload interface to give you studio-quality sound within minutes. A free preview is available before purchase!

What does it do?

LANDR listens to your tracks individually, giving your song clarity, punch, and unlocking the full potential of your music. It makes your music sound great through headphones, stereo, a club, or online.

Famous artists say it better:


"First I was a bit skeptical. An online mastering service? Does that even make sense? And yes, it does. Its amazing. LANDR really gives you that bit that will make your tracks sound golden! It is fast and easy. I will use it from now on for all my productions."



"LANDR can actually help you FINISH your music... That critical, final, elusive, mysterious step has been demystified. And the results speak for themselves."



"It’s refined and classy mastering, not a clipping agro job. After just a couple test runs, it’s part of our routine for remixes, production and now even boosting old tracks and vinyl rips.

Wolf + Lamb


Jamendo + LANDR = master your songs professionally in just seconds.

How does it work? Simply and Risk-Free!

Just upload a track in your Jamendo admin panel as usual, then click the new ’Master’ icon. The LANDR widget masters your track automatically: listen to the free mastered preview, and decide for yourself before purchase.

LANDR’s powerful cloud-based mastering tool is driven by algorithms that understand the nuances in your track, so every buildup and breakdown sounds great.

No presets, only intelligent mastering at incredibly affordable rates.

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