Published on December 30 2014

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Published on December 25 2014

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Ho Ho Ho! Our Christmas Playlist 2014 is ready!


You may have the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, the presents ready to be unpacked, the snow falling outside your window… but do you have the music to get into the spirit of Christmas?



Ho ho ho!



No problem, that’s all covered: listen & download our 2014 Christmas playlist!



Happy holidays everyone!



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Published on December 12 2014

Your new Jamendo artist interface!


What can you expect from this new administration panel?


- An entirely new upload process 

We know how important the upload process is: it’s the first step towards sharing your music with the Jamendo community. Simply drag and drop your audio files, edit their info while they are processed and regroup them in albums. It’s fast and simple! 

We consider it as being absolutely important that you can provide as much information as possible about your tracks and albums, so that our listeners and licensing clients are able to easily find your music. From now on, you will have to reach a certain percentage of data completion for each track in order to be able to publish it online. 

Your new Jamendo artist interface!
  • Simpler opt-in to Licensing

As some of you might already know: Jamendo PRO is dead, say welcome to Jamendo Licensing!

Joining Jamendo Licensing is a lot more simple: accept the terms in one click, fill in your certification online and sign it electronically. That shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Say goodbye to the manually signed certificate.

Your new Jamendo artist interface!
  • New service: "Composition"!

A potential new source of revenue for you: on-demand compositions for synchronization purposes (advertising, film, television, applications, etc.). It’s a much higher pay than our day-to-day licensing, and we’ll share with you 80% of the deal!

If you’ve missed the info, check it out here.

If you guys have any further question regarding the new music composition service, please do not hesitate to take directly contact with me as I will be in charge of this new project.

Your new Jamendo artist interface!
  • Your transactions and sales info all in one place

We’ve simplified the display of all your money-related information: your banking details, a table with your balance and pending payments, details of the licenses you have sold... it’s all on the same page now, in the "Transactions" section.

Your new Jamendo artist interface!
  • Improved notifications and statistics

You will be notified when a listener likes one of your tracks, adds it to his favorites, to a playlist or reviews your album. The statistics section has been redesigned for a better browsing experience.

  • Personal blog

If you’ve created your own Jamendo blog in the past, it will still be visible in reading mode, but you won't be able to edit it anymore. We are well aware that some of you care a lot about this feature, so we’re working on new solutions for you to share news.

  • More is coming


We have got plenty of ideas to create a highly valuable artist experience on Jamendo, so stay tuned for our future updates!

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Published on December 11 2014

Publisher: "That’s the beauty in my opinion, everyone can get something different from my music"

With a surreal, cinematic quality Publisher's beautifully orchestrated scores hint at some kind of deep, dark spiritual crossroad, while his soaring vocals sculpt his own beautiful expression of inner conflict and despair. Influences range from the likes of Placebo & Radiohead to Muse & Interpol, no bad thing at all. 

Here is an artist whose music long ago abandoned any pretentions to commerciality, but still seems perfectly capable of filling out the kind of venues where the likes of Radiohead & Muse would normally ply their trade.

For his first release Empty Hands on Jamendo, we pluged our headphones and pried smoothly in his weirdly magnetic universe.

  • Hi Arno! Welcome to Jamendo! Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit more about your relationship with music?


Thanks! Well, my name is Arno and I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. A year ago I was still living in my home town, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. But an opportunity came along to move to Edinburgh. Music had always come in second place for me and this was my chance to put it in first place. So I grabbed it and now I’m here, working with music all the time. Besides recording and producing my own stuff I also record other people in my studio, do sound in several venues and host some music nights. So it’s all music at the moment and I love it!


  • When did Publisher start and why did you choose to go solo?


Publisher started as a new project when my first band split up. The aim was to mix electric guitars and acoustic drums with electronics (synths/samplers), but when I moved to Edinburgh that direction changed a little bit. The music scene over here is mainly acoustic and one of the first things I did when I moved here was buy an acoustic steel string guitar. After I rearranged my songs, so I was able to play them solo, I dived into the open mic circuit. That went very well and I met so many great musicians who have become my friends over time. Going solo hasn’t been a conscious choice, it just happened. For my first EP Empty Hands I just asked some of my music friends to play on the EP. Most of them knew the songs because they jammed along when I played live. The recording proces was very free and easy. I just let them do what they felt like and if I did not like it I would ask if they had another idea. But most of the times the first idea was great. At the moment I’m forming a band to be able to play live more often, because that’s one of the things I love most. 

Publisher: "That’s the beauty in my opinion, everyone can get something different from my music"
  • Are you writing all the music and lyrics on your own? Is there anyone else part of the creative process?


I write the main parts of the songs, so main chords structure and lyrics. I always start on my spanish guitar. Can play that thing for hours. When I have something I like I record the basic structure on my computer and start adding other instruments. For Empty Hands the process was a little bit different as you can read in the previous answer: parts developed from performing live with other musicians jamming along.


  • Empty Hands is your first EP on Jamendo, packed with a bunch of meaningful songs. We feel like you’re expressing deep emotions, as if your soul was singing. How would you explain the message behind your music?


Like for most artists what I make is indeed an expression of my emotions. The songs are mainly about event’s in my life that had a big impact on me. Sometimes from my perspective, but also from others’ perspectives. I try to be not to direct with the lyrics because then the song looses it’s mystery. I don’t really feel there’s a clear message behind my music. That’s the beauty in my opinion, everyone can get something different from it.

Publisher: "That’s the beauty in my opinion, everyone can get something different from my music"
  • We can’t help but think about Radiohead when listening to Publisher. Could you tell us about the influences that helped build your universe?


It’s funny because a hear this a lot. But when someone mentioned Radiohead for the first time I didn’t really listen to them. When more and more people mentioned them I started listening and I really love their music now. I think everything you listen to influences you and shapes your perspective of music. A band you don’t like the first few times you hear them can become one of your favorite bands over time. I write songs that I like but what I like is obviously influenced by what I listen to. So a few of the bands I like to listen to are: Foals, Radiohead and Interpol. But I also listen to more heavy stuff and synth based music. It depends on what mood I’m in.


  • When you are playing live, we bet you are trying to establish a special connection with your public. Our readers would love to read about one of your best live stories, a unique moment you experienced on stage!


When you’re still a pretty unknown artist you play for very different kinds of audiences. It really depends what kind of event it is. But all I can do is try to play my best show possible. I try to be open and honest and if people feel that and feel the music a connection is made. For me one of the best live experiences is when people sing along to my songs. That happens more and more nowadays so I think it’s going into the right direction :)

Publisher: "That’s the beauty in my opinion, everyone can get something different from my music"
  • Last question: if you could form your dream band, who would you play with?


Sam Fogarino (Interpol) on drums. I really like his style, simple and effective. He doesn’t do anything more that is needed for the song. Walter Gervers (Foals) on bass guitar. Again, I like his style, it just feels good. Great bass melodies and grooves that fit the songs perfectly. And lastly I would love to have Karin Dreijer Andersson (Fever Ray) on synth/sampler. Don’t even know if she can play (saw her live once and she just sang). But if her timing is right she should be able to pull it off :) The Fever Ray album is one of my favorites, perfect for a cold winters night. Beautiful atmospheric textures and great analog style sounds.

Cheers Arno!

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