Published on September 30 2014

Jamendo is a new source of music for Whyd!


Music is made to be shared. Here comes Whyd.

Whyd is a fast-growing social network for music lovers to collect and share the tracks they love, crafted in Paris by an international team. It allows you to go fetch any track you want from sources like Youtube, Soundcloud or Deezer, and share it on your profile and your friends feed. Looking to add more independent music to their constant stream of tunes, the Whyd team thought Jamendo was the perfect source to bring more diversity to the whole picture.

The platform is extremely simple: create a profile in a heartbeat, then just click on the "+ Add track" button, paste a Jamendo track URL and that's it! Heck, there's even a bookmarklet so you can add a track to Whyd directly from Jamendo!


Add a Jamendo track on Whyd

Add a Jamendo track on Whyd

"Never stop jamming" is their motto... Well, looks like we were meant to do this together!


=> WHYD'on't you go sharing a few Jamendo tracks right now!