Published on July 25 2014

Summer Playlist 2014!

Summer cannot be complete without a playlist that would go with your sunbathing sessions on the sand, picnics in the park, evening cocktails on a terrace and beach parties! As usual, we've got it covered with a selection of 18 shiny tunes to match with the good summer vibes! Lay back, take a sip and enjoy...

  1. Becays - Beach Club
    The first track of our playlist is a funky tune brought to us by French Electronic Band Becays. Smooth, groovy and suave... perfect to warm up!
  2. Other Noises - My Little World
    This fresh pop/rock track comes from Russian band Other Noises. The soft vocals and the flying chorus make it light and powerful!
  3. Quentin Hannape - I Wanna Be
    We've been playing this reggae/folk tune on loop since March, but sunny days are the perfect time for this light, sunny and hopeful track by French singer-songwriter Quentin Hannape.
  4. Juan Angel - Todo se Paga
    Juan Angel brings the Latin heat on our playlist with this flavored and spicy track. You'll start to dance without even realizing it!
  5. Michael McEachern - New For Me
    American singer-songwriter Michael McEachern excels in this Calfornian pop/rock sound, as testified by this track. A real guilty pleasure!
  6. Final Round - Carry On
    This punk-rock track is a favorite: instant, energetic, and efficient! The guitar riffs, catchy melodies and irresistible harmonies and vocals are characteristic of the American band Final Round.
  7. Aliver J. - GOL (Versione Inedita)
    The FIFA World Cup might be over but it doesn't mean that you cannot spend the rest of your summer days on the field! This track, by Italian rapper Aliver J., is perfect for that.
    Summer is also the perfect time to party! In this punchy and fun poppy/rock track, French band I'M FRESH! YOU'RE PRETTY will get up you up on your feet and on the dancefloor!
  9. Bryan Art - Sweeter Love
    Don't it feel good to bask in a hammock in the sun? This reggae track by Bryan Art will make you feel comfortable.
  10. Modern Pitch - These Nights
    We love summer rock, and this pop/rock gem is yet another example of what fits perfectly with the season. And we have to thank Modern Pitch, an alternative/indie band from Italy for this cool tune!
  11. Robert80z - Moonlight Jazz
    Time for a quick break with Robert80z, a Finnish composer. This soft, sensual and lovely jazz tune will keep you warm and at ease.
  12. The Easton Ellises - Falcon 69
    This dance/rock track from The Easton Ellises will make you want to get in your car, drive away under the red sunset, with the windows down and the volume up!
  13. RastaFlaires - NOU.CINC
    This track is a magical mix between reggae and jazz, where the organ, the trumpets and the bass call the shots. RastaFlaires's Catalan lyrics make it even more tuneful and pleasurable.
  14. Jonay - On the Beach
    Swedish hip-hop/RnB artist Jonay gives us the perfect song for your summer romance: tender and sensual. Aren't you captivated by this guitar riff?
  15. Josh Woodward - California Lullabye
    Seems like American artist Josh Woodward has once again worked his magic. This pop/rock track, brightened up by a banjo and a harmonica, will put a big smile on your face.
  16. Francesco Marrone - Io Saprò Volare
    We have found the love ballad of our summer, and it's brought to us by Italian artist Francesco Marrone! Bright, romantic and passionate, we can't resist!
  17. Emerald Park - Fugue State
    "Wake up, wake up!". Well, you heard them! Swedish band Emerald Park are the ones behind this peculiar indie-pop track.
  18. Don't Let Me Go (feat. Youngbird) - Lollita
    We close our summer playlist with this fine RnB/Pop tune by French singer Lollita and rapper Youngbirdy. It's sexy, fresh and catchy!

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Published on July 14 2014


The Easton Ellises are a four-man band from Montreal, Canada. Their polished yet wild sound is the result of the collision between punchy electronic music and fierce rock'n'roll. Following two brilliant studio EPs and a maxi-single, and after 12 months in the making, they are finally back with NIGHTWAVS, released exclusively on Jamendo. Taking their explosive dance/rock even further, this 4-track piece marks an evolution for the band, who delivers refreshing and varied tunes, from 80s synth-rock to funky disco. There's one thing that doesn't change, though: we're still addicted!

Get to know the band with the interview they gave us before the release of NIGHTWAVS.

Get all the info about this new EP here !




  • Hi guys! First of all, can you tell us who The Easton Ellises are and what brought you together as a band?


Simon and I are best friends since schooldays. We met back when Simon was studying music and I was studying visual arts. We have since been making music together for the past twenty years, playing with many different bands going from psychedelic music to punk-rock, experimental to progressive house.
In 1999 we formed a band called Stereomovers, which took us on a long musical journey. We played abroad in important music festivals and parties in the United States, Europe and Asia. We also released a dozen twelve inch record with respected electronic music labels from both side of the Atlantic.
We eventually got tired of playing clubs and raves at 6am. We wanted to create a pop album. So we spent 5 years mostly working in studio with a renowned producer, perfecting the art of song writing and production. But when too many people are involved in a project, many problems occur and everything becomes hard to deal. That’s why, in September of 2011, we decided to place the Stereomovers project in a box on the top shelf and turn the page. We chose to move onto a new project in which we would have more control of what we wanted do with our music and so the Easton Ellises were born.




  • Is there a story behind your band name and your logo (two symbols intertwined - "play" and "infinity")?


Searching for a new band’s name was a headache! Especially these days, it seems like all the names have already been taken by other artists somewhere on the planet.   That’s why, instead of using words in the dictionary, we tried to invent one. We always loved band’s name inspired by known personalities, a bit like the "Dandy Warhols", “Kasabian” or “Franz Ferdinand”, bands that influenced our sound a lot.

Also a long-time fan of American novelist Bret Easton Ellis, we decided to play a little with his name to give the "Easton Ellises". His novels and his writing fit perfectly with our musical style. Sex, drugs & rock n roll!

For the logo, graphic designer Dom Prevost was inspired by the architecture of Los Angeles, the birthplace of Bret Easton Ellis. We wanted something both complex and structured with a little touch of 80s. Dom really hit right on target.

© Charles-Henri Debeur

© Charles-Henri Debeur

  • Your music is an interesting mix of rock and electronic influences, which makes for a really unique (and addictive) sound. How did you come up with that 'Easton Ellisian' genre?


Ha ha ha, thanks for the kind words! We grew up listening to the music of the 60s and 70s. Our first band was influenced by progressive and psychedelic rock. In our teenage years, we were huge fans of the Britpop movement. Bands such as Oasis, Stone Roses, Suede, Blur and Kula Shaker have played a major role in our musical direction. Still today, we listen to a lot of new British bands.

In the early 2000s, we started going out in clubs and big indoors parties. Then we discovered electronic music and started listening to Underworld, Orbital, Kraftwerk, Chemical Brothers and many Global Underground DJ mixes. There was something different from rock music that fascinated us, the rhythm, the sound, the mechanical groove. That was the moment we decided to sell our guitars and drums to buy samplers and sequencers.



  • Can you tell us more about the creative process of crafting your music? Who writes the lyrics, composes, produces the music etc.? Is the work divided in the band?


We compose everything and record all the ideas in our studio, Le Bunker. We usually start with a vocal melody. We want to find the hook first. Then everything is built around that. Once the melodies are found, we make sure we have the proper tempo and the right key. Sometimes the idea is first recorded on an acoustic guitar. Then we replace it by synths or electric guitars. Once the form is done, Simon works the synthesizers and rhythms. I work on the lyrics and spend most of time on the production. After that, we open a bottle of wine and share our ideas. Then we work on the details of the song, the clever bits. While we produce the song in the studio, Gerald, our guitarist and Luc, our bassist work their parts to add a human feel to the songs.
At the very end, we turn on the amps and play it. It’s at this moment that we know if it really works. If it does, we rent studios with analog gears and huge consoles and record everything.  Then we finalize the song in our bunker before sending it to the mix and mastering. Good takes on professional equipment is the key to a good sound and is also easier to mix and master!

ep1 dida ep2
EP: One Dance It, Dance All EP: Two


  • What would be your best advice on how to create a song (writing, composing, recording)?


Hooks. What you want is something that sticks in the head at the first listening. It can be a vocal melody as any other instrument. It doesn’t matter, what matters is something you can sing along.



  • Is there a particular theme behind the lyrics of your songs?


Yes, usually lyrics speak of impossible love, feminine beauty and artificial joys. We want nothing too depressive or dark. I did not want to talk about conspiracy or corruption, its got to be a party to make people dance.

For example, the first song of the upcoming EP “Stay” talks about a "magical moment" that you wished you could stay in forever. We try as much as possible to be positive in our lyrics.



  • You make electronic/dance/rock music, but do you listen to other genres? What are your main influences, your favorite artists/bands? And what is your favorite tune at the moment?


We actually listen to a lot of different music genres. From rockabilly to techno, from britpop to downtempo, Arabian to jazz, etc... But our main influences are indie rock, britpop and electronic music. It's really hard to actually name bands that inspire us because there are so many of them!

© Charles-Henri Debeur

© Charles-Henri Debeur

  • If you could invite one artist to collaborate with in the studio or on stage, who would it be, and why?


I think if we had to choose one, for studio and stage, it would be Noel Gallagher, former Oasis. This guy knows how to write hit songs, he’s a great melodist, songwriter and has musicianship. He also worked with electronic artists, such as The Chemical Brothers. It would be like going back to University for a PhD.



  • If I'm not wrong, you're currently preparing an upcoming EP... Can you tell us more about this project?


Yes, we’ve been working on that EP for quite a while. Many songs have been written for that EP but only 4 have been selected. They all have a different groove and a different style. This time we record everything on analog consoles for a fatter and more authentic tone. It is also the first EP as a four man’s band. The first song, Stay is an up-tempo song that reminds Duran Duran in the mid 90s. Fall for you; the second one is an infectious guitar riff influenced by Nile Rodgers. It is a kind of electro-funky-rock. The third song, Falcon 69 is more spacey with a guitar theme reminding of Ennio Morricone. And the last one, Artificial Joy is a song with a much more complex form and a slower groove. Dom Prevost is the guy behind the artwork again.

"Sex, drugs & rock n roll!" - The Easton Ellises
  • I am pretty sure your music goes to a whole other dimension when played live. Do you have any live memories or anecdotes you would like to share ?


Of course it is much more intense and loud on stage. Nothing compares to a show. For each and every live show, our mission is to get the crowd dancing.

I remember that show in Asia back in 2004, if my memory serves me right. We gave an exterior show in the mountains of Malaysia. It was in the middle of a jungle so the weather was hot and the vegetation dense. During the soundcheck, and between songs, we could hear the monkeys or maybe it was parrots. I don’t really know what it was but Canadian wildlife doesn’t sound like that.!



  • Let's get inventive for last question: choose one place (beach, club, countryside...), one color, one element (fire, water, wind...), and one animal that would best describe your music.


Not an easy one! But I think the one that would describe the most our music would be a road by the ocean with the wind in the hair and foot on the gas. Complete feeling of freedom and wellness.

As for an animal, well, it could be a cat because they combine glamour, agility, night vision and they are skilled hunters plus grumpy cat of course.

The Easton Ellises - Falcon 69 - Video by Joshua Sikora

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Published on July 4 2014

2014 World Cup: the Brazilian playlist

The 2014 World Cup is in full swing! Which team are you rooting for?
With all eyes being on Brazil, we wanted to celebrate this rich musical country with a selection of 18 tracks from Brazilian Jamendo artists. Enjoy!

  1. Let's start with Balança, a chillout tune from hip-hop duo Fluxo. Balancing between electrolounge and jazz, this flute-led track is perfect to get you in the mood of this colourful playlist.
  2. Caixa de Balões is a bright and rich rock-pop track by Lafusa, a band from Brasília. These guitar riffs and smooth vocals will get you hooked!
  3. We keep on rocking with Hard times from the band Neon Bicycles. We're loving the dreamy 80s mood and the care-free feeling that exudes from this irresistible indie-rock track!
  4. Time for a quick break with Beijo da Lara, in which AXIAL mixes electronic and ethnic sounds. This track is a magical union between tradition and modernity, made hypnotic by the aerial female vocals and the mystical instrumental.
  5. Start Me Up is a fresh pop/rock track by Foreplay. Its raw, unplugged and acoustic feel gives it a natural charm!
  6. Of course, we couldn't make a Brazilian playlist without bossa nova! Samba do Lago, by the Breculê band, is a warm, colourful and mellow mix between soft samba and jazz... Delicious!
  7. Strong, energetic and catchy... Here's another great indie pop/rock track by Nublado: Desse Lado!
  8. Teodora Dobradera, a lounge track from Q'saliva, an artist from São Paulo, is funky, groovy, yet delicate. The incessant beat and bass base is scattered with hints of diverse instrumens such as piano, guitar, or trumpet, making it intriguingly addictive!
  9. Varrendo a Lua is a sweet, poetic ballad that only needs an acoustic guitar, a violin and Roberta Campos's sweet voice to be beautiful.
  10. Pipo Pegoraro's tunes surely live up to their author's melodious name! Non Sense is a funky track that has a lovely electronic DIY side and a simple yet effective melody.
  11. Via Bela Isabela is a warm, summery surf-rock ballad. If close your eyes and listen to it, it will fly you straight to the Brazilian coast under a tropical sun. Thanks to Kinho Surf Root's for this soothing tune!
  12. Let's keep on travelling with this cosy track by Beatriz Bessa. Calango Da Saudade is one of the tracks where the "less is more" formula does wonders: a classical guitar, soft percussions and a delicate voice is all that's needed to keep us warm.
  13. After this relaxing pause, let's shake things up with this incredible piece: Blues do Covarde. Distintivo Blues show us the swingy side of Brazil!
  14. Dorme Mariana: who can resist this soft, melodic acoustic guitar track? We can't! Haroldo Torrecilha's fingerpicking is magical!
  15. The band Zorak won us over with Liquid Eyes, a roaring and passionate metal track!
  16. Another blasting rock track, To turne around, this time from the band AYGAN. Three words: restless, breathtaking, powerful!
  17. Baião: let's get some rest with Fernando TRZ and DJ Tahira. The exotic touch of this jazzy lounge track will make you travel, all the while sitting comfortably in your couch.
  18. The last track of our selection comes from Rock band Music Box. Minha Vida is pure classic rock, but with a modern feel and a stunning female lead.

Written by The Jamendo Team

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