Published on May 30 2014

Musica Tap Jamendo Edition: new bundles, new levels!

Great news for all the Musica Tap Jamendo Edition lovers: we've especially concocted for you not 1 but 2 new bundles for twice as much fun! And there's something to suit all tastes: 8-bit and electronic music in the Binär bundle, and strong and punchy pop/rock for the JamenRock bundle!

And for those of you who thought had overcome the first songs: hang on! New difficulty levels have been added for each track. Will you rise to these new challenges?


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Published on May 28 2014

EuroMusic Contest 2014: the finalists have been announced!

Great news! The EuroMusic Contest 2014 jury has made its decision and chose the 10 finalists. We're thrilled to announce that two Jamendo bands have been selected: Polish band Plug&Play and Greek band 10 Code!


The 10 finalists will perform live on June, 30th, in Paris, and the concert will be streamed online.


Congratulations to them and to all of the artists who participated!

Published on May 23 2014

Puerto-Rican born singer Robert Avellanet started music at the early age of 13, and never really stopped since. His impressive musical and stage experience has shaped him into the singer, musician, songwriter and composer he is today. Robert's delightful music comes straight from his heart, running through his blood and travelling into his soul. And that's exactly where his latest album, 'Heart & Soul', comes from. Navigating between pop, soul and jazz, Robert delivers an uplifting and feel good piece. This album is Robert's first English effort: a new horizon for the career of this already accomplished artist.

"A song is a ritual, a language of the soul." - Robert Avellanet
  • Hi Robert! First of all, would you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your story, how you started making music and what you've already done on the musical plan?


I was born and raised in a very musical place; the island of Puerto Rico. I guess I had the talent in my blood because my uncle Chucho Avellanet was already a living legend by the time I was born. He was and still today a bolero and ballad singer who became very successful in Puerto Rico and Latin America around mid-late 1960’s. By the age of 13, I went to audition for one of the most popular latino boy bands of all times, Menudo. I guess luck was by my side when I was picked up to sing and dance with the band and touring across the world, mostly around America.

Since then I’ve done so many things. So far I’ve worked on 7 albums, 4 with Menudo, including one in Portuguese and 3 in Spanish. 1 under the salsa genre, 1 under the pop/rock genre (by the name of RoBA) and my recent one and first in English; Heart & Soul. As much as I’ve invested in the musical side I’ve also invested time in the acting world, my other passion. I’ve participated in several soap operas in the latin market and I’ve done 7 theatre plays, including 2 musicals.



  • Can you describe yourself, from a strictly musical point of view: genres and influences, musical tastes, favorite artist or band, favorite instrument etc.


I was raised with two older brothers who introduced me to many artists and bands from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Listening to bands like Judas Priest, Foreigner, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, U2, Aerosmith and many more I was attracted mostly to rock but I knew music was much more than that. I remember my mom playing some Lionel Richie, some Bee-Gees and Neil Diamond and of course Michael Jackson. My taste for music was pretty wide but my favorite band of all times is Journey. It’s ironic but today my musical taste goes even before those years. Right now I’m so much into Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Etta James.

My instrument has always been the guitar. By the age of 15 I started playing in my room and writing songs and still do the same today. I also play some piano but I’ve never really invested the time develop the craft more.

"A song is a ritual, a language of the soul." - Robert Avellanet
  • You already have a rich musical experience. For instance, you've already performed with great artists such as Ricky Martin or Celia Cruz. If you had the opportunity to choose any artists on the planet to collaborate with or perform with, who would it be?


Wow that’s a hard question. If I had the opportunity to work a collaboration with an artist, that probably would be Norah Jones. Love her music and vibe.



  • You have already released an album in Spanish, called JeT PriVado, released in 2009. Can you tell us more about this album?


Jet Privado was my first solo experiment after singing salsa music so I was hungry for a big change. When I moved from Puerto Rico to Miami in the year 2002 I started experimenting new sounds. I was experiencing an internal revolution that took me back to my roots. I was eager for rock and suddenly I put a band together and started touring clubs in Miami, while having meetings with new producers and musicians. The album was a trip through my life, my past and present and that time. Every song was a story related to a personal experience. Triumphs and dissapointments, achievements and failures. I even changed my name to RoBA which was a more aggressive approach and I felt had more accordance with the music. RoBA was no other thing that an abbreviation for Robert Avellanet. Songs like Laberinto, Miserable and No Te Arrepientas had a lot of support from the fans.

"A song is a ritual, a language of the soul." - Robert Avellanet
  • Heart & Soul is your first English album. Like many Latin artists before you, you're crossing over. What is it like to embark on this new adventure?


Oh my God, it s truly a challenge but it’s something I’ve dreamed of my whole music career. In Puerto Rico we are extremely linked to the anglo music and the american culture so even when I started with Menudo I wanted to record in English but during my time in the group we never did. Now, years later, finally I was able to understand that things happen at the right time. You can never rely on others to make your dreams come true, you and only you are responsible for going after those dreams. That’s why I moved to Hollywood, because like my song “The Limit” says; “You gotta do what you gotta do. You’ve got to follow your heart and truth”.



  • You write songs in Spanish and in English. What drove you towards songwriting, and what is the main theme of your songs? Also, what is the difference between writing a song in English and in Spanish?


As I said before I grabbed the guitar when I was 15, inspired by many artists and songs that I was raised with. So going on stage with Menudo woke up that desire. The fans, the faces smiling, singing, the love for the experience. A song was and is a ritual, a language of the soul. My songs are always inspired by an experience, a desire, a need for sharing a story that would connect with people, or simply a personal thought or perception of a certain situation. I don’t think there is a difference between writing in spanish and english because the thoughts are the same.



  • The lyrics and the sounds that we can hear on Heart & Soul are very hopeful and positive. The result is an uplifting and feel-good album. Was it one of your goals when making this album?


Absolutely, it is an uplifting album, planned and expressed with that end. My transition to Los Angeles has not been an easy one. We all don’t share the same road and mine has been a tough one. I’ve failed many times and I’ve won others and the experiences had strengthen my spirit making me more positive. It was my divine calling to write an album to inspire, to motivate and easy some pain.

"A song is a ritual, a language of the soul." - Robert Avellanet
  • If you had to choose one song from the album, which one would it be? (One of our personal favorite is Por Haberte Encontrado!)


Ha, I’m glad you like this one. I feel the opposite but I guess it’s because I’ve done music in spanish my whole life. Right now my favorite is “Shine Your Light”. I love how the groove came out. It brings back memories and feelings. It’s got some funky 70”s in there.



  • You've already toured and performed on stage several times. How would you describe your best live experience to date? And are you going on the road with this new album soon?


I would say my best memorable live experience was at the Poliedro de Caracas in Venezuela back in 1990. That place was incredible, full of energy. Problably around 18 thousand people screaming like maniacs. I was just a kid so it was really an impact to see the hysteria that the group caused.



  • For this last question, let's reverse the roles: you are the interviewer, and I am the artist. What would you ask me? And what would be your answer?


What do you want to leave written in the book of life for others to read and why?

My message is strong and clear; I believe in fighting for a dream, for a cause bigger that any failure, stronger than any culture, wider than any border. We all deserve to live and die for what we love, guided by the desire of seeing others fulfill the pure desires of their hearts.

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Published on May 16 2014

A Jamaican artist making reggae music? Well, it can only be good. No, not only good actually, but great, warm and positive. Bryan Art, a multi-talented artist (songwriter, producer, guitarist...) has been making music since childhood and never really stopped spreading love and positivity trough his art. Check out the album he posted on Jamendo and enjoy!

"Always be yourself and listen to your heartbeat." - Bryan Art

First of all, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your story and your relationship with music?

My name is Bryan Grant, professionally known as Bryan Art. I am an international singer/musician…born, raised and based in Jamaica.
I practiced music (singing and playing) as a young kid then went on to be a guitar major at college, during which I doubled as a member of the great “Fire House Crew” - this was the band responsible for the music behind Luciano and Sizzla etc. I subsequently moved on as a founding party to the Grass Roots Band who toured and recorded with “Bush Man” et al. While I held on to that gig, I established a link with “Fiwi Music” for whose artistes I helped with writing, arranging and producing until gradually I got into the practice of recording myself as a solo singer for the said label. My 1st single was entitled “Soon Come Back” but now I am better known for subsequent singles such as: “Rock and Come In” and “Get It”.


How did you start making music? Is it something you've always wanted to so, or was there a trigger moment in your life?

I learned functional guitar pretty early but I didn’t know a lot of songs. At the time I also found it easier to make my own music than to learn others, so it was from then that I started to compose and dream of becoming a star. I wanted to learn music the formal way so that I wouldn’t miss much but for a while I encountered a lot of set-backs. However when I finally made the step, it was really an abrupt one towards making my college application. My first experience with multi track recording was at the college studio during my sophomore year.

"Always be yourself and listen to your heartbeat." - Bryan Art"Always be yourself and listen to your heartbeat." - Bryan Art

Which artists do you listen to? If you could chose one artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

I listen to many different artistes and musicians and of various genres because each has a different lesson and a different vibe. However, growing up I was stuck on the music of Dennis Brown, Beres Hammond, Delroy Wilson, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson.
There are numerous artistes that I would be more than happy to work with but I can imagine a duet involving Stevie Wonder on piano Bryan Art on guitar.



You’re a singer, a musician, a producer and also a songwriter. So you're taking part of every aspect of the creative process of a song. What would be your best advice on how to create a song?

A song can be a simple melody sung by a bird or even a complex arrangement shared and played together by an orchestra. It can be arranged to carry a rhythm, melodies, harmonies, verses, choruses, bridges etc. each of which is optional. Hence, there is a myriad of ways to approach the creation of a song. Typically these days a producer records the musical arrangement in multi-track format then the singer superimposes words and melodies. I like to experiment but I often write a song to guitar chords then create a unique instrumental accompaniment. If you are within your calling to be a music maker, over time you will find what works for you. Always though, be yourself and listen to your heartbeat.

"Always be yourself and listen to your heartbeat." - Bryan Art"Always be yourself and listen to your heartbeat." - Bryan Art

Your voice, as well as your music, is warm and sunny. Are there any message you would like to convey through your songs/your lyrics?

I’m happy to know that it is working…warmth is one of the things I have hoped would be conveyed through my music. …along with love and I am good.


Is this your first album? If yes, can you tell us more about the experience of crafting it? Did it take you a long time, did you collaborate with many people...?

My most current release is actually an EP consisting of four tracks. It follows my debut album which was repackaged and rereleased on a new label. When I along with my admin team decided to release an EP, it was half way ready since “Fresh Start” which was to become the title track was actually recorded years ago and “Knowledge Is The Power” was on the work table. “Murder Dem A Play” was previously released on the album as a duet featuring Queen Ifrica but we were all much exited about reworking it to include the awesome vocals of Sizzla Kolonji which was archived but still very fresh and crisp. “Dance Haffi Nice” was a current single that I had just done for Machette Records. It easily made the EP through popular request and relevance.


"Always be yourself and listen to your heartbeat." - Bryan Art

You make reggae music, but do you listen to other genres? What is your favorite tune at the moment?

I listen very widely across genres even if it is just passively.
My favorite song is never usually the most popular but there’s really something happening with Pharrell’s “Happy”.


Have you already taken this material on the road, performed it live? How would you describe the live experience you've had so far?

I have performed some of the new tracks live and the reception is consistently phenomenal. That I could partially attribute to the interactive nature of “Fresh Start”, the intriguing Lyrics of “Knowledge Is The Power” and “Murder Dem A Play” – The latter of which Is sometimes Performed to an acoustic or simulated Piano alone. I have found that this pulls in the audience and attach them to the very essence of the song which is so profound. “Dance Haffi Nice” is just a wicked tune that gets an early “forward” every time.

"Always be yourself and listen to your heartbeat." - Bryan Art

Let's say you have the chance to pick any venue in the whole world to give your biggest concert ever... where would it be?

This cannot be written in stone but I would definitely give 1st consideration to the National Stadium in Kingston Jamaica.


What's next for you on the musical plan?

The main focus at the moment is on promotions for the new EP and showcase for the new look and sound incorporating my band - “File13”. Our next major stage is scheduled to be at the “Epicurean Escape” May 25th, St Ann Jamaica.

Visit Bryan Art's official website.

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Published on May 9 2014

Listening to Alejandro Zalaquett's new album feels as good as getting up on a Sunday moring in a cosy bedroom filled with morning sun, and a nice hot cup of coffee. Desperté was entirely made by the Chilean-born self-taught musician, from the writing, composing, recording and production. The result is a fresh, positive and soothing music... So, press play, lay back and get to know the artist though this interview.

"I HAD to let the music that was inside of me out." - Alejandro Zalaquett

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit more about you?

Hi to all friends at Jamendo!
My story ... Well, my name is Alejandro Zalaquett. I was born in Santiago, Chile, in a home where music was another member of the family. My father used to listen to music of the most varied genres 16 hours a day, so very young I developed a sensitivity and deep love for it.



How did you start making music? What is your fondest musical memory?

Well, I've never had any formal training in music. According to my parents I started singing at an early age. When I was six years old, my dad gave me a beautiful red rudimentary nylon string guitar that I still keep at home for my kids to play. It all started there.
At first, an uncle of mine showed me my first chords, which I used for doing covers of The Beatles and Silvio Rodriguez songs. I used to have a lot of acceptance when singing at home or at school festivals. Probably getting that energy from "the audience" at that early age inspired me to go on developing my skills. Eventually the old red guitar became a beautiful electric Gibson that my father gave me. Then I started to get interested in piano and synthesizers which I learned to play reasonably well as to enrich my "show". Then the bass guitar and drums came, and I was almost ready for my “one man show”.
Initially I started making cassette recordings and trying to do overdubs with multiple recorders at once. Then the computer era came and a world of possibilities opened. I could now record in a decent quality and play all the instruments I had learned to get pretty compelling covers. But something did not quite convince me… I felt it was pointless to invest time and effort in replicating other people’s music. I HAD to let the music that was inside of me out. So I started writing my first songs a couple of years ago. Now, I just can’t stop!

"I HAD to let the music that was inside of me out." - Alejandro Zalaquett

Do you write all of the lyrics and the music yourself or do you have other people working with you?

I write and play all the lyrics and music on my albums. It has been a very challenging work finding the words to go along the music that flows naturally out of me. It has also meant a challenge to expose myself to the outside world in a way I had not experienced before, but I've had a very good reception.
I have also had to develop more technical skills of music production, which have allowed me to have complete control of my production aspects. I feel very comfortable working this way because I can manage my own time, and I have been able to develop my art without neglecting my "official job" and my family.



This album contains songs written in Spanish. For our readers who are not familiar with this language, can you tell us what’s the theme of your lyrics?

I write the lyrics in my native language. Surely that is not the best idea from a commercial point of view, but it is allowing me to express my ideas and feelings more clearly.
The theme of my lyrics is quite varied. In fact in my creation process, usually music is the first thing that pops up, and then I babble words over it to get the song structure. From those babbling keywords is that magically the themes of the songs appear. The most recurring themes so far have been love, loneliness, loss and hope.

"I HAD to let the music that was inside of me out." - Alejandro Zalaquett

Tell us more about your new album, Desperté. What is its story, what does it tell and what was its creative process ?

Desperté (I woke up) began while I was promoting my first album Aeropuerto (also available at In fact a couple of songs were composed while I was rehearsing for some live performances I did for Aeropuerto. At that time I was using some “loopers” to play the songs with my guitar only, and that influenced a lot in my way of making songs.
Most of the songs in Desperté, as the title says, have to do with a sense of new life that appears when you start creating; with the miracle that occurs when a small musical idea becomes a song and excites me and others.
There are also some slightly darker themes, which speak of the awakening that happens when you manage to overcome a loss, and you are free from pain.
I never let go love as a subject, and having in mind how an environment full of love helps you to move forward in the most difficult moments.

Is there one song on this album that you prefer? Why?

Honestly I have affection for each one of the songs on the album, but if I had to choose one it would be Desperté, because I think it pretty much sums up what I wanted to achieve musically on the album, and because it has an positive message that anyone can relate to.
I´ve also received good feedback for "La Fuga” (The escape) and "Tu cama permanence ahí” (Your bed remains there), but I enjoy listening to all of them.

"I HAD to let the music that was inside of me out." - Alejandro Zalaquett

If you had to describe your music in just 5 words, what would they be ?

Created for listening, not dancing. LOL.


What are your future musical plans?

Well I still have lots of songs and musical ideas to develop, so my goal for now is to continue writing and recording more songs.
Also I am now preparing to perform Desperté live with a new band.
Rest assured that there is a lot of music to come ... Stay tuned!

"I HAD to let the music that was inside of me out." - Alejandro Zalaquett

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"I HAD to let the music that was inside of me out." - Alejandro Zalaquett

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