Published on January 15 2013

Midem 2013: back again with the best artists in free music!

After last year's Jamendo Night and pitch session, Jamendo will return to Midem with a more significant presence. In 2013, two artists who have experienced substantial success on our platform will join us: Kellee Maize and We Are FM.

Once again, they will be performing as part of the Midem off festival for the very special Jamendo Live show, and for the first time, a Jamendo artist will be speaking at the conference: Kellee Maize will share the tips that have led her to be a highly popular hip hop artist on the Internet. Sharing her music freely was certainly a turning point in her career!

Midem artistsKellee Maize (hip hop, USA)
Unsigned singer and songwriter Kellee Maize has quite a story to tell in Cannes: she's the most downloaded female rapper on and P2P networks, thanks to her Creative Commons license. Her videos have generated over 3.5 million YouTube views, her albums are widely popular on Jamendo, and she's the #1 search result on Google for "female rapper"; still, she's turning down offers from record labels! Maize likes the DIY way more than anything: a few years ago, she founded her female-owned marketing and events agency, Näkturnal. Her fourth album Owl Time, released on December 12th, is her most diverse record to date.
Where to see her?
Concert: Jamendo Live
- B.PUB - Saturday January 26, 10:00 pm
Panel: Artists Speak to Artists session - Direct2Fan Camp, Riviera Hall - Sunday January 27, 5:00 pm

Midem artistsWe Are FM (Electronic rock, Netherlands)
Since 2009, this Amsterdam quartet has skillfully rocked many dance music lovers and introduced rockers to a high dose of electronic tunes and beats. Their energetic live shows rapidly caught attention, allowing the band to book some festivals, venues and showcase slots, and win a couple of awards. They used to be registered to BUMA in the Netherlands, which they had to pay to stream their own music on their own website...and, when they finally received a check for 5€ (yes, five) for streaming revenues, they quit BUMA and started the licensing adventure with Jamendo. Their first album Season One, has been a success in 2012 with 80,000 listens on Jamendo alone.
Where to see them?
Concert: Jamendo Live
- B.PUB - Saturday January 26, 9:00 pm

Midem 2013: back again with the best artists in free music!


B.PUB: 22 rue Jean Macé, 06400 Cannes, France

Midem: January 26-29, 2013 at Palais des Festivals, 1 bd de la Croisette, 06400 Cannes, France

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Published on January 2 2013

David TMX (re)Band

David TMX (re)Band

For the first time since 2004, Jamendo goes into partnership with one of his artists to co-produce the first music video in its history: "Les Cimes du Système" by David TMX.

David TMX doesn't need an introduction: the champion of French punk is a true jack of all trades, but most importantly he is the first ever artist to upload music on Jamendo. This historical, everlasting bond naturally led the #1 free music platform to join the project and help him with the production of his first music video.

The very first CC-licensed music video produced by Jamendo!

Directed by Faux Raccord Productions and partly shot at the French festival Tout Pour Tous in September 2012, the video showcases TMX and his bandmates of the David TMX (re)Band performing live and parodying a political election campaign.

Watch the exclusive video now on JamendoTV !