Published on December 18 2009

This week's artist is a seasonal selection. The Bronx-based hip hop label Drop Zone has just uploaded a little album of Holiday songs. Quite unexpected from Mr. Tac aka "Chocolate" and his crew, but so fitting, a week away from Christmas!

What better occasion to wish you all very happy holidays; see you in 2010!

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Published on December 10 2009


We are proud to officially announce the signing of a partnership with, Europe's number one free music streaming website. Deezer users will now be able to listen to some of the independent artists from Jamendo's 200,000 track catalog of free music.

For Jamendo artists, it's an additional way to gain exposure and be discovered by an increasingly diverse audience. For Deezer, this partnership extends its legal offer of free, quality music streaming.

Jamendo, always helping free music reach new places (and eventually take over the world)!

Published on December 8 2009

You certainly have noticed the little Twitter symbol twitter that has recently appeared next to every Jamendo artist and album.

Have you tried clicking it? If you have a Twitter account, it will automatically post a little message to your profile saying you are a fan of this artist or album, along with a link so that your friends can go and check them out on Jamendo.

You know us, always striving to make promoting good artists easier... Now go ahead tweet away!

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Published on December 7 2009

As you may already know, ccMixter is a community of musicians who make remixes in the spirit of and based on the legal backbone of Creative Commons. The management of the site and community was recently passed on from the Creative Commons organization to ArtisTech Media, a forward-looking music label that embraces open formats, based in San Diego.

We have seized this opportunity and teamed up with ArtisTech Media to better promote and remunerate  artists of the ccMixter community who use CC licenses to publish their music, just like artists on Jamendo.

The first result of this new partnership is the album "Peace of Winter", a compilation of Holiday music remixed by a host of artists and curated by a pillar of the ccMixter community and member of the board of ArtistTech Media, Snowflake.

This is the first of many to come! Keep an eye out for future ccMixter releases on jamendo.

Written by amelie

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