Published on November 27 2009

Ok, it's time for a little more talk about the Jamendo application for Facebook.
Did you know that in the "My Network" tab, you could see in real time what your Facebook/Jamendo friends are listening to? What better way to share hidden gems and discover new music...

To be listed in there, your friends need to have checked the “Make my musical discoveries visible for “My Network”” box in the settings section of their Jamendo application. Make sure you do the same, and keep the sharing rolling!


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Published on November 25 2009

It is a quite belated 18th featured artist of the week we're presenting you today. Sorry about that.

Anyway, the wait was worthwhile: ladies and gentlemen, here is Koriza, a band from St Petersburg, Russia, that will relentlessly kick out your jams. Call it emocore, math rock or post-hardcore, the bottom line is, these guitars shred and these screams are for real.

Keep young children away!

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Published on November 19 2009

More Facebook-related news this week: did you know you could use the Jamendo application to directly link a track to illustrate your status updates? Just like you would link a video or url, only this feature comes with a complete search engine too!

Pick a genre, a mood, a keyword, and find a Jamendo track that fits your status perfectly:


Basically, you can now impress your friends, make your profile page cooler and promote independent artists all at once, in just a few clicks. Pretty cool if you ask us...

This is where it's all happening:

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Published on November 13 2009

Install the Jamendo application on your Facebook profile and enjoy the Jamendo experience in a Facebook environment!

In addition to linking your accounts and posting your Jamendo activity on Facebook, when you install the Jamendo application for Facebook, you can search for music, listen to it, add it to your favorites and share whatever you do with your friends, straight from your Facebook account.


What's more, you will have a Jamendo tab on your Facebook profile on which you can feature your favorites and show off those hidden gems you discovered on Jamendo!


Install the Jamendo application for Facebook today!

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Published on November 10 2009

Diffusée sur  Weo Tv (Nord-Pas de Calais) dans l'émission Weo'n, cette vidéo nous permet d'en savoir plus sur le groupe d'electro-fusion Eclectek, leurs projets et leur avenir.

Vous pourrez les voir en concert près de chez vous :

- le 14 novembre à Hazebrouck (au Shaka Laka)

- le 28 novembre à Paris (Festival Fallenfest au Capitol Studio)

- le 23 janvier à La Rosière (Contest de snowkite)

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