Published on July 31 2009

Pinkle is certainly one of the most creative singer-songwriters on jamendo. An American musician currently living in Lausanne, Switzerland, he makes his albums on his own, which is pretty amazing considering the sonic variety they display and the sheer amount of music he produces.

He only joined jamendo a few weeks ago; we're thrilled he did.

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Published on July 29 2009

This week, we've got in store for you an eclectic mix of recent releases on jamendo: a drop of jazz, a pinch of rock, a spoonful of hip hop and ragga and a fair dose of electronica. Shake well and mix in your mp3 player!


1/ Jazzpospolita - Polished Jazz

2/ Erwin Guttmann - Time for a better life

3/ Vincent Boutin - Arbres2

4/ Max Fierro - Futuro

5/ Papa Vila - Jugar para ganar

6/ Amakonda - Ma tipé

7/ Doolayz et Devil b - Wad up

8/ Didier Bourgeois - Sequence 2

9/ Wellpunisher Superstar - Supernova

10/ Mach FoX - Run 4 The Prize

11/ Fhemando - Sex on the beach

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Published on July 23 2009

An Argentinian MC and beatmaker established in Madrid, Aukan can both produce his own beats and rap over them. Which is not that common in the hip hop world. But he also likes to collaborate with many other musicians and producers on his four albums available on jamendo, such as Spanish abstract hip hop whizzkid Tambor.

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Published on July 21 2009

Here's a little video that will help you explore thoroughly the functionalities of your jamendo application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

As you might have already tested, the jamendo application for iPhone and iPod Touch, recently released, gives you access to jamendo's vast music catalog (over 200,000 tracks) straight from your Apple device.

If you want to know more about how the application works and all is has to offer, here is a little demo video that explains it all: discover the most popular artists and tracks of the moment, enjoy our genre radios, listen to your own playlists and favorites from anywhere... All that and much more!

Now it's your turn to use the application and make it your own!

It's available for download here.

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Published on July 17 2009

How about some good old fashioned, high energy, greasy, dirty rock'n'roll for your weekend? Don't miss El Paso Killers, from Bilbao, Spain. Halfway between Motörhead and Queens of the Stone Age; if you like heavy guitars and raucous vocals, this band is for you. 

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