Published on June 12 2009

Ok, this is something pretty basic yet new here: just a little weekly post to present you an artist on jamendo that we like and think you (or at least some of you) will like too.

Inaugurating this new column is Fhernando.

Hailing from Mexico City, Fhernando blends disco melodies and dance beats in a furiously danceable mix. His album Sweet Addiction is available in several versions, complete with B-sides & rarities, bonus tracks and remixes.

Hope this keeps you dancing through the weekend!

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Published on June 10 2009

We couldn't be happier for Professor Kliq. Not only is he a great artist (a talented young electronic music producer from Chicago), he's also starting to make some money through jamendo.

His music is quite popular among professionals looking to license tracks for ads, videos, websites, etc. on Jamendo PRO, and he's been accumulating quite a few licensing deals in the last few weeks. In fact, he's currently one of the artists making the most money from Jamendo PRO.

We didn't even ask him to say something nice about jamendo. Kind words just seem to pour out of him: "The site is fantastic... I keep up to date on my licensings and they come through pretty regularly. I bought myself some new clothes and shoes with my last payment!"

As we say, we couldn't be happier for him... As for us, it's having great music by artists such as Professor Kliq that's making Jamendo PRO a success; so we're pretty happy too!

By the way, check out the video made by Dutch DJ, netlabel owner and director Harald Walker for Professor Kliq's track Trip Home:

Professor Kliq - Trip Home from Harald Walker on Vimeo.

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Published on June 9 2009

That's one great thing about jamendo: the variety of artists is just tremendous. Just think: some of them have never played a single note outside of their bedroom, and others have won a Grammy award!

Thanks to our partners over at Open Music Wire, there is one such artist on jamendo: Tony Rich. He took part in Hidden Beach Recordings' pro-Obama compilation Change Is Now a few months ago, in the shape of this slick r'n'b track.

Detroit-born singer, songwriter and producer Tony Rich, in addition to releasing his own albums, has written songs for Elton John, Boyz II Men and TLC. His latest album Exist, a mix of soul, jazz and funk, was released on Santa Monica-based Hidden Beach Recordings last september.

Thanks to Open Music Wire, more and more artists from the traditional music industry are understanding the virtues and interest of Creative Commons licenses. We believe that on jamendo, there's room for everyone: from hardcore free culture enthusiasts to new converts, they all contribute to forwarding free music.

Published on June 8 2009

Jamendo s'associe au Fonds Solidarité Sida Afrique dans le cadre de l'opération "Mon défi contre le Sida". Nous sommes fiers de pouvoir contribuer à cet élan de générosité.

Comme vous le savez déjà sûrement, nous avons créé un shop ou vous pouvez acheter ou offrir les collectors de vos artistes préférés (CD dédicacé, titres en qualité hifi, concert à domicile, artwork...). Les artistes peuvent ainsi nouer un contact priviligié avec vous, leurs fans, et en retirer des revenus supplémentaires.

Mais nous allons plus loin dans cette démarche ! Les artistes peuvent aussi mettre leurs collectors au profit d'une cause qu'ils souhaitent soutenir.

La première cause que nous mettons en avant est le Fonds Solidarité Sida Afrique. Vous pouvez aussi participer à cette iniative sur le site deficontrelesida par vos dons. Les artistes ayant dépassé les 500 euros récoltés (par vos dons ou l'achat de collectors) seront tirés au sort pour peut-être avoir la chance de se produire sur la scène de Solidays !

D'autres causes que nous souhaitons soutenir vont suivre ; soutenez vos artistes préférés et faites un geste solidaire !

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Published on June 4 2009


Electro and industrial rock musician Deekey, from Moscow, known on jamendo for his excellent electro/big beat project The Phase, is launching a new project.

Insane Prototype is the name. And its particularity is that fans are invited to become shareholders of the album. Dekeey is thus trying to apply the new "fan investment-based" model that has started to spread lately, only he's doing it alone!

Here's how it works: there are 100 shares put on sale, at the price of $600 each. That's a lot of money, but Deekey  "decided I'd rather sell 100 shares at $600 than 1000 at $60." It's definitely worth a try.

In return for their investment, shareholders will receive a deluxe limited edition of the album when it's done, plus a percentage on all future income generated by Insane Prototype. Buying a share can be done through donations made on jamendo. 

Go here if you're interested. All we have to say is: good luck Dekeey!

We'll keep you posted on how things unfold for Insane Prototype.

Written by amelie

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