Published on June 30 2009

The founder of jamendo and Jamendo PRO received the Creative Young Entrepeneur Luxembourg Award 2009.

Sylvain Zimmer received from the hands of Mr. Tom Theves, from the Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg, the Creative Young Entrepeneur Luxembourg (CYEL) award 2009. This award, granted by the Luxembourg branch of Junior Chamber International (JCI), distinguishes the country's most creative entrepreneurs. It is given by a jury of entrepreneurs and innovation professionals from Luxembourg.


Sylvain was chosen among twelve candidates by JCI for this award. He received a prize in addition to the acknowledgment of his creative entrepreneurship. He launched at the ripe age of 20 and then, a few years later, launched Jamendo PRO, designed for professionals looking for background music for public places or for audiovisual sychronization licenses for films, documentaries, ads, etc. Today, Jamendo PRO is experiencing a rapid growth of its income.

"I am thrilled by this recognition. Not only on a personal level, but for all the work accomplished by our team in the last year", he says. The Young Entrepreneur 2009 will now be able to defend his innovative business model before an international jury and audience in November, at the JCI worldwide competition.

Congratulations Sylvain!

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Published on June 19 2009

From today, jamendo is available for free on the iPhone and iPod Touch! Two weeks after we launched the Android application, you can now listen to your favorite artists on Apple products too.

The Jamendo application for iPhone and iPod Touch gives you free access to jamendo’s 20,000 albums published under Creative Commons licenses.

Listen at any time to the most popular albums of the week, discover the latest releases and the best of jamendo on our Top 50. Jamendo’s five radio streams (electro, jazz, lounge, rock, metal and pop) are also directly accessible. Carry the best of jamendo in your pocket!

Logged-in jamendo members can also browse through their favorite albums and personal playlists. The application is available for free in English and French.

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Published on June 17 2009

As we mentioned recently, jamendo has created a space where artists can sell collectors' items to their fans. In these virtual shops, the most obvious things you can buy are special editions of their albums or high definition downloads. But some artists have gotten creative... Here are a few examples worth a look.

Want to learn to play Rob Costlow's sweet melodies? Why not do it directly from his score sheets: Rob will let you do just that, at €12 for 4 sheets. At that price, piano buffs have no reason to hold back.


You might not play the piano, but surely you can appreciate the beauty of an elaborate image. Binary Mind is selling photomontages printed on canvas, with impressive colors and creative angles.

binary mind

Even more creative is VS's offer to perform in your living room! The band will come and play a semi-acoustic showcase just for you, for only €300 (plus travel expenses of course). An unforgettable experience for sure...

Finally, the quirkiness award goes to Sebkha-Chott, from whose virtual shop you can purchase, against €1500, a visit from the band's bass player and infamous dictator Wladimir Ohrelianov. He will come over to your place and give a 4 minute speech. Now you don't want to miss out on that...

sebkha chott

As you can see, some artists are coming up with some pretty crazy stuff in their virtual shops: two thumbs up from us!

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Published on June 15 2009

A law student and GNU/Linux buff from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Matija is also a fan of jamendo. A few weeks ago, when his external hard drive crashed, causing him to lose his entire music collection, he had an idea: “I thought, 'heck, if I'm happier with free software, let's see if I can live with free music as well!'” So he came up with The (Great) Jamendo Experiment: “to live with only free music for at least a full month and survive.”

This being a real human experience, he decided he'd report about it weekly on his website, sharing his musical findings and letting people know if listening to all-jamendo music all the time was a viable choice. 

Well guess what: more than 6 weeks later, he's still at it and quite happy at that. “Quite fast I realised that jamendo is full of great artists! I decided to prolong the experiment until further notice and write reports as time permits.”

So far, Matija reports the discovery of about two dozen artists he really liked, including The Very Sexuals, Grace Valhalla, Jimmy The Hideous Penguin and Elektronoid.


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Published on June 12 2009

Lundi matin à 8h45, pensez à allumer votre poste (ou votre ordinateur) pour écouter une interview de Sylvain Zimmer, créateur de jamendo, sur Le Mouv'. Il y parlera de l'opération Remerciement Gradué de jamendo.

C'est en direct et ça durera 5 minutes. Bonne écoute !

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