Published on April 30 2009

Lots of great new tracks have been sent our way lately by our friends over at Open Music Wire. As Josh East, creator of this forward-thinking music promotion agency based in California, says: "Each week we seem to discover new music from emerging artists through our content providers, and with that have come across some amazing music videos. Artists like ArtOfficial, Birds of Tokyo, Michael Zapruder and Two Spot Gobi all have a pretty good twist to their video magic. Enjoy!"

That's right: many of these artists also have pretty cool videos, so we thought we'd show you some of them. And of course, these tracks are all available for free download on jamendo...

"Big City Bright Lights" by ArtOfficial:

"Ads For Feelings" by Michael Zapruder:

"Wild Eyed Boy" by Birds Of Tokyo:

"Come And Go" by Two Spot Gobi:

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Published on April 27 2009

Our partners over at KDDI Labs in Japan have launched their musical similarity website, "Nitauta Kensaku" ("similar music search" in Japanese).

All the music featured on their homepage is from jamendo. Another chance for great exposure for jamendo and free music in the Land of the Rising Sun!


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Published on April 22 2009

Jamendo has been selected by as one of 100 finalists among the world's most popular websites. We are referenced in the "audio" category.

Jamendo is already listed among the category's 30 finalists, alongside Amazon Mp3, iTunes, Napster and all those big names. And you have until the 30th of April to help us be among the 10 winners...

Vote for jamendo: you don't need to sign up or anything, one click is all it takes!

You know who you want to vote for!

Thanks for your support.
The jamendo team

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Published on April 17 2009

Our friends over at Qwartz held in Paris on 3 April the 5th edition of the Qwartz awards for electronic and experimental music.

photo Alexandra Lebon

The Honorary Qwartz for innovation granted to professor Lawrence Lessig and the presence of Taylor Deupree as Honorary President placed this edition of the Qwartz awards under the sign of Creative Commons. Lawrence Lessig received the award for creating Creative Commons licenses and offering new opportunities for artists. Taylor Deupree, a photographer and composer from New York affiliated to the minimalist or microscopic electronic music movement, publishes much of his works, as well as those of his label 12k, under CC licenses. 

Lawrence Lessig
Lawrence Lessig photo Julien Lombardi

After the Qwartz jury reviewed 430 albums anonymously and thousands of people voted on the Qwartz website, three of the prized albums happen to be published under Creative Commons: Urlaub auf Balkonien by krill.minima (Thinner Netlabel), who won the Best Album award, Minimental by Pirata (Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel), in the Discovery category, and the copilation Autumn Leaves, on the label Gruenrekorder.

UbuWeb, a website that archives and makes available a great number of avant-garde audio, video and written works, also received an award: Kenneth Goldsmith was granted the Qwartz Web award.

All the nominated and awarded albums can be listened to here:


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Published on April 16 2009

The professional extension of jamendo, Jamendo Pro, offers commercial licenses for professional uses of our ever-growing music catalog. Unlike downloads for private uses, those licenses are not free, which makes Jamendo Pro a great, new, non-exclusive revenue source for independent artists who choose Creative Commons licenses to publish their music.

Supercheap Auto

Jamendo Pro just had a big break in Australia and New Zealand by striking a deal with Supercheap Auto, a chain of 256 auto parts stores spread across both countries. From now on, all the music you can hear in Supercheap Auto stores is provided by jamendo and the work of unsigned, up and coming artists from around the world. These artists are also not members of any performance rights society, which means Supercheap Auto no longer has to pay any fees to APRA-AMCOS.

Thank you Supercheap Auto for trusting jamendo. We're thrilled to see our professional offer of Creative Commons-licensed music gradually take over the world!

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