Published on March 16 2009

For the second time in one week, we are presenting to you not just one artist but a whole label. Modifythevan was founded in Hackney, East London, and has been for almost ten years already "a vehicle for producing theatre, film and music events but is now a fledgling Creative Commons record label" putting out great acoustic folk-pop-rock music.


Actually, Robin Grey thought "a little celebratory relaunch might be fun and a good excuse to put together a compilation CD of some of our artists and make a bit of noise about what we are up to." Those artists are Robin Grey himself, Blue Swerver, Madelaine Hart, The Jonny Berliner Band and Richard Godwin. They are all friends or have worked together.

And it's quite probable they will go on doing so and offer on jamendo their freshest albums. As Robin puts it: "It has been good to find a community of people who want to discover new music and appreciate the vision of the Creative Commons licenses."


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Published on March 12 2009

Tandis que le débat sur la loi HADOPI pour une “Riposte Graduée” bat son plein au Parlement, des milliers d'artistes défendent sur le téléchargement légal et gratuit. Parce que télécharger sur internet n'est pas toujours synonyme de piratage, Jamendo propose le “Remerciement Gradué”.

HADOPI menace d'envoyer un mail d'avertissement aux téléchargeurs pirates ? De son côté, Jamendo enverra un mail de remerciement à tout internaute qui aura téléchargé un des 200 000 titres disponibles gratuitement sur son site. Ce mail incitera l'internaute à partager la musique avec ses amis.

Seconde riposte: HADOPI envisage l'envoi d'un courrier recommandé ? Sur le même principe, Jamendo enverra une lettre de remerciement et un "kit du complice" constitué d'autocollants et de documentation à ses plus fidèles téléchargeurs qui pourront ainsi promouvoir leurs artistes et la musique libre.

Les multi-récidivistes ne seront pas oubliés : HADOPI veut suspendre leur abonnement Internet ? Jamendo le leur rembourse ! En effet, chaque internaute ayant réussi à convaincre un lieu public (bar, restaurant, ...) de devenir un espace de culture libre avec Jamendo PRO, sera remercié par le remboursement d'un mois de son abonnement Internet. (Comment ca marche ?)

Jamendo prouve qu'il existe d'autres artistes de grand talent qui savent exploiter les opportunités créées par Internet en adoptant des modèles de rémunération innovants. Les premiers fans sont donc remerciés au lieu d'être punis.

Récemment les initiatives de groupes américains comme Nine Inch Nails ont montré que gratuité, licence libre et succès commercial sont bien compatibles.

Sylvain ZIMMER, fondateur de Jamendo
press (at)
Tél: 00352 26 53 421

Published on March 11 2009

What happens if on jamendo artists stop doing just their own thing and meet each other to mix their styles all together? Something really great can come out of it! Such as the second volume of loyal jamendo member Stouffi the Stouves' Featuring Project, released yesterday.


For the second time, Stouffi (otherwise doing his electro stuff as Eclectek) released an album with electro instrumentals, inviting artists on jamendo to use them as they want to create something new.

"The challenge is to start from the same material and according to one's own musical universe to create very different and varied tracks. In this regard, the participants really impressed me", says Stouffi about The Featuring Project Vol.2. Since yesterday, you can form your own opinion on this project here.

This project is also a great example of how Creative Commons and jamendo make it possible for artists to work together via the internet and inspire each other. No problems with copyright: the whole project is under the same licence and "it's completely free. What counts is the fun and the creativity."

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Published on March 10 2009

Today, we are presenting you another example of "selling free music". This new label from Utrecht, The Netherlands, was the first Dutch label to put its whole catalog under Creative Commons. Yes, you can download all their albums for free - some of them from jamendo.

Beep! Beep!

Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck exists since May 2008. It was created when a couple of bands were looking to promote and distribute their music but were disappointed by the too restrictive rules of traditional labels. They wanted to sell their music but still make it available for free on the internet and keep full control over everything.

So they founded their own label, that tries to use all the possibilities internet offers without being a netlabel. They focus on releasing physical albums on CD or vinyl, because, as explains Boudewijn, one of the creators of Beep! Beep!, "we want to be able to see, feel and smell our albums and give them a nice little spot in our collection."

The Walt

So you can download but also buy their albums for very reasonable prices here or in quality record stores in Holland. At the moment, Beep! Beep! has in its roster six bands making indie rock, pop, punk... On jamendo, you'll find four albums (Kismet - Hiatus, The Walt - Something We Did Not Have, Various Artists - Behold My Puny Bears, Vol. I, Paper Tiger - Everyone Here). The last two of them freshly released today. Keep your ears out for more!


Published on March 9 2009

They are barely over 20 but have been making music for 10 years. At the age of 12, Coehn was already performing on stage and inspiring his audience. But Coehn & Foehrb actually exists since they released their first EP "Mit der Schaufel aufs Ei" in 2007. In 2008 "Die Tugend von heute" was released and it is not just on jamendo that these guys from southwestern Germany who recently moved to Berlin are gathering fans.

Coehn & Foehrb

Their music is rap in german with complex lyrics that are "all serious. Very serious – but funny" because they are "full of puns and shuffled sentences". Listening to them once is not sufficient, "anyone understands what they wants... that's cool. " However, those who might not speak German can still enjoy the music (authentic, funky, old school hip hop), that's pretty cool, too.

On jamendo, you can find their two albums. And for the future, Coehn & Foehrb still plan to release their music for free. That's why they immediately wanted to try jamendo when one of their biggest fans told them about the site. They tried it out and it worked: "We produced the music and the users of jamendo found it somehow. We were delighted, because we did not expect anything. Of course, we wanted our music to reach many people. - it works – that's cool!"

For those who want to touch the music they are listening to, they are also offering a physical deluxe version of their latest album with three additional tracks. That's just what we always say: free music doesn't mean you can't make money with it!