Published on February 17 2009

To abscond: to run away, usually taking something or someone along. That's the idea that inspired this American living in Slovakia for the choice of his artist name, as it describes quite well the turning point in his life that made him live the way he does now, and make the music you can listen to here.


In 2005, Mark Manney realized that he spent his life "commuting to work and sitting in a gray cube". He moved to Slovakia, slowed down his life and kept on working, but what changed radically was the importance that music took in his life. "I had never taken myself seriously as a musician. I only gravitated toward writing and playing my own songs once I left the US. I had something of my own to say and I had the time and space in which to say it."


This music, dark melancholic songwriting, is influenced by Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Glen Hansard, Damien Rice and such. For Mark, Creative Commons is "the modern equivalent of the old folk music tradition, before the days of the big labels." So far, two albums are available on Jamendo: Imperfect People by Sungod Abscondo (a duo project with a fellow American he met over a beer in Slovakia) and Midnight Snow, his solo debut.

His plans for 2009: releasing two new albums and playing live. Luckily, he has the time to do so, now!


Published on February 12 2009

Following yesterday's post, here is a video of the speech Becky Hogge, executive director of the Open Rights Group organization, gave in front of members of the European Parliament late January. She didn't mince words to let them know European citizens would certainly not be the ones to profit from a term extension from 50 to 95 years!

Becky Hogge: Speech at Sound Copyright conference in the EU Parliament 27.01.09 from Open Rights Group on Vimeo.

Let us know that you think about this by commenting below.

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Published on February 11 2009

The European Parliament, under a lot of pressure from entertainment industry lobbyists, specifically the music industry, is currently considering extending the copyright term in Europe to 95 years. The idea is basically to keep a lot of music recorded in the 60s from entering the public domain, and therefore enable catalog owners to keep making money longer.

Many experts and activists believe that wouldn't really favor anyone apart from the largest rights holders (i.e. the majors) and a handful of big artists. As you might guess, we at jamendo agree.

Here's a little video made by the UK-based organization Open Rights Group, explaining very clearly what it's really all about.

The European Parliament might be voting on this proposal in March. We encourage you to get in contact with your Member of parliament, either in Brussels or in their constituancy, if you wish to express an opinion about this matter.

You can also support the Sound Copyright campaign and sign their petition.

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Published on February 10 2009

Brazenly gay and distinctly nostalgic of old school 8bit synthesizers, Kangaroo MusiQue's music doesn't really go unnoticed. 


And indeed it doesn't: this week, Kanga, the man behind , is the 75th most listened to artist on jamendo. Based in a small town (that neighbors “the village where Hugo Boss is from”, he boasts), 50 km from Stuttgart, Germany, this electronic music fan started creating tunes on an Amstrad CPC at the age of 15.

His album titles, artwork and lyrics leave no possible doubt on the fact that Kanga is gay and proud. His artist name is even an homage to his first two boyfriends (one wore shoes of the brand Kangaroo, the other was French, hence the spelling). “As music normally is based on thoughts, feelings and stories from life, it's just normal that I reflect all those in my music. I make music thinking about things I like, situations I was in or boys I met.”

Kangaroo MusiQue exists since 1992. Traces of Depeche Mode, Erasure or Jimmy Sommerville's works may be found here and there among its 18 albums you'll find on jamendo.

The latest, Raphael, will be published within the next few days. Kanga is also a member of Die Drei Lenöre, a satyrical pop project that seems to have found its audience on jamendo too: it ranks 28th among this weeks most popular artists!

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Published on February 6 2009

We're proud to announce that we launched this week Jamendo Pro. Jamendo Pro is our platform for professionals who wish to use music from jamendo for their project, be it a film, DVD, ad, or because they need background music for a shop or restaurant.

That makes jamendo a real alternative to the traditional collective rights societies of the world (ASCAP, BMI, PRS, SOCAN, BUMA, etc.), which, when you think of it, is a little revolutionary, no less.

jamendo pro

If you're an artist and you're interested in getting involved (read: in getting your music exposed and possibly making money), go to your admin panel and check out our optional programs. Also don't forget to get your certifications sorted out (that's in the "your certification" menu).

Remember, jamendo will never license music from an artist without his prior consent, and imposes no exclusivity whatsoever.

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