Published on February 26 2009

Crete Boom named themselves after a concrete ship that sunk on a sandbank near their hometown. They however don't plan to share its fate - that is to say never to get out of the small western Ireland town. As soon as possible, they want to go on tour again, to inspire not only the Irish with their music that cannot be pigeonholed.

Crete Boom

The band exists since 2005 and has played many gigs, mainly in Ireland, and recorded about 30 tracks. "Sadly I ran out of money after the mixes for the first six tracks that appeared on jamendo. I mixed 'Navy and Grey' in my attic and I intend to mix and release the rest of the songs on jamendo as soon as I get the time and money to do it..." says Seosamh, the guitar player, composer, writer, sound engineer, producer, manager and last but not least driver of the band's van.

Crete Boom have already taken their crazy mix of pop, rock and more to Germany and would love to play to more crowds of Europeans and Americans if they had a larger budget and were able to coordinate the schedules of their members. Till then you'll have to satisfy yourself with the two excellent albums available on jamendo. They are definitely worth a listen.


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Published on February 25 2009

It went so fast we hardly realized it: jamendo recently hit the 500,000 members mark, with exactly 505,043 members today.


This means that now over half a million people are discovering 16,351 albums, sharing them with their friends, creating playlists and posting widgets, discussing in our forums and supporting their favorite artists.

And members are getting more and more numerous every day! Tell your friends about jamendo and invite them to become a part of the community. We are looking forward to the next 500,000!

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Published on February 20 2009

Per chi era presente al festival CC il 25 luglio 2008 alla Fattoria di Vigheffio (Parma), ma anche per quelli che l'hanno mancato : alcuni materiali dei live, disponibili su jamendo !!

Scaricate e condividete!

Published on February 19 2009

A decade ago , four musicians from all over the world met in Paris and founded a rock band. Since then, Utopium doesn't seem to stop reaping praise.


credit :Olivier Gélabale

They are compared to the Smashing Pumpkins, Placebo or My Bloody Valentine but the band defends itself against such pigeonholing: "We try to avoid being attributed stylistic categories and - pretentious as that may sound - to find our own sound."

They have been touring all over Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech republic, Denmark...) and even in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Their albums were recorded in London and Toronto. As you can tell, Utopium are real cosmopolites, with its four members coming from Mexico, Russia, Spain and France.

On jamendo, they are offering two tracks from their new album Double Plus Good for free download, working up your appetite for more. If you want to see Utopium perform live on stage, they will be rocking the Point Ephemere in Paris on February 25th, with British rockers My Vitriol.


Published on February 18 2009

Jamendo is best known for offering great music you've never heard of before. But music-lovers can also find here famous names such as Bach, Chopin or Verdi, thanks to a partnership with the italian netlabel OnClassical.

The creators of OnClassical have been offering high quality recordings of royalty-free classical music available for download and licensing (e.g. for film soundtracks) for some years now. They recently decided to try and see what would happen if they worked together with jamendo. "To try something that nobody had tried before on the internet - and why not - also in the 'offline world': royalty-free music which can be used freely, without any DRM or bureaucracy that just makes many people lose time and money, and makes other people rich who have nothing to do with the work of the artists."

As OnClassical attaches great importance to the high sound quality of their recordings, exclusively CD-quality files can be downloaded. That's why you can't download their music in MP3 on jamendo but have to buy it for a freely chosen amount, starting at 6€ par album, on their website.

However, you just might find yourself listening to some OnClassical music during your next holidays or the next time you go out for a meal! Their catalog is part of our jamendo PRO service, and several hotels have already signed up to play it as their background music...