Published on January 22 2009

Forget your bossa nova clichés: the Brazilian indie scene is teeming with great artists making all sorts of music. To better represent this vivacity, jamendo will be turning the limelight to Brazil with the launch in February of the site's eighth language: Portuguese.

Sao Paulo

São Paulo Photo: Steven Emery

What better occasion to present you with a selection of excellent Brazilian artists present on jamendo. Keep your eyes out for the next posts, there'll be lots to discover...
But in the meantime, without further ado, let us introduce you to Elektronoid:

Some nasty, dirty beats from Sao Paulo that instantly caught the ear of jamendo's electro-savvy crowds. Elektronoid is a one-man project that has been in existence only since 2007 but has taken all necessary cues from the likes of The Prodigy, Daft Punk and Atari Teenage Riot.

Published on January 21 2009

Afmusic is a netlabel and management agency based in Duisburg, Germany and specializing in indie, dark and goth rock bands. With almost their entire catalog available on jamendo, we warmly suggest you delve into it.


Falk Merten, the man behind afmusic, can be proud: since last March, he has managed to quit his day job and work full time for his label, that has come a long way since its inception in 2003 as an extension of his webradio, “afmusic only became an official indie/netlabel in 2008. We now have 22 bands on the roster, just made our 28th release and four more will follow this year.”

afmusic started out with local acts with whom Falk was friends with, basically: like All:my:faults, the second band on his roster, whose album Secrets released in 2006 was “a test to see if we could reach more listeners with free music.”

Since then, 'signings' to the label (mostly in the form of a simple handshake: “I think trust is more important than writing down dollar signs on paper”) have kept on steadily, with bands such as e:o:nity and Curious, both from Germany, Italian rockers The Transisters and Russian math-rock outfit The Forced Oscillations.

Available for free online, the music is also sold on CD. afmusic even has a distribution deal with one of Germany's biggest goth labels, Danse Macabre, covering several countries. But it's all Creative Commons nevertheless. “For me it's just important to create an image for the label, so that people can trust us to find music they might like.”

Published on January 20 2009

Silence Is Sexy just won the Interactive Award 2009, at the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival in the Netherlands. This prize acknowledges 25.000 album downloads in a few months through the BitTorrent network Mininova, and generally their original initiative to promote their music for free on the net.

Silence Is Sexy formed in 2003 and has played at over 140 festivals with bands like The Automatic, The Dears, and of course The Gathering (both bands have one member in common). Somewhere between Joy Division, Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine, their music was already quite popular among the Dutch indie scene. Thanks to the much wider circulation of their second album This Ain't Hollywood, the band has largely increased its notoriety.

For Pim van de Werken, the band's guitar player and manager, “internet has changed everything. Many record companies are still fighting this evolution without offering a concrete alternative. To win this prize confirms what we believe: bands make most of their money from touring these days.

The prize is doted with 2 days of studio time and €5000. “We will use this money to record a new album. It will really help us to do something special.

We'll be waiting...!


Published on January 19 2009

Slovenian born, having studied music in Germany and now settled in Northern Spain, Maya Filipič has been bumming around Europe almost as long as she's been playing the piano.

Maya Filipic

Encouraged at a very young age by a teacher to create her own compositions (“That experience remained in my blood somehow. None of the later teachers gave me the same push - all they cared about was strict Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and get me to play like a robot”), she puts her love of Chopin, Scriabin and Rachmaninov to good use with her inspired, delicate and soothing piano pieces.

For years, Maya has been working with others, be it as a choir singer, half of a piano duo or a co-author in several CD projects. Going solo is a new experience for her, that came to life when she recorded, with a little technical help from her partner, her first album Stories From Emona, last summer.

What you'll find on jamendo, Between Two Worlds, is a collection of works containing the album as well as previous compositions. It has been getting a phenomenal response ever since Maya uploaded it in August: with nearly 150,000 listens, it's among our five most popular albums at the moment. “I saw jamendo as a way to let people listen to my music and for me to know if they like it. And so far it seems they do.”

Published on January 15 2009

Their name pretty much says it all: here is a bunch of French musicians who figured working together would be more efficient than alone. Not for fame, money or glory; just for the love of music.


“The artists who take part in French Collective have two main elements in common: to perpetuate our passion for music and a burning desire to share our compositions”, sums up Reynald, aka Moonove, one of those artists, who created the collective a couple of years ago along with his mate Med.

The idea was quite simple really: “I figured there were people among the French demoscene whose musical talent could be better exposed through a label than with their personal productions posted on their own website.” Musically, French Collective has no rules. You'll find electro, pop, folk and funk all mixed up on the 2 albums and one EP that are available on jamendo.

Moonove Med
Moonove Med

No rules regarding the rhythm of the releases either: “The musical production of this label is made under no pressure whatsoever; there's no calendar, just everyone's wishes and emotions.” With time, another project was launched: Demovibes, that aims to release compilations of the best of the French demoscene and through which they've organised several parties in Lyon and Marseilles.

For some of these artists, music is a hobby. For others, it's their livelihood. But all of them happen to work in the fields of multimedia and web-related businesses. No wonder this french collective is well connected.