Published on January 29 2009

Things have started to take off in the last few weeks on the licensing front here at jamendo. We have more and more professionals coming to us - literally every day - who are looking for music for a website, a DVD, a documentary, a TV series, etc. That means there are more and more artists who are starting to reap the benefits of authorizing jamendo to license their music!


Check back here next week for some recent examples of deals we struck that have materialized into money for the artists...


Published on January 28 2009

Far up in Northeastern Brazil, Nublado is a long way away from the bustling, trendy cities of the south. Nevertheless, in keeping with our weekly Brazilian artist focus, we strongly recommend you give their refreshing indie pop a listen.


You'll sadly find only three songs by Nublado on jamendo. Simply because that's all they've recorded so far! The band has only been together for a couple of years, based in the city of Joao Pessoa, on the Northeastern coast of Brazil. A town with “few bands, few clubs and bars to play in”, explains Andrei, who plays guitar in Nublado ('cloudy' in Portuguese).

Sure, when you're a musician in gigantic Brazil, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro is where the action is. But these guys have been active in bringing some musical action in their region: the drummer Rayan has been putting together an entire festival for several years, and the band has been touring in and around the state of Nordeste.

Of course, that should only be the beginning. “Our plans now are to schedule a tour in central and southern Brazil, and who knows even outside the country...” In the meantime, they are going to record new material to complete those quite promising first three songs.

Published on January 28 2009

Perché dans le nord-est du Brésil, Nublado est bien loin des villes bouillonnantes et branchées du sud. Toutefois, dans le cadre de notre focus hebdomadaire sur des artistes brésiliens, on ne vous recommande pas moins de jeter une oreille à leur rafraîchissante pop indé.




Vous ne trouverez malheureusement que trois chansons signées Nublado sur jamendo. Simplement parce que c'est là tout ce qu'ils ont enregistré pour le moment ! Le groupe n'existe que depuis deux ans, basé à Joao Pessoa, sur la côte nord-est du Brésil. Une ville avec “peu de groupes, peu de clubs et de bars où jouer”, explique Andrei, guitariste de Nublado ('nuageux' en portugais).

Bien sûr, quand on est un musicien dans un pays aussi immense que le Brésil, c'est plutôt à Sao Paulo et Rio de Janeiro que ça se passe. Mais le groupe est très actif lorsqu'il s'agit de faire bouger leur région musicalement: le batteur Rayan a monté un festival il y a quatre ans, et Nublado tourne dans tout le Nordeste et aux alentours.

Et cela ne devrait être que le début. “On projette actuellement une tournée dans le centre et le sud du Brésil, et qui sait, même à l'étranger...” En attendant, ils s'apprêtent à enregistrer de nouveaux titres pour compléter ces trois premiers morceaux décidément très prometteurs.


Published on January 27 2009

An electronic duet from Athens, Strange Zero have been on jamendo since 2006. We're therefore very proud to announce that their latest album The NeverLands was voted one of the best albums by a Greek artist of 2008 on the music webzine

Strange Zero

Out of a list of artists who for the most part had major label contracts and high profile CD releases, Strange Zero was voted 11th best album of the year.

Another small victory for free music... Congratulations to them!

Published on January 26 2009

The two latest albums by industrial rock superstars Nine Inch Nails were released as free downloads under a CC license before they went on to making record sales. That's exactly the kind of exposure that helps spread the word about Creative Commons.

Nine Inch Nails

For those of you unfamiliar with Nine Inch Nails, the band, in existence since 1988, is a major figure in American heavy/industrial rock; actually, with 20 million albums sold worldwide, it's safe to say it's a major figure in music in general.

In 2007, the leader and sole permanent member of NIN, Trent Reznor, had made much publicized statements that were very critical of his record company and the way the record industry functions. One year later, he put his words to action, leaving his label (an imprint of Universal) and self-releasing his new albums, Ghosts I-IV and The Slip, last February and May respectively.

Ghosts I-IV The Slip
Ghosts I-IV The Slip

Not only that, he decided to put them up for free download before releasing them commercially. Record numbers of downloads (1.4 million for The Slip) didn't prevent the albums from selling extremely well once the physical versions were made available: the $300 deluxe edition of Ghosts I-IV sold 2500 copies in three days!

What's more, Nine Inch Nails chose to place both albums under a BY-NC-SA Creative Commons license. That in itself constituted a very important step in popularizing CC, which we rejoice about here at jamendo.

After Radiohead, this is also a second great example that giving out your music for free is not incompatible with selling it as well. The main element being that those two bands have solid fanbases willing to spend money on them. So there you have it: in today's world, the main asset for artists is not the contract they've signed with a record company, it's the fans they've gathered. We've only been convinced of that since 2005.

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