Published on December 31 2008

Here at jamendo, we believe there's no reason artists should choose between selling their music and giving it out for free. They can simply do both! Just like this talented Connecticut songwriter.

Sean Fournier

Oh My, a six-track EP Sean Fournier published on jamendo a few weeks ago, is, evidently, available for free download. But that's only a small part of Sean's productions. The rest, namely two full-length albums, are for sale. “That was the plan: to offer a free album to get my music to as many people as possible, he explains. Currently, there are over 35,000 downloads. Oh My has really helped get my music out there. ”

In addition to his music, artfully crafted acoustic ballads tinged with electronic elements (somewhere between Cake, G. Love & Special Sauce and Ben Folds) that he writes and records alone, Sean does everything else himself too: artwork, web design, promotion, etc. “It has morphed from a serious hobby to a second job! It's about 30% making music and 70% promoting it. I enjoy doing my own artwork and website design. I want my music to have a homemade feel to it and doing my own visuals helps that cause.”

At the moment, Sean tours mostly around universities in the Northwest of the US, but he definitely hopes “to stretch out further”, thanks in no small part to online campaigning and its “global reach”. In the meantime, he's working on his third album. If you liked what you heard here, go check out his homemade website for more.

Published on December 29 2008


These Berlin rockers took their old school punk heritage and blended it with "more mature and diverse" elements, which owns them frequent comparisons to fellow Berliners The Beatsteaks. Their two albums (with their very eye-catching artwork), Adam and Eve, gorged with rock'n'roll energy as well as highly hummable melodies, are a hit with the jamendo crowd. The band used to have a label and employ "classic marketing channels", but that could only reach so far. Now they're all for doing it themselves and spreading the love of free music.

Published on December 23 2008

Rob Costlow

The soothing, melodic piano musings of Rob Costlow are just as tremendously popular on jamendo as in the wide world. Nominated for numerous Independent Music Awards in the US, he also runs his own label, Tourist Records, and has licensed his music for such prestigious clients as Nokia and Conrad Hotels. Having "still never signed an exclusive contract", he's now joined jamendo's licensing programs as well. He also has just published a brand new album, Reconstruction. The future is bright for Rob Costlow.


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Published on December 22 2008


When it was created, eight years ago in Dresden, Germany, the band 7ieben had seven members, which made their choice of a band name pretty easy (“sieben” is German for seven). The twists and turns of student life reduced the line-up to just four, but that didn't keep the band from moving forward.

Nor from staying true to their music of choice: pure, unadulterated rock! Energetic, emotional, sincere, at times melodic, at times massive, at times even rude, often testosterone-heavy, but always well-crafted and sung in German. This is what German webzine had to say about them: “THE essential track on the album? I was going to scratch my head and recommend one, but all the songs are so cool that I can only tell you to listen to the WHOLE thing. Enjoy!”


7ieben's latest album, “Rock | Show” , is only available online. You'll also find on jamendo two singles that will give you a taste of the forthcoming album “Lupus und Lea” that the band is currently working on, due in the spring of 2009. A DVD, scheduled for the spring as well, is also in the works.

All this won't keep the band from gratifying their fans with a gift: on 26 December, 7ieben will take the stage at Hotel Backstage, a trendy Dresden club. They promise those attending exclusive songs taken from the new album, excerpts from the DVD, acoustic versions and even some anecdotes, all in a family-friendly atmosphere. There are still a few tickets left, if you're planning on spending the holidays in Saxony, available by email at


Published on December 19 2008

Sylvain Zimmer from Jamendo demoes a prototype of Jamendo's radios running on the new Fonera 2.0.

Sylvain Zimmer from Jamendo demoes a prototype of Jamendo's radios running on the new Fonera 2.0.

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