Published on November 12 2008

As jamendo proudly launches its Russian version, let us present you one of the numerous cool bands from Russia that are already part of the community. Straight from the Ural capital of Ekaterinburg, the smooth, jazzy vibes of Do-Up will keep you warm this winter.


Fronted by pretty vocalist Karina Karinian, Do-Up has only been in existence for a couple of years. But all of its six members were experienced professionals beforehand, which explains how the band evolved so fast. “Our group consists of six enthusiasts who are trying to do something new for music”, explains Vadim Shukurov, in charge of samples, DJing and playing flute in the band, and also its founder.

 Do-Up has been managing alone to pursue a career, touring in all of Russia, organizing their own concerts (including pretty big ones, complete with string quartet and brass section), in spite of a Russian show business industry that “leaves much to be desired. TV and radio popularize short-lived pop musicians that are always in rotation. Really talented musicians are not supported. But the situation will get better.”

Uniting musicians that come from various musical backgrounds, Do-Up prides itself with being “a refreshing cocktail of jazz blended with the latest musical trends”, as well as elements of reggae, lounge and funk. Check out the live EP and 2006 demo that are available on jamendo to see for yourself. 

With its cool, classy music, the band has become a “constant guest” at fashion shows and other trendy events, and even had its own radio show “that has already become something of a cult”. Next on their agenda is a concert with the Ural Philharmonic orchestra. After that, they dream of finally touring Europe...


Published on November 10 2008

Le 26 novembre, jamendo investit Paris et organise un événement exceptionnel. Trois artistes issus de la communauté monteront sur la scène de Glaz'Art pour démontrer la vitalité de la musique libre: Hype, Drunksouls et Tryad. Et vous êtes invités !

Ça se passe à 20 heures au 7 avenue de la Porte de la Villette, Paris 19e. Pour figurer sur la guest list (invitation pour deux personnes), laissez simplement un commentaire ci-dessous en disant "je viens !" et en précisant vos nom et prénom.

Les rockeurs parisiens de Hype, actifs sur jamendo depuis le début, viendront témoigner leur reconnaissance au site au moment où ils viennent de signer chez un éditeur indépendant.

Drunksouls, autres piliers de la communauté française de jamendo, viendront spécialement d'Aix-en-Provence pour secouer le public parisien de leur reggae-rock énergique.

Tryad, le groupe virtuel star de jamendo avec ses 1,5 millions d'écoutes, montera sur scène pour la toute première fois. Andrew Vavrek, leader du groupe venu de Hollywood pour l'occasion, se produira avec deux de ses collaborateurs rencontrés récemment en Angleterre pour la première fois.

Dès 18h, les dirigeants de jamendo donneront une conférence de presse pour faire le point sur le développement du site et de la musique libre en général, au moment même où le parlement français vote la loi Hadopi/Création et internet.


[EDIT] Nous avons aussi quelques pass backstage à vous faire gagner! Postez le widget de cette playlist directement sur votre blog (ou un autre support de votre choix), et nous tirerons au sort les heureux chanceux qui pourront rencontrer les artistes backstage!


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Published on November 3 2008

For a band that's only existed a few months, Isolated Atoms certainly seems to have things figured out. Today jamendo, tomorrow the world. Mark our words: you'll be hearing from this Birmingham electro-rock outfit again.

Isolated Atoms

With their smart, synthesizer-driven pop anthems tinged with new wave influences, Isolated Atoms could easily find their place between Interpol and The Killers in the meanders of contemporary rock. The fact that the band was only formed last February makes  their songs' maturity, as well as their confidence as to how to manage their burgeoning career, simply amazing.

We have come along way in a short space of time as an unsigned band, agrees Grant Leon Ashman, the band's vocalist, from our first gigs to 20 people to our next show with Ladytron in front of 700.”

From Depeche Mode to The Doors and Joy Division, the band's influences are wide: “we cover a lot of boundaries in the music scene”. But one thing really matters for Isolated Atoms: melody. “A lot of pop creeps in when I'm writing songs, but it's for the best. We want to write commercial tracks with an edge, pop can be moody and dark too”, explains David Davies, who plays keyboards. Judging from the EP they just published (exclusively) on jamendo, they seem to have already achieved just that.

As for the rest, these four young musicians have things pretty clearly set up in their minds.

“The plan is to carry on getting big shows, keep doing the good promotion we do and make ourselves one of the most professional bands in the country.” Talent and determination; we all know what that cocktail can lead to.