Published on July 9 2008

Every year, the Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg (CYEL) awards celebrate the creativity of young entrepreneurs based in Luxembourg. After many selections, the jury shortlisted three finalists: Xavier Buck (EuroDNS), Emmanuel Vivier (Vanksen Group) and Sylvain Zimmer (Jamendo).

The CEO and founder of EuroDNS made the first place of this final, Sylvain was third. The three candidates will meet again in November in New Delhi to represent Luxembourg in the international final.

Click here to view the video made for CYEL, presenting Sylvain Zimmer and Jamendo:

And here for the paperJam interview of Sylvain Zimmer (in french):

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Published on July 8 2008

With no less than 68 albums published on Jamendo, French piano player Serge Robinson is our official record holder in terms of sheer quantity of music. Who is this guy, you ask. Ask no more, here is his story.

A 40-something computer engineer living in the Paris area, Serge Robinson was born in Madagascar. When asked about his musical background, he cites his protestant upbringing and many sundays spent singing in church. Nowadays though, his musicality is channeled through improvisation at the piano. Many, many hours of it. “I realised music enabled me to experience certain fundamental things and to get into a comfortable psychological state. Put simply, music allows me to live better.”

Most of Serge's albums are made of half-hour long chunks of jazzy, relaxed piano musings. If you're looking for catchy, top 40-ready hooks, his music is definitely not for you. Serge, on the other hand, couldn't be happier. “I play when I feel certain emotions and just let myself go. At the same time, I'm practicing, so it's two birds with the same stone. I found I often end up with long phrases that last about 30 minutes. After that, I need a respiration to find new breath.”

The 68 albums of Serge Robinson were recorded over the last two years only. And he's still at it! Every morning, before setting off to a day's work of Linux programming, he gets up early and sits at his piano, “to start the day with something that makes me feel good”. Being a free culture enthusiast, he naturally turned to Jamendo to publish his albums. “I fundamentally enjoy the idea of sharing the riches of humanity with the greater number.” So look out for more Serge Robinson albums coming shortly. He's in no danger of losing his record holder title anytime soon.

Serge Robinson

Published on July 6 2008

Jamendo’s launch into the UK market started with an on-street marketing campaign at Brighton’s Great Escape Music Festival. The industry-focused event attracts more the 10,000 attendees every year. 50 Jamendo branded Punters (the 'Purple Army') were sent out on to the streets of Brighton, attending numerous gigs throughout the town during the three days of the festival. The high visibility campaign was to highlight attention for Jamendo and its platform by offering Free Punter Passes to Free Music advocates and lovers of the live gig circuit…. namely students! Under instruction to infiltrate the gig going masses, the Jamendo Punters handed out ‘winning’ scratch cards inviting festival attendees to visit for FREE and LEGAL MUSIC DOWNLOADS.

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Published on July 4 2008

Sarah is a New Zealander living in Japan. In addition to her teaching job, she started producing an online English lesson entitled The Daily English Show in April 2006. "The Daily English Show is an internet show for English students, English teachers and those interested in the English language and language study", she explains. Running a non profit operation, she obviously didn't have much of a budget for music, which is why she was thrilled to find in Jamendo an ideal source for background music, intros, etc. "It's usually very easy to find good stuff. We really love using music from Jamendo."

True to the spirit of Creative Commons licenses, every use of music on The Daily English Show is duly credited, and all the necessary links are posted. "We've had a lot of feedback from viewers thanking us for introducing them to the music and to Jamendo. We've also had great feedback from artists thanking us for using their music on the show. Our aim is to eventually generate income to make the show sustainable. When we do that, I hope to be able to make donations to the artists whose music we use."

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