Published on February 21 2008

Last week we did some modifications in jamendo. First of all, we fixed some bugs, like we always do! Then we implement the possibility to choose, in your profile, among several streaming and download options.

Now it's possible to define if you prefer to keep downloading mp3 music through a direct download or to download ogg music via BitTorrent. However we would advice not to choose that option if you are not an expert. If you want to personalize the way you use Jamendo, you can even choose another player (Media Player or iTunes for exemple) instead of our jamplayer, but you have to know that option prevents you from going and listening directly to your favorite albums and playlists.

We hope that those new options will satisfy those who really like technology!

To get to the new options, click on your username up right on any page, then Edit your data, and then Edit preferences.

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