Published on February 27 2007

The Spiral is a new innovative way to discover the 2500+ Creative Commons-licensed albums on Jamendo.

As you can see it is quite different from the usual white Jamendo theme. We wanted to build something both funny and useful.

The funny side is obvious ;-) Everything moves and you can just mess around with the covers. Think of a flashless Digg Swarm.

On the "useful" side, once you are logged in, the Spiral remembers your tastes and when you click on one of the "Star", "Later" and "Hide" buttons, the Spiral will update its content accordingly. In an upcoming update you will also be able to add you own custom branches.

In the meantime, try the Spiral! And make sure to recommend the nice albums you will find to your friends ;-)

Written by sylvinus

Published on #News