Fallen To Flux: "Recording our EP has been quite a journey and most certainly has forged us together as a band!"

Published on October 24 2014

Fallen To Flux: "Recording our EP has been quite a journey and most certainly has forged us together as a band!"

Fallen to Flux are a four-piece metal band fronted by lead singer and guitarist Oli Clipsham; Guitarist Bjorn Gugu, bassist Luke Walley and drummer Chris Trem provide the backline. Their debut EP, Piece By Piece was released on 15th December, 2012. 2013’s follow up single Living with the Pain was recorded at Outhouse Studios and featured the band’s first music video.
The music is a fusion of contemporary heavy metal styles - heavily influenced by the likes of Bullet for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold and Killswitch Engage - and clean vocals with catchy progressions. The music is driven by two lead guitarists in a Judas Priest fashion and a heavy backline.
Mostly gigging in the London area, the band has launched its first tour at the end of 2013 reaching out to cities across Great Britain. At the moment, the band is recording its second EP featuring two new music videos.

  • Hi guys! First of all, can you tell us who Fallen To Flux are and what brought you together as a band?


Hello! We are a young hard rock quartet from London. We’re all at the same university studying sciences and this is also how we met. Oli (Guitar/Vox) and Chris (Drums) lived together in dorms and soon decided to start a band. Luke (Bass), being on the same course as Oli, quickly joined them and the group was completed by the addition of exchange student Pablo (Guitar). That was in the year 2011.

Pablo left our uni a year later and this is when Bjorn (Guitar) took his spot in the band, which completed the line-up that we are today. If you’re interested in our history, we’ve got it all neatly written down with nice pictures on our tumblr blog!


  • Is there a story behind your band name? How did you come up with it?


The name comes from Luke, who is the idealist of the band. Flux describes a state of change or chaos, and the name ‘Fallen to Flux’ therefore refers to society/individuals falling into a state of chaos/disarray. This reflects on Luke’s opinion of the attitudes and philosophies of the UK and the West, for example commercialism and money-orientated employment. This ‘falling into chaos’ also reflects on personal development, as reflected in Oli’s lyrical style.

Fallen To Flux: "Recording our EP has been quite a journey and most certainly has forged us together as a band!"
  • Can you tell us more about the creative process behind your music? Who writes the lyrics, composes, produces the music etc.? Is the work divided between the members of the band?


Typically Oli comes up with the lyrics and general idea of the song. He’d play the song to us a couple of times so we get an idea of where we want to go with it and from then on it is a group project. We each come up with ideas of our own to fill out the framework; we each write/refine our own parts in jams and once we’re all happy with it, we write them down/record them.

Finally, whenever we decide to record a track, we completely revise the piece. We get together and each one of us plays their parts and we analyse it note-by-note until we’re 100% happy with everything. Sometimes, we change songs quite dramatically, like in Relapse. We played this song for one year live and before the recording we changed well over 2 minutes of the song! This process takes well over a year, but the result is surely worth it!


  • We can hear that you get your inspiration from bands such as Bullet For My Valentine or Breaking Benjamin, focusing on clean vocals and heavy guitar riffs. How would you define your musical singularity? "Heavy modern rock" would be a good characterization of your genre?


Yes, we suppose so. It’s been quite difficult for us to decide on a genre, but right now we feel that “hard rock” or “heavy rock” is most suitable. None of us are fans of outrageous genre descriptions, so we’re happy just being called a “rock band”. If we tried to force our influences into a single label, it would most probably be something like classical-jazz-djent and nobody wants to say that every time we (or you) talk about our music.We’re still open to suggestions concerning our genre, so feel free to send us your ideas!

Fallen To Flux: "Recording our EP has been quite a journey and most certainly has forged us together as a band!"
  • Your first EP "Piece by Piece" and your single "Living With The Pain" were a real hit! I heard a brand new EP is on the way... Can you tell us a bit more about this upcoming release?


Thanks a lot, that’s very nice of you! Indeed, a new EP is already recorded and just waits for the last polish and the music videos and then we’re good to go! This EP is the most diverse and interesting thing we’ve done – everyone of us had an input in every song and you can hear how all our influences come together. For us this record has been quite a journey and most certainly has forged us together as a band. And we still get goose bumps when we go on stage and play the opener of the EP (yes, we play one of the songs already live)!


  • I bet your live performances are astounding. Do you have any live memories or stories you would like to share?


Luke prides himself of “moshing harder than everyone else in the audience”! We love playing and you can hear and see that! There is in fact one particular story: We were playing a gig in Manchester on an angled stage. Bjorn was basically forced to stand behind a pillar, so Oli and him moved as close together as possible. Now you might know that Bjorn has quite long hair. At said gig, he manage to wrap his hair into Oli’s headstock during the song “Behind closed eyes”. Both continued playing, Bjorn kneeling to Oli’s left, until someone from the audience disentangled it exactly before we went into the breakdown!

Fallen To Flux: "Recording our EP has been quite a journey and most certainly has forged us together as a band!"
  • One last question: If you had the opportunity to choose any venue in the whole world, to give your biggest concert ever, where would it be?


Oli: If we’re really talking “biggest” gig, then I guess I’d have to say Wembley Stadium. However, I’d rather “biggest” meant most successful, or the gig where we connected with fans the most... so I’d have to say Brixton Academy.

Bjorn: At some point I’d love to play in a place called Outback in my home town, but when it comes to biggest possible concert, then it’s the Budokan Arena in Tokyo!

Luke: Definitely the Underworld or the Roundhouse in Camden, just to follow in the footsteps of bands like Opeth or Monuments.

Chris: I must admit that I’m not really too fussed about the physical size of the venue. Like Oli I’m more concerned about the energy and the feel of the gig so Any venue could do it as long as it was packed to the rafters and BOUNCING! If I had to give one venue I’ve wanted to play at though it would probably be the Roundhouse in Camden.


Cheers guys!

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