Chill Carrier: "I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day!"

Published on October 31 2014

Chill Carrier: "I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day!"

Chill Carrier is the German chillout, lounge and electronica project of Sebastian Kretzchmar, started in 2003. The project soon became the repository to save any of his chilly experiments. Ranging from lounge to breakbeat and trip-hop or just experimental tunes, it's a never-ending process of musical evolution, influenced by almost everything he comes across every day, people he meets, sounds he hears, things he sees. It's all somewhat sumed up in his tunes. On his all new releases, Sunday Classics Volume 1 & Volume 2he invites every one of us to step into his unique world of sound.




  • Hi Sebastian! First of all, can you tell our readers who Chill Carrier is, what’s the story and how did you start making music?


​​Chill Carrier is a project by me, Sebastian Kretzschmar, which came to life in 2003 to channel my more experimental and quieter output. I was born and raised in East Germany as a child of the 80s I was always intrigued by anything that made sounds ever since then. When a school buddy of mine introduced me to a so-called music tracker (Fasttracker 2 for MS-DOS) in the mid-90s soon not a single day would go by without me playing around with numerous electronic sounds and samples. And as I grew older those early Techno- and Trance-tunes (made under my first pseudonym "c. bass t.n.") started to go more and more into a smoother and experimental direction, what would eventually turn into the project as it is today.


  • What is the main idea/concept behind the "Sunday Classics" album series?

As I have dozens or even hundreds of never finished or at least never released tracks in my archive from the past two decades, I often come accross some of them when I'm in a nostalgic mood and cruise through those folders. And many times I come to think how unfortunate it is to have that little tune sit in the dusty dark archives of mine and never be heard by anyone. So I started to release each of them every Sunday during the last months on the project's Facebook page, calling them "Classic Sunday Freebies", wrapping them up into several volumes as "Sunday Classics" series from now on, to keep them nicely together.


Chill Carrier: "I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day!"
  • Are there any particular messages you would like to convey through those albums, and through your music in general?

Making music has become so much more than just some hobby, I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day. So most of the time a song is brought to life so quickly that there is not much time for deep thoughts upfront. But it did capture a bit of myself, a certain mood I was in, influences from my most favorite artists – and once I noticed that I could even reach other people with that music, I started to spread it freely around the net and Jamendo has been an amazing help with that. But to come back to your question: the music itself is my message.


  • You compose on a very wide range of music styles! If we listen to all your tracks, we can find some hip hop, ambient/lounge, electro/house, etc. We really feel like you want to explore every one of them. How would you define this plurality in your composition process?

Yes, you're right, it must seem like I had to cover a lot of ground when it comes to musical genres over the years, hehe. The reason for that is actually a wide range of other artists from many different parts of the musical world whose music inspires me deeply. That could be as distant from each other as electronic masters L.F.O. or Hans Zimmer and his beautiful orchestral soundtracks. Most of the time I suck that inspiration up and some months or years later it just leaves its marks on my own music. In general I love a certain contrast, for instance combining something cold and electronical with something warm and peaceful.


  • If we take a look in your personal music collection, what would we find ?


Well, now that is a good question. You will find a lot of independent electronic music, anything the has "80s" written on it, complete movie scores and everything from Röyksopp ;-), but also alternative and indie rock music, even some punk music, smooth and soft unplugged folk music – a bit of everything. At the moment I listen a lot to Arcade Fire, Kimbra and J.Viewz.


  • We understand this is a hard question, but: if you had to choose one song from all of your Sunday Classics tracks, Vol.1 and Vol.2, which one would it be and why?

Hmm...every track has it's own little story but there are only a few tracks that I made that still cause goosebumps when I listen to them myself. One of them is "Left Up There" the last track on Vol.1, also in its Dance-Version as first track on Vol. 1. I really like the chord progression and the mood of both versions, can't really tell why. The original version was also one of my first attemps on something soundtrack-ish, even with using my own vocals (which I had to stuff up with tons of effects to be easy about them beeing in the track ;)).

Chill Carrier: "I simply can't help but make at least some music every single day!"
  • Do you have any plans for the future?

At the moment I'm trying to bring my music production to a better quality level when it comes to overall sound engineering, and I'm looking forward to put that into the next "real" Chill Carrier album titled "Lucky Robot" which is supposed to take care of my noisy and glitchy electronic influences in an entire album for 2015. I'm also going deeper into orchestral score production since this year and all of it will continue to steadily flow right into every Chill Carrier tune to come. Sometimes I would also like to try out making music in realtime in front of actual people, which, and that I'm certain of, will come within the next years too.
I sometimes even dare to dream of conducting an orchestra playing "Moving Off Ground"... :)


Cheers Sebastian!


Thank you for the opportunity and support, I appreciate it very much!

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