Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace

Published on October 15 2013

Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace

Traditional but non conventional, Akoviani’s music is beautifully complex, never disappointing and always unexpected. Inspired by world music and electronic influences, the artist creates a masterpiece out of simple life sounds.  The ethnic sounds of traditional instruments are mixed with long lasting echoes, electronic patterns, synthesizers and a piano to create elaborated soothing melodies.


Akoviani seems to capture in every note a little of our essence, our roots, a little part of humanity, of who we are. Through a set of 8 tracks, the artist questions our origins. Creativity has no borders since music is a universal language. “We are all vibrations, energy and nature. We are in a balance of feelings and passions, somewhere in between the mind and the spirit.”


Nature is omnipresent through Hypnotica. The incredible vocals of “Erhia” will take you  from the rice terraces of Longji Mountains to the crystal-clear flowing waters of Jiuzhaigou valley and the breathtaking landscapes of Zhangjiajie. A journey through China, the Himalaya and beyond.


Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace Akoviani - Wordless Messages of Inner Peace

Akoviani’s compositions are like paintings of marvelous landscapes, moments snapshots, a universal language beyond common sense and wordless messages of inner peace drawn through a unique musical genre oscillating between Classical and Glitch.


You will unconsciously become obsessed with the mesmerizing melody of “Transcendental”, the strange sounds and rhythmic progression of Hypnotica, the repetitive chords of “Just You”. I guarantee that these tracks will make a lasting impression on your ears.


“ Somehow I'm just trying to link these feelings into musical notes. Sometimes when I sit down to write something, i don’t know what it will be or how it will sound in a final song. I do not think composers make music... We are just messengers, music chooses us through what we are as humans, how we feel every day, what we love."


The titles say it all : Aerial, Complete, Hypnotic, Transcendental, Captivating, Peaceful, Dream-like... This album is a mirror of humanity.


Now available for free legal download on Jamendo along with a second opus that you don’t want to miss !

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