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Jamendo Has A New Look!

Jamendo has launched a brand new version of its website, www.jamendo.com.

The goal of this evolution is to provide a more user-friendly, simple website to allow users to discover, listen and download thousands of tracks without limitations. Among the new features are new charts, new featured artist selections, 10 new themed radio stations, a brand new search engine and a completely updated music player. Users can browse Jamendo and recommend favorite songs to friends, all while continuing to enjoy uninterrupted music.

For several years, Jamendo has been the #1 platform for free music. It is the only site offering more than 350,000 free tracks licensed under Creative Commons, all available for streaming and unlimited download without ads. It allows the public to discover thousands of artists of all genres who have chosen to distribute their music independently outside the traditional system of collecting societies.

Jamendo artists can choose to join the Jamendo PRO service that allows them to sell commercial licenses of their music for professional uses, such as music synchronization for audio-visual productions or broadcasting in public spaces.

Today, Jamendo has more than 12,000 customers worldwide and regularly generates revenue for hundreds of artists by sharing licensing fees 50/50.

In 2011, Jamendo has redistributed several hundred thousands of euros to its artists, thus validating its innovative model in the new ecosystem of digital music.

Following this initial launch of the new site, Jamendo plans to unveil many new features in the coming months.

What’s new?

  • The simple new design will make it easier to navigate
  • You’ll find more accurate results when searching for new music
  • The site runs faster than ever before
  • You’ll enjoy an enhanced HTML5 player with playlist/last played features
  • Your donations will go immediately and directly to the artists with no wait time
  • Artists can upload single tracks without having to create a new album
  • There are more sharing features to help spread your favorite songs
  • Listen to ten all new Jamendo radio channels to help you discover fantastic music
  • You can still benefit from unlimited uploads for artists, unlimited downloads for users and no ads!

Enjoy the new site and let us know what you think!


59 Responses to “Jamendo Has A New Look!”

  1. Børge / forteller Says:

    This is so awesome! Congrats on a fantastic new website! This is so much more usable!

    I do have a few requests, though:

    * One do still need some plugin (Flash? I don’t know which one, only that I need to turn on plugins in Firefox for it to work) to play the music, even though you say here that it’s HTML5.

    * I’d very much like to see an option to scroble music I listen to to both Last.fm and Libre.fm. This would be free marketing for your artists too

    * Why are the share options limited to Fb, Twitter, e-mail? Why not use AddToAny or the like to have many more options hidden in one button. It won’t be ugly or in the way for those who don’t want to use it.

    * The add to playlist option should let you add to “current playlist”, that is add to the end of the playlist you’re listening to right now, even if that is not a playlist you’ve created manually, only one that was made when you clicked a play button somewhere.

    * The CC button should have sone nice icons besides it to show what CC license it is. Those symbols inside circles. They would look really good. Maybe just use those symbols besides a similarly styled CC inside a circle. Because the button used now is kinda ugly.

    * Nothing happens when I click the CC button, except that I’m sent to the top of the page.

    * Going to http://artists.jamendo.com/en/home stops the music I’m playing. And clicking the Jamendo logo here does not take me back to the normal front page as I would expect it to.

    * When listening to a playlist of “random music” (top tracks, a radio, etc.) there should be a button in the music player called “more tracks by this artist”, so that if you hear a song you really like, you can click that, and then more tracks from that artist is queued in your playlist just bellow the one you’re currently listening to.

    * More social features: Friending people, sending recommendations to those friends directly on Jamendo, etc.

    * When searching for a specific artist, and clicking on the live search result that shows up, one should be taken to that artists page, not to a search result. Kinda like Facebook.

    * Bug: After searching once and coming to the search results page, I can not search again from the top search box. Nothing happens when I press enter. Firefox 15.0a1 (Nightly).

    Ok, I guess that’s all I have to say for now. I hope you’ll let me know what you think of my ideas. Good luck forward! :)

  2. Robin Millette Says:

    Thanks for the new site, and most importantly for redirecting all the old artists, tracks and albums URLs to the new ones.

    I love Jamendo :-)

  3. jakab ubul Says:

    This is very cool, but currently the registration activation and the password reset links don’t work.

    I’d find this acceptable during a system upgrade, but it is impolite to leave us unnotified of such outages. The registration process for example *seems* to work, and even sends the activation email, but then the link doesn’t work. Please, at least take down the registration and the password reset features until they are fixed.

    (I’m writing this here because there are no other means to contact jamendo, apparently.. the contact page only shows a street address, and the forum is currently down.)


  4. mart1n Says:

    Can’t find the contacts, emails, friends in the profil.

  5. José GDF Says:

    ¿Queréis nuestra opinión? Creedme que es mejor que no sepáis todo lo que pensamos de Jamendo, que debería cambiar el nombre a Jamiento, por la cantidad de mentiras que una vez tras otra nos habéis ofrecido a lo largo de estos años…

    Sí… Es mejor que no diga nada más de momento. Se me puede ir mucho la olla. Sólo una cosa os diré: no sé qué ganará Jamiento con este cambio, pero lo que tengo muy claro es que la música libre ha perdido mucho con todo esto… Aunque también debo decir que podemos vivir sin Jamentiras.

  6. Andrew Norton (@ktetch) Says:

    Eugh, horrible.
    I like I can finally search for multiple tags easily now. However, the search results don’t sort properly.

    Second problem, with multiple windows, you now have a player for each one, rather than one that spanned all tabs. BAD

    Third – you’ve started some weird complex album link name URL rubbish. I’ve found it hard to be sure I’m clicking what I wanted to in the search, and then which one I should be using for a link back. REALLY BAD.

    Finally, last I checked, you should be linking back to the CC license pages in the licences section, so that people can ,you know, READ the license… I deal with Creative Commons (the org) a lot, so I know what the licenses are, but others won’t, and without the details, people will get in trouble. Perhaps even you as a company.

    I much prefered the old one, less “high school kid with a copy of Adobe CS5 Master” feel to that one. This is nasty.

    Oh yes, and the change password thing is down too, I could force my login (!!!!) but not reset my pass.
    Completely unacceptable.

  7. E.Collado Says:

    Sorry but i think this new site is a big mistake. I understand Jamendo tries to sell more music in jamendo Pro and the new site is much more suitable for it, however with this new site jamendo has lost the soul, now jamendo is a very cold site without any differential.

    The old site has soul because it was the only music site on internet made for albums (and all aspetcs concerning albums: reviews, community, stats, rankings, lists,…).

    Now jamendo is a site more made for songs, without soul, without community, without art. On the other hand 350.000 songs, ok, but 320.000 songs hidden, do you think users are going to view results in page 236? any kind of search gives pages and pages and pages of results. Only 5-10% of the songs are going to be listened in my opinion.

  8. heminder Says:

    Here’s my little review of the new version.

    Good things:

    + I like the new look. It looks very slick!

    + The search feature has a nice upgrade, except for one little thing listed below.

    + Artist profile pages are much better!

    Bad things:

    - STILL no Vorbis format downloads!! Come on guys, I know MP3 is popular but it’s patent encumbered and is completely inferior to OGG Vorbis.

    - Cannot browser music by album! I very rarely download single tracks, and prefer to browse music with large album covers, like it was on the old version. Now, the search results feel like I’m browsing through postcodes in an atlas.

    - Cannot comment/review on albums! What’s up with that?

    - Where’s the feature to track new releases from my favourite artists? It was really useful in the old version.

    - The player doesn’t work. I assume this is a new release thing and will get fixed soon.

  9. LeonimuZ Says:

    Until today, i used jamendo to get the music for my projects. You people deleted ALL the usefull search tools. Even disconnected your search from the Creative Commons search page.


    It just makes me angry how a GREAT website because a piece of crap.

    Give me back my search tools. Not this Jquery thing that doesn’t even sort tracks correctly.

  10. Lost Says:

    Well its unfortunate to see such a great service lose functionality and features in the name of “simplicity”.

    As someone who is primarily interested in whole albums this new song-centered design makes searching even more tedious.

    This design also devalues the unified whole that is albums. Not all songs stand on their own, sometimes an artists music only works in the context of an album. Albums contain themes, emotions, and narratives. They are themselves a form of expression and should not be wholly ignored.

    Sure, it is in the individual songs that the money is made… But I thought music was about more then that?

    One last thing…

    “It is no longer possible to comment on albums but you can post a comment on track pages.”

    Seriously?? This showcases the shift away from albums, Jamendo does not want artists to make good albums, they want them to make song tracks that can be then licensed, and have now designed their entire system to reflect this.

    Look, I understand the need for profit. But profit should still be balanced with expression. This new website is too one-sided, too streamlined to focus on individual tracks. I cant even comment on a whole album anymore.

    Jamendo, I will still use your services, but this new design sacrifices part of your integrity and lays bare your end motivations.

    In the end Jamendo is just another website company, I guess I just suspected something more.

  11. Andrew Says:

    I’m so amazed at how bad this is, I’m not sure where to start!

    The whole idea of an album as been completely thrown out, and what is left by albums don’t work in the new design. My favorite feature- browse by latest album- is gone. Can’t really use Jamendo anymore! Jamendo is not unique anymore.

    I can’t tell the genre of any of these tracks on the latest releases search. On the old site, tags and genres were displayed. Granted, only half of the albums had them, but it made me listen to stuff I might not have otherwise. (which is good!)

    Yet again, I am forced to use the sub par jamendo in page player. I appreciated downloading an m3u, which would open and start playing in Winamp, and I have always felt that this was a better interface than the jamendo player.

    Still no Ogg Vorbis downloads exposed on pages (doesn’t look like any bittorrent downloads either). This has been an issue for how many years? Thank goodness my Download-As-Vorbis script still works.

    Water is wet, the sky is blue, and every time a new Jamendo design launches, every feature I use is gone. This is worse than the first purple/orange design, which had far fewer features than the old blue site. Yes, I’ve been around that long! And I might not come back again to put up with this.

  12. Igor Weins Says:

    The new site is unprofessional, dissappointing and musician-unfriendly. See the GetSatisfaction threads for all reviews on this outrage from Jamendo musicians: https://getsatisfaction.com/jamendo/problems/recent

    - the removal of album reviews/rates/displaying in the search is a mistake

    - the removal of user communication through the messages, recommendations, shares, reviews feeds and so on is a much greater mistake!

    Besides, even this “new design” contains tons of bugs and imperfection, from players without adjustable controls to the truncated album’s names…

  13. Manildomin Says:

    I fully agree with what has already been said: the new Jamendo is really bad.
    I cannot browse by albums and post comments on them anymore!
    The search fields don’t work half the time, and i can’t get access to my list of preferred albums.
    Really, this new Jamendo is buggy and unusuable. I wonder what you tried to achieve with this but I definitely wouldn’t think of it as an achievement.

  14. Ivan Says:

    Sorry, great dislike…..

    Jamendo was a realy nice place for sharing alternative culture, discovering music sharing a same way of music and culture thinking… Search, navigation were quite easy ; It is no more…
    I was not user because of intreface just beacause I agreed with background thinking…
    I m just affraid of what will follow : How many time before paying access?
    Free music and paying members….

    I think the fundaments are lost and I feel betrayed… Free culture can’t be be a way for money making…

    I’m not sure wanting to follow you longer in this way…..

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Like many people already wrote, i’m totally disappointed about the new jamendo… no visibility for the albums, no possibility to share, no forum, no friends, less tags, ….. just a long sequence of tracks without soul…..no possibility to see the license of the albums, where is the CC research?? i’m simply a listener but i will go away the same: no intrest of being there anymore… shame on you

    And for selling or buying music there are better places than this new jamendo, why people should stay here?

  16. annamundi Says:

    Sorry, i forgot to put my name before… no need to be anonymous to say what i think… so this one will be a double….

    Like many people already wrote, i’m totally disappointed about the new jamendo… no visibility for the albums, no possibility to share, no forum, no friends, less tags, ….. just a long sequence of tracks without soul…..no possibility to see the license of the albums, where is the CC research?? i’m simply a listener but i will go away the same: no intrest of being there anymore… shame on you

    And for selling or buying music there are better places than this new jamendo, why people should stay here?

  17. Matthew Says:

    Bring back the ability to see the latest albums of my favourite artists. Also I can’t see the full list of artists that I have favourited.

    I am watching with interest to see where my favourite artists go. I don’t expect many will be staying here.

  18. tordeu Says:

    I think it’s great to see new things on jamendo, but when I see that the listening to music does not work for me at all (Iceweasel/Firefox 8.0), login sometimes work, sometimes it does not (I log in and then it still says “Please login”), sometime it forgets that I am logged in and displays “Please login” again instead of my user name.
    Those are the most basic operations on jamendo, so I get the feeling the new site was pushed out way too early.

    All the missing features people comment here support this feeling. Although it might be that those features will come in the future and are just not implemented yet, the new site does not feel ready for prime time, yet.

    I really hope it will improve in the following weeks, because a new site that is missing some features from the old one and that does not even work properly could have the opposite effect of what was obviously intended.

    Right now, unfortunately, I can’t really use the site, so I will check back in a few weeks and in the meantime observe how things work out.

  19. oneyoudontknow Says:

    downloads do not work (two different browsers)
    Music does not play (again, tested on two browsers and evironments)
    loading time has increased
    handless stiff and unnatural
    looks extremely awful

  20. orangeupurple Says:

    For me . . the worst bugs revolve around logging in .. . problems keep changing and I can’t even find my user page . . (do I even have one now?) . . . How do I find my playlists? When I try to change pages I get booted out . . . and must log in again . . . . grrrrr . .

    Another issue is a lost feature . . . and that revolves around lost friendships; favorite musicians; ability to email friends; and everything social. This is what makes this place feel so empty to me now and to many, many others.

    I hate missing the ability to write reviews for albums . .. and even so . . writing reviews for tracks is a waste of time because those reviews disappear the next day.

    I miss reading other people’s reviews . . especially from the review feed. I miss going to friend’s pages and reading their latest reviews. These were ways that I found new music . . . it’s ruined the whole site for me.

    Another feature, that nobody has mentioned yet, is that on musician’s pages you have to scroll down to find their albums. That part looks very nice but it should be on top. When we enter their pages we see a list of so called, “Most Listened to” tracks . . . many artists would prefer to offer the latest or another track to gain a following for newer music which might be better. I had submitted this idea to “Get Satisfaction’s Idea” pages and was being considered. Just because something is most listened to does not mean it is the BEST . . . and often listeners listen to the first few minutes and then leave that page . . never to return because they didn’t like the music . . . Please consider giving the musician the option to arrange their sample track listen however they wish . ..

    Okay . . enough for now . . I have another list of problems here:

    And thank you for fixing the bugs which you HAVE fixed . .

  21. Leonardo Chaves Says:

    What could be good, became a nightmare. First of all: Can not log in. It turns a kind of looping that brings back the home page, instead of going to see the data, stats, and other things you could do in the old version. I think anyone, at least to my knowledge, is really happy with it. The interface looks more modern, practical etc … but the system is awful, awful. This has become an embarrassment so great that most of the colleagues with whom I talk is disappointed. I like Jamendo, really, it was where I had the opportunity to exhibit work that I never thought to share with so many interesting people. But, please, help us. That’s all I ask for this next week.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    the first response is very funny. Borge/forteller is a nice new jamender, you need people like that !!

  23. Nehoryn Says:

    Impossible de laisser un commentaire en français sur ce blog.

    Je rejoins la vague de mécontentements, qui ressemblent beaucoup à un tsunami ! Pour commencer, impossible de se logger, plus d’accès à sa messagerie, plus de forums, plus de temps réel (le peu qui restait), plus de chroniques d’album (où sont-elles passées ??).

    Il n’y a plus de communauté, sacrifié sur l’autel du marketing et du bad business. Les internautes ne sont que des consommateurs en puissance de licences pro, et ce nouveau site ne fait que vomir des titres sans aucune logique. Il n’y a plus d’albums, impossible de découvrir des artistes (à moins de connaître leur nom avant !), la simple recherche par artiste s’obtient par un flood de tracks et de doublon ; idem pour la recherche par genre, tout est noyé, impossible de naviguer sereinement sans se prendre la tête.

    Je le répète, tout a été fait pour le mec pressé qui voulait de la zik pour son projet, et les artistes tout comme les internautes sont tellement laissés pour contre (plus de réponse sur le “getsatisfaction”), qu’on se demande bien si ce n’est pas le début de la fin ! Et je ne parle pas des licences CC (qui ne figure nulle part) ou de l’éditorial inexistant du site (quid de ACTA, ou HADOPI, ça vous concerne un peu non ?), ou même de l’actu musicale indé…

    Ce site a bientôt 9 ans, quand on voit ce qu’il est devenu, il y a beaucoup de questions à se poser sur son avenir (si avenir il y a désormais).

  24. Nehoryn Says:

    Pour conclure, ce site ne représente plus aucun intérêt pour les libristes, plus aucun intérêt pour l’artiste lambda (qui aura mieux à faire d’aller sur bandcamp ou soundcloud), plus aucun intérêt pour les internautes qui ne peuvent inter-agir avec les musiciens ou entre eux, aucune innovation technologique qui aurait pu donner un semblant d’intérêt, aucune ligne éditoriale qui aurait pu attirer un public assez large.

    C’est devenu un site bien pensé, mais totalement en dehors de l’esprit initial, buggé, aride, à contre-courant de l’esprit des réseaux sociaux (qui est pourtant ce qui cartonne le plus). Au lieu de rester dans votre bulle, aller sur les forums de temps à autre au lieu de snober artistes et internautes, vous aurait fait le plus grand bien. La preuve ici-même.

  25. Cire de Sacub Says:

    Jamendo ? Un site de vente de musique discount… ni plus ni moins. Plus d’âme. Du coup, l’intérêt de Jampro risque d’être limité : 50% de vampirisé sur les auteurs alors que la concurence tourne entre 2 et 10% !!!!!! Jamendo n’est plus le lieu où il faut être, et ça, ça risque de vous coûter très cher sur le long terme. Mais bon, c’est votre entreprise, vos emplois, libre à vous; vos choix commerciaux vous appartiennent. Mais au delà du mépris pour la communauté je crois que cela se révellera fatal à votre petite société totalement myope !

  26. Anon. Says:

    The site is literally full of bugs. Shouldn’t even be a public release in its current state. Ridiculous.

  27. Zdenekh Says:

    No need to repeat what has been written by others. The new version is bad. I don’t know where to find ALL!!! of my favourite artists, how close the player, how open the player in standalone window. That is others erros what i have seen… I feel sad for Jamendo… :-(

  28. Yris Says:

    Je suis plutot de nature discrète, mais là non, trop c’est trop. Le nouveau Jamendo est aux antypodes de l’ancien site que j’aimais tant. Je prenais énormément de plaisir à parcourir le sie, à découvrir de nouveaux artistes, à parler avec d’autres passionés de musique, à partager ma musique et mon ressenti sur un album avec les autres membres du site.

    Les qualités de l’ancien Jamendo (que le nouveau site vient de renier du jour au lendemain)

    1* Déjà, Mettre une note et commenter un album était une très bonne chose.
    Commenter un album : une note générale qui me permettait de me situer, d’évaluer mes progrès + les avis des internautes qui m’ont permis de progresser de manière globale (qualité de son, callage de ma voix…)

    2* Ensuite, le top 100 revisité (avec le classement basé sur les écoutes de la semaine) était juste, et permettait de découvrir de nouveaux artistes.

    3* Enfin, le plus important : l’échange avec les autres membres. Là, il y avait de la convivialité, du partage, beaucoup de soutient et des liens d’amitié durables et sincères qui se sont tissés au sein de la famille Jamendo.

    Si l’échange avec les autres membres du site n’est plus possible, alors je quitterai Jamendo avec effet immédiat et supprimerai tous mes albums de ce site. Ce sera une décision dure à prendre, mais je le ferait s’il le faut. Je refuse de rester sur un site qui renie ses valeurs première de partage du jour au lendemain.

    Cela faisait 2 semaines que je n’étais pas revenu sur Jamendo (révisions et préparation de mon prochain album), et bien je ne vais pas vous cacher à quel point j’ai été surpris de voir à quel point Jamendo avait changé. Quelle déception, d’autant plus que les membres et les artistes du site n’ont pas été informés personnelement par mail de ce changement. Inconcevable, c’est un grand manque de respect, je trouve.

    PS : Au passage, je remercie Theblackpanther, Rebleraiser, Cire de sacub, Noblemo, BS, JLT, Kytie (et tous les autres, la liste est trop longue) pour leur soutient et les conseils qu’ils m’ont donné et qui m’ont permis de m’améliorer en l’espace de meme pas 2 ans !!!

    Pour tous ceux qui désirent rester en contact avec moi (on ne va pas laisser Jamendo gagner et détruire 2 ans d’amitié comme ça), venez sur mon blog http://yrisbs.hautetfort.com

  29. LarryStudios Says:

    I’m a guy who comes here for inspiration and for awesome music for my stop-motion animation projects, it used to be fun, I used to discover so many talented musicians here, I was truly amazed. Right now? I think this website is horrible. The site is full of bugs, where the hell is CC license search? Are you trying to get rid of CC license search only so that people don’t bother with it and start paying money using the “Pro” way? Because it seems you guys lost the soul, it seems like you sold your soul for money. I don’t know if I’ll ever comeback to this website. I’m sorry but the new design is terrible.

  30. ashley strutt Says:

    I think the changes are more modern and look better BUT yesterday I couldn’t login. But the big problem now is that what ever I try, finding a list of new music is extremely more difficult. New releases are listed yes but when I only want to see the new metal uploads….no chance. Not given the option. I have written this out of frustration as well as the statement in the blog that says it will be made easier. :-(

  31. MonsterAce Says:

    man, I really enjoyed browsing music by the albums not by the tracks! the website looks legit but how the person interacts with it is just horrible.. :( i cant listen to a specific album anymore because i have to guess what page number the album might be and hope for the best. for me, its all over the place.. :( so sad….

  32. Sazhen86 Says:

    I really enjoyed the old Jamendo site as a place to discover new music and artists, but the new site is atrocious. Apart from what has already been adequately expressed by others, both here and at GetSatisfaction, the music player doesn’t work for me, so I can’t actually listen to anything. Talk about fundamentally broken for a music site.

  33. naturalbody Says:

    @Jamendo Staff : social side of old Jamendo was not an optional but a requirements for promotions of the artists and increase of audience then also of prestige of Jamendo . This is interface seem be a big mistake for missing of reviews for album, real fans, friends of the artists , well probably forums will be rebuilt , i wanna say that rock side of Jamendo was the community that without it Jamendo could be die soon ( This is my honest opinion)

  34. CŒDES Pierre-Marie (Littlefingers) Says:

    Very very disappointed, look like lovely, but has lost it savour.
    The supportive aspect has disappeared….
    The track listing is a labyrinth…

    Where are my friends, where are my fans, where are my favourites, what happened to my “Private” mails… ?

    What happened to YOU ?

    I am disgusted.

  35. Christoph Says:

    I cannot play songs with Iron Chrome and ghostery, because blocking the facebook javascript seems to break everything.

    BTW: I miss the easy feature to play the top songs on the Homepage.

    PS: the new look is great =)

  36. Jeremy Says:

    I’m disappointed with the new site. A big functionality I used before the changeover was marking albums as “favorite” instead of marking artists as “favorite”. I don’t necessarily like every album by every artist (and some artists had a TON of albums) and that way I could always find the albums that I liked best. Now all of those have gone away into a single huge effin’ list of single tracks. I have to go through pages and pages and pages of tracks before I might find the artist or album I’m looking for.

    Also, taking away the “top albums” and “new albums” browsing (I know it exists as a top 8 or 10 at the bottom of the page when you go to search, but I’m talking about the endless lists) is horrible to see. That was how I found most new stuff to listen to! Those 8 or 10 new or top albums at the bottom of the page don’t cut it because I can’t see associated genres, and even if I could, the lists are so short, what use would it be?

    I’m voting that Jamendo go back to the old site layout.

  37. ivanovnegro Says:

    I will not repeat all, just say, I am totally disappointed. Where are my friends, my fav albums???

    The only improvement I saw is the player works faster and the site does not look bad at all but I NEED the old functions and social stuff back!!! The heart and sould is away.

    Jamendo ruined everything in that respect.

  38. Chris Says:

    To be frank, this is HORRIBLE. The functionality that used to be offered in searching for stuff by license, easily finding WHOLE ALBUMS, reviewing albums, etc. were the things that I used to come here for…and taking away those things turn the site into a fairly useless consumer-targeted file-sharing system, NOT an online community of great relevance. Please put the old interface and functionality back, before you lose your entire userbase. People are pissed, and everyone leaving the site would spell the end for you. I suggest that you listen to what people have to say.

    PS – stop ripping people off by telling them they have to pay a license fee to use the music on Jamendo. They don’t. If you read the Creative Commons licenses, they SPECIFICALLY say that the rightsholder grants the particular rights in the license without requirement for any compensation, therefore you have been downright lying to your users all along–if somebody offers their stuff under CC BY, you can use it commercially. Period. You do not need any license from Jamendo! So please stop telling people that they do!

  39. Marac Says:

    I am not disappointed at all. Why? Because I expected the worst. I was pretty sure the new Jamendo would be a disaster. People who regularly visited the old forum probably remember that I warned them not to get too excited about the approaching change, because the site would only turn from bad to worse… Of course nobody believed me… So now I have a bitter satisfaction and I may say “Didn’t I say so?”…
    I really would like NOT to be right this time, but it was inevitable… :-/

  40. martin Says:

    Jamendo has reviewed your reactions, don’t miss their statement right here:


    They explain their vision and the improvements to be made very soon.


  41. Dave_H Says:

    Well I have tried it for a bit but the new site is still a car-crash. The proposed improvements don’t seem to help the way that the majority of users actually navigated the site. If you visit at all regularly the list of most popular tracks is pointless at it very rarely changes and makes it difficult if not impossible to find new stuff. The individual track idea is awful, if I hate the first track I listen to by a person I will hate the rest, the album view gave a quick way passed these songs. A top 100 list with no genres is of no use to anyone. The search is plain annoying. Pictures of albums that take you to the home page are redundant, etc, etc, etc…

    If you don’t understand the way your users operate and the concept of beta testing a new site is alien to you, should you even be running this????

  42. FloridaJo Says:

    When are websites going to realize a complete upending of a user experience is not the way to go. Gradual, evolutionary and gentle. Dumb.
    Where’s all my lists?

  43. Anonymous Says:

    No volume control of the music player? No “Top 100 of the week”? Really sad. I don’t like the new design. It has less functionality and looks very generic. Nothing special any more.

  44. Sarah Says:

    Please put links to the CC licences as it was before. If you want to use a song you need to state exactly which CC licence it is and you can’t tell just by looking at the icon. I *love* using Jamendo for finding music to use with my videos and this is very important for me. Thank you.

  45. s Says:

    I’m very disappointed with this new layout. I cannot browse albums like before. It works just by tracks or artists. This is the first time I visit jamendo.com and I can’t upgrade my jamendo collection nor discover new albums. Sad.

  46. TR7 Says:

    Yuk!! What happened?? I have been telling everyone how cool Jamendo is. You get to listen to artists from around the world much more interesting than mainstream. Now I can’t play music on line anymore. The website design is really bad. Can’t you guys just forget it and go back to what it was, before people give up and go elsewhere.

  47. bizun_ Says:

    And the hell: why are comments restricted to 1000 characters?

  48. ThreeDog Says:


    Same as most critics, Jamendo lost his soul. I used to be very proud in finding new artist and playing their tunes on our radio station and be able to say, listen and go to the website, this is good and this is free.
    Now guys, where is the new Jamendo ? I mean, the new website with a strong community approach and love of music ?

  49. Anni Paananen Says:

    Hello Jamendo-people, would You please tell me why it is not possible to create an artist’s account? I’ve tried three times, different names, differents passwords, different e-mail addresses, and all accounts activated but when I try to upload my music Jamendo asks me to log in with my username and password again and when I do so I’m given the message of “identification failure” – every time! Are new musicians not welcome, or what is the case? Is the platform “full”? / Sincere greetings from Vasa Finland, Anni

  50. M_artin Says:

    Ask here your Questions to Jamendo: https://getsatisfaction.com/jamendo
    This is a better FAQ system …

  51. Comodet Says:

    I am blocking facebook and all its spy server in my network, obvioiusly the Lisen button on Jamendo stoped to work. Why do you need facebook for this?

  52. Anni Paananen Says:

    Thank You for redirecting me, M-artin! :-) Hope this solves my problem, it’s been extremely frustrating…

  53. Joe Keller Says:

    I think that the answer “Jamendo is down for a few moments” is more often seen now.

  54. Marcel Kolaja Says:

    BitTorrent links disappeared. That’s really disappointing because I seed tens of albums. This means that Ogg Vorbis files are not available for download anymore either. Stating “CC licence” is really not enough. There’s no CC licence. CC is a family of licences and these are very different to each other. Downloading the whole album just to find out what the licence is is extremely frustrating.

  55. Luxbg Says:

    It changed for the worse. Very, very disappointed. Adieu Jamendo!

  56. ivanovnegro Says:

    Unfortunately I have to agree, I also said adiós to Jamendo. It is not usable anymore for me. :(

  57. ADS Disco Kid Says:

    You want go the way of My Space ?

    What have you do. The new side is shit. I delet my profiel

  58. boscopud Says:

    VERY VERY disappointed! I cannot even get in there, I keep getting bumped off, logged out… I miss being able to see what friends are listening to or communicate through inbox, but I tried to be understanding about that. Now…the brief second I did get in and try to look around I see that I can no longer find my playlists I had built! Did you strip the site and its users of those now also, or WHAT? I don’t know for certain because I can’t get in and stay in for more than a millisecond. WHATTHA hell???

    I’ve tried to be patient and give the new changes a chance, but today I try to get back in and I don’t recognize a single dang thing and can’t even use it to test it out! I MISS the old Jamendo. I tried to be patient but this has gone on for a while now, this “working out the bugs” thing and now …. *throws up hands and shrugs* Do you want your listeners in there or WHAT? :-(((((

  59. Jeff Says:

    Any time you make changes, you can expect to get a flood of bad comments. And I understand that the people at Jamendo know this. On the other hand, there comes a point where you have to realize that you’ve made a mistake. Even thought improvments have been made to the new look, it still isn’t, and can never be as usable as the old layout.

    Not that the old format was perfect, for example: Popular view rarely changed. The popular view was the first thing new people saw when they found Jamendo, so those popular things are the first things they download and listen to. That sort of thing kept the same things on top all the time, and unless you’re the kind of person who really likes to dig deep, that was all you ever saw.

    But now, with the new look, that has been amplified even more so. Except it’s more track oriented than album oriented. Which I also do not like.

    With an open mind, I have revisited the new look many times, and I have allowed time for some problems to be worked out, but it’s still headed in the wrong direction. Now it’s harder to find older releases than ever before.

    Only one thing I think has improved, and that is the radios. True streaming now, instead of a playlist that starts over everytime you refresh. Very nice.

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