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Jamendo integrated in VLC

You like listening to music and watching videos without having to worry about the format of files you use?

You are probably one of the 50 million people using the VLC player! The famous open-source, cross-platform software supports many audio and video compression methods and file formats.

The VLC team just released the 2.0 version, integrating Jamendo selections!

7 Top 100 by genre
- rock
- jazz
- dance electronic
- pop
- hip hop
- world reggae
- lounge ambient

- Top 100 tracks of the week
- Top 20 albums of the week

The same radios you can find on Jamendo. However, the 10 brand new radio channels prepared for the upcoming release of the new Jamendo will be added soon!

Here are a few screenshots:

VLC 2.0.1 is available on Mac OS X and Windows.


5 Responses to “Jamendo integrated in VLC”

  1. Herp Says:

    Please tell me the new “radios” are worth that name and not just more static playlists.

    Btw VLC is also available for eg:
    Debian GNU/Linux
    Gentoo Linux
    Arch Linux
    Slackware Linux
    Mandriva Linux
    ALT Linux
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  2. Kartheek Says:

    screenshots are nice… but how to configure VLC to stream it? Procedure is needed.

  3. Picoludi Says:

    Excellent !
    as Kartheek, it took me a while to figure out how to use this : in View click playlist and in the playlist, open the Internet section, Jamendo selections are there.

  4. Kartheek Says:

    Ya Picoludi… I had to google it at last. Jamendo rocks!! :)

  5. nicole Says:

    @Herp – Nope – they’re not just playlists, they will be updated regularly and the number of tracks in each channel is much bigger! They’ll be an awesome way to discover great Jamendo music. Once they’re released, feel free to send me any feedback. I put them together myself and I’m open to any ideas for improvement. The most important thing is that the community likes listening to them! nicole :-)

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