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And the winners are…

Hi everyone!

Time has come to reveal the results of the 2011 Jamendo Awards! And the winners are… (drumroll)

Jamendo Award Test.jpg

Best Electronic Artist – Tunguska Electronic Music Society

Best Pop Artist – Josh Woodward

Best Instrumental Artist – Tunguska Electronic Music Society

Best Experimental Artist – Amity in Fame

Best World Artist – Roger Subirana Mata

Best Urban Artist – Jazz Friends

Best Rock Artist – Amity in Fame

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2011 Jamendo Awards! The winner in each category will receive a $500 USD prize.

To all the supporters of the winning artists, you did a great job! You rewarded your favorite artists by showing a great dedication to help them. Thanks a lot to all the other participating artists and everyone who voted for them – you are the life of these Awards. The commitment and support you showed are not in vain, the word has started to spread!

See you very soon on Jamendo!


9 Responses to “And the winners are…”

  1. Manu F.u.z. Says:

    Nice event! Good idea to get more publicity for the bands and the free music-movement.

    But, I would be very interested in detailed results. How many people voted? Which bands are 2nd, 3rd place and so on?

    Is there anything coming?

  2. hitblade Says:

    I agree with previous comment in it’s entirety. :D

    Also, grats to all everyone! :D

  3. creeper Says:

    why didnt I win?

  4. Frisia CC Radio Says:

    Your guide to Jamendo and cc music :

    172 World Sounds-With The Speed Of Sound


    Greetings from Frisia

  5. Mithferion Says:

    I’d also like to know how many people voted. (:

    Greetings from Mexico.

  6. Vincent Says:

    How about links to each winner’s Jamendo page?

  7. nicole Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, Vincent – done.

  8. JunCTionS Says:

    I agree with the rest of the comments, it would be very useful to know the rest of the artists that got many votes.
    It would help to find good music.

  9. The JCS Project Says:

    They won in the order that the better half picked….scary..

    Congrats to all the winners!

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