StrangeZero : Newborn Butterflies

Published on June 2 2010

StrangeZero is an electronic band from Athens (Greece) composed by SteliosZero & Io-V. The two members first met in 1984. Later, in 1990 they started writing music under various names using just a sampler and an Amiga 500. They recorded rain sounds and sounds from the places they travelled to, combined with breakbeats, acid tunes and guitars. In many tracks they used vocals and all these tracks still exist in audio tapes & DAT.

After some years Stelios worked as a radio producer while Io-v went off to Beograd to study medicine. They met again in 1998, when they decided to start an electronic band.

Since they released 5 studio albums, experimenting all kinds of music and create their own sounding. Now they are back on jamendo with their new album Newborn Butterflies”. It's time to learn more about this project and StrangeZero!


Newborn butterflies is our new start. It's both of us growing up into chaotic soundscapes and expressing all the words through sounds. StrangeZero died 2 years ago with the album "The Neverlands" and reborn with a butterfly effect. It's a zero becoming more strange. It's the definition of StrangeZero growing up.




  • As you are a duet, how do you work on your productions?

Our sounding is a result of various thoughts and emotional status. Sometimes we write something using the midi with basic presets and we leave it there alone, to mature as a newborn idea. After a while, one of us take it and develop it further. Some other times one of us turns on the microphone and sings a melody... then this melody is synthesized and then becomes something. And other times we just play something using the piano and record it using anything available at that moment.

We always work together on the final result but in parallel we work alone on the synth and/or string ideas, always based on our psychological status at that specific moment. In short words, there is no role, we work as brothers, as a Zero sharing a moment.

After time, when everything is finalized (Newborn butterflies took more than 2 years) we are deleting most of the songs. We don't want to keep them. It's like they are lost moments. We only keep the moments we want, the moments that reminds us of something, the moments that meant things and then we take these final audio moments for mastering to the studio.



  • Where do you find inspiration for your music?

From people around us, from smells traveling from the past to take us back, from everything that triggers an emotion. Our inspiration is the sound itself, the core element of music.



  • What will be your next project?

We are currently working on a documentary music, which unfortunately will be commercial. In parallel we are discussing of re-mastering "The Neverlands" and adding some extra tracks. We are considering selling the remastered edition through Jamendo in high quality (wav) and giving all incomes to a specific "help cause". Of course the normal edition is there for free download, since 2008.



  • A word to finish? Do you have something special to say?

It doesn't matter what we say. It doesn't matter what they say. It doesn't matter what you say. All that matters is where music is taking you and how do you want to end up there. Trust your senses, share you emotions without converting feelings into words. Love and respect...


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