Support Cool Cavemen in the Audi Talents Awards

Published on August 26 2009

Audi, the car maker, organizes every year its Talents Awards to distinguish creative people in many fields. One of those fields is music, and this year, out of 1300 candidates, jamendo old timers Cool Cavemen, a funk-rock outfit from Lille, France, were selected as one of only 48 finalists.

You have until today, 26 August, to support them by voting here. As you'll see, the band is among those having received the largest number of votes - in addition to possibly being the only one using Creative Commons licenses. "The possibility to send an email to all our fans on jamendo was really useful, explains Kevin, Cool Cavemen's singer. It enabled us to easily rally our early fans in record time (the band has been on jamendo since 2005)."

The contesting track is "Fusion", first song on the album below:

The Audi Talents Awards winner will get to shoot a video clip as well as to perform onstage in Paris. 

Good luck to them, and thanks to you!

Written by amelie

Published on #Contests