When licensing goes Kliq...

Published on June 10 2009

We couldn't be happier for Professor Kliq. Not only is he a great artist (a talented young electronic music producer from Chicago), he's also starting to make some money through jamendo.

His music is quite popular among professionals looking to license tracks for ads, videos, websites, etc. on Jamendo PRO, and he's been accumulating quite a few licensing deals in the last few weeks. In fact, he's currently one of the artists making the most money from Jamendo PRO.

We didn't even ask him to say something nice about jamendo. Kind words just seem to pour out of him: "The site is fantastic... I keep up to date on my licensings and they come through pretty regularly. I bought myself some new clothes and shoes with my last payment!"

As we say, we couldn't be happier for him... As for us, it's having great music by artists such as Professor Kliq that's making Jamendo PRO a success; so we're pretty happy too!

By the way, check out the video made by Dutch DJ, netlabel owner and director Harald Walker for Professor Kliq's track Trip Home:

Professor Kliq - Trip Home from Harald Walker on Vimeo.

Written by amelie

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