Become a shareholder of Insane Prototype!

Published on June 4 2009


Electro and industrial rock musician Deekey, from Moscow, known on jamendo for his excellent electro/big beat project The Phase, is launching a new project.

Insane Prototype is the name. And its particularity is that fans are invited to become shareholders of the album. Dekeey is thus trying to apply the new "fan investment-based" model that has started to spread lately, only he's doing it alone!

Here's how it works: there are 100 shares put on sale, at the price of $600 each. That's a lot of money, but Deekey  "decided I'd rather sell 100 shares at $600 than 1000 at $60." It's definitely worth a try.

In return for their investment, shareholders will receive a deluxe limited edition of the album when it's done, plus a percentage on all future income generated by Insane Prototype. Buying a share can be done through donations made on jamendo. 

Go here if you're interested. All we have to say is: good luck Dekeey!

We'll keep you posted on how things unfold for Insane Prototype.

Written by amelie

Published on #Initiatives