picks its favorites from jamendo

Published on May 22 2009

A great, free music-oriented blog based in Maine, regularly releases web compilations gathering its best findings. The latest issue focuses entirely on music from jamendo, with artists such as Isolated Atoms, AS-Potiront and Roberto Billi. Here's what Michael Gregoire, founder of, has to say about it:

BlocSonicis an attempt to cut through the mountains of primarily free netaudio to shine the spotlight on the gems that we find along the way. With each of our netBloccompilations and original releases, we strive to introduce new people to the Creative Commons/open-licensed audio culture by showing that there's exciting and innovative music that isn't being spoon-fed to them via TV and radio. 

While promoting these gems is one way to promote this exciting musical culture, we also feel that there needs to be more cooperation and networking amongst websites, netlabels, artists, blogs and podcasts who take part in it. 

"netBloc Vol. 21: opening your ears with jamendo" continues this sub-series of netBloc releases with a selection of excellent examples of what has to offer. This won't be our last specially focused netBloc release, nor will it be our last focusing on jamendo! Of course, since this release is spotlighting jamendo gems, it's available at for download in mp3 format. To download the complete 48 page PDF, album art or lossless FLAC audio version, visit the release page.


Written by amelie

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