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A song about barchairs is your dream? Vote here and make it real!

Usually, you come to jamendo to look for music you will like. But today, you can decide yourself on the topic of a new song!


Jonay is an artist from Sweden always looking for new challenges. He makes hip hop and didn’t want his next song to be about the usual topics like love or friendship. So he made a beat (not mixed yet, but that’s what this is: a work in progress) that he published right here and came up with some unusual topic suggestions for the lyrics to go with it.

So, now it’s up to you: choose your favorite topic from this list by leaving a comment below. In one week, we’ll count the results and tell Jonay to get busy!

  • Skydiving
  • Cellphone
  • Traffic Lights
  • Headphones
  • Barchair
  • Briefcase
  • Sofa

57 Responses to “A song about barchairs is your dream? Vote here and make it real!”

  1. Jakub Says:

    Sofa. :]

  2. Tek Says:


  3. haaak Says:

    barchair! :P

  4. amina Says:

    traffic lights

  5. Altaf Says:


  6. Lidia Says:

    # Traffic Lights

  7. Thomasso Says:


  8. kathryn Says:


  9. Nico Says:

    Traffic lights! no doubt!

  10. Emma Lee Says:

    Yeah Traffic lights! =D

  11. Mackis Says:


  12. Florina Says:

    Sofa… Of course!

  13. Thekenmeister Says:


  14. selma Says:

    Skydiving… ohh yeaah! I do belive that he can make anything work! Go jonay!

  15. Der Thekenmeister - Blog eines Barkeepers Says:


    Ab und zu stöber ich auf der Musik-Plattform Jamendo.com. Dort gibt es über 17.000 Alben verschiedenster Künstler zum freien Download. Für jeden Musikgeschmack sollte dort etwas zu finden sein.

    Heute habe ich im Jamendo-Blog einen Artikel gefund…

  16. Arthur Says:


  17. Kenny Says:

    Skydiving Jonay^^

  18. Maria Says:

    It must bee skydiving! :)

  19. Niklas Says:

    Skydiving ofc

  20. Yesi Says:

    Skydiving =)

  21. anna halle Says:


  22. Annika Andersson Says:

    Cell phone – of course! Mobile technologies for development ;-)
    Spreading over Africa and Bangladesh, people communicating, saving lives…important stuff!

  23. Elin Says:


  24. Lina, Iceland Says:

    Traffic lights :)

  25. Al Says:


  26. Bryngel Says:


  27. Dirk Says:


  28. Herr Åberg Says:


  29. djomo Says:

    traffic lights !

  30. Elin Says:

    Skyyyyyyydiving :)

  31. Sefano Says:


  32. Loris Says:

    Traffic liiiiights ;)

  33. Loris Says:

    traffic liiiiiights ;)

  34. Gaz Says:


  35. dominuslivorum Says:


  36. Emma Says:

    Cellphone =) haha u know why ;)

  37. Rima Says:

    Cellphone! ;) Go Jonay!!! ;D

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  39. Michael Wright Says:

    Definitely cellphone :) Go on Jonay!!!

  40. Anders Says:

    Briefcase! You are the man to make such a boring item become more interesting.

  41. jasmine Says:

    skydiving =D

  42. Maryam Says:


    You´re the man, u´ll make it good ;)

  43. Durty Says:

    Sofa son! A poolshark sofa.

  44. isse Says:


  45. Emel Says:

    helt klart skydiving!

  46. Jo Says:


  47. Totti Says:


    Testa att knäcka det här:

  48. ahmed meyaki Says:

    traffic lights

  49. Abu Sayed Says:

    cellphone ofcourse :)

  50. Phil Says:

    Skydiving for the win!!

  51. Maroo Says:

    Headphones!!! because i think that the beat would be perfect with this topic :)

  52. Octavius Says:

    Traffic lights!

  53. slingerapie Says:

    Skydiving !! Want to put it on one of my video’s … LOL

  54. Ante Says:

    Lätt Traffic Lights. Hahha.. good luck mannen! ;)

  55. adobelover Says:


  56. Alain Says:

    skydiving ofcourse

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