Looking for that underground political ragga-hip hop in Italian dialect? It's right here for you.

Published on February 5 2009

From a small town in Northern Italy, Ultima Fase has been churning out politically explicit rhymes mixing rap and ragga for a decade now. Check them out.

Ultima Fase

Last november, Ultima Fase celebrated their tenth anniversary with a concert in their town of Rovigo, along with a bunch of Italian dancehall and reggae artists. In those ten years, the band, two MCs and one DJ, has recorded six albums, mixing hip hop, raggamuffin and reggae and collaborating with various artists. Their 2006 effort Onda Anomala is available here.

“Our main characteristic is that we sing in Italian and in our dialects”, explains MC Calle. “In our town, hip hop is not so big. But three years ago we entered the reggae circuit and started collaborating with more Italian artists” such as Puntofisso, with whom they recorded their new album Cinque Elementi in 2008.

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