Jamendo licensing: it's real!

Published on February 2 2009

As we were telling you last week, jamendo's music licensing activities have been taking off of late. We now receive requests daily from professionals who need music for a TV series, a documentary, a DVD, a website, etc.

Contrary to downloading music for private purposes, on jamendo, professional uses of music are paid for. And the money goes straight into the artist's pocket, without all the intermediaries of the traditional music industry taking a share. Here are a few recent examples of deals we struck:

  • Skoda Spain (car manufacturer) used a track by Silence, “Réalité”, as background music for its website.
  • Ducati (Italian motorbikes) purchased a license for Dream ED's tune “Electric Sensations”. They used it in a corporate video for internal use.
  • Arte (franco-german TV station) chose five tracks by Cesare Marilungo, to be included in the soundtrack of a documentary to be aired soon.

If you're an artist and you want to get involved, go to your admin panel on jamendo, opt in to our commercial programs and make sure you get yourself fully certified (“your certification” menu). This is only the beginning!